Let Your Farmhouse Give You a Flashback to the 1920s Vintage Feel – 2024 Guide

A vintage farmhouse has a very unique vibe and people usually choose vintage designs for decorating their farmhouses. From fashion to music, people are slowly bringing back the retro feel and the audience loves it. You might not be a Princess from England but your house can be decorated with vintage elements to make you feel like one.

When people have started to bring back the trend of flared pants, block heels, and other vintage hairstyles, why not try to redecorate your farmhouse and go back in time to experience the historic feel. There are many things you can do to change the boring design of the newly bought farmhouse to an exciting historic look like changing wall arts, paint, and many more.

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Ideas to decorate your farmhouse to recreate a historic charm

There are many things you can do to change the look of your farmhouses like adding theme-based elements in different places, wall arts, paints, flooring, and many other things. A house includes all areas from the garden to the kitchen, and you must cover every corner of your house to make it look perfect.

Most people look for the best interior designers to get their work done where others want to do it by themselves. It is not hard to redecorate your house if you have a theme and some creativity in your mind. Well, you might not be an artist but you can choose the interiors that you like. Your choice might be different from the designer’s choice.

Here are some ideas that you might want to consider when you are redecorating your farmhouse for a vintage look. 

The front of your house

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When you look at the house from the outside, you try to figure out how it might be from the inside. To make it easier and fancier for the viewers, you can add some elements to the exteriors. Every time we decorate a house, we concentrate on the interiors but the first thing that a passer notice is how well decorated is it from the outside.

You can add elements like huge trees and plants hanging from your rooftop to make it look like an old vintage house, or park a rusty, vintage car in front of your house if your budget is high. Rusty is not always dirty, it might add meaning to your vintage house and looks fancier; since the whole point is to make it look old. 


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A little space to chill near your entrance is a porch where you can sit and have a cup of coffee while reading your favorite book and enjoy your evenings. You can hang small wall arts on the space near your door and add a corner table and some sitting area beside the door. You can also use elements like cowboy hats and little flower pots to decorate your porch area. 


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The entrance is the most important area when it comes to the interior part. When you enter a person’s house and look at the entrance, you automatically expect what is the next thing you will find. The impression of your house depends on this part of the interior. You can add a wooden shoe rack and a vintage suitcase beside it.

You can also use elements like table lamps, a vintage telephone, a pair of vintage boots, and others to decorate your entrance.

Living room

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The next place your guests will look at will be the living room. This is the place where you and your family will spend most of their time. You can choose vintage sofas, a wooden coffee table, a vintage flower pot on the coffee table, a well-designed vintage chair, multiple wall arts to fill the space, or one huge wall art on the wall, table lamps, rustic fireplaces, and many more.

Study room

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People who love to read will read everywhere, even when they are on a vacation. If you love to read or if you are a writer, you must decorate a vintage study room that gives you aesthetic feels. You can add a shelf for your books or even a cupboard to fill it. You can also use some elements on the shelves or top of your cupboards like vases and bowls.

Beside the shelf, you can place a small writing desk with a vintage chair. On top of the table, you can have a table lamp fixed, a vintage pen stand, pens, and other decorative items.


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You can have a big open kitchen in a vintage farmhouse where the stove and the sink are in different areas. Farmhouse sinks like the ones on Annie and Oak are a common feature in this type of kitchen, particularly because they seamlessly blend in with the whole rustic vibe.. You can have many compartments on most of the walls and fill the other space with wall art. You can have a separate shelf for all those vintage wines you have collected and use wooden flooring and slabs.

You can have a basic white paint on the walls and keep a small vintage clock to keep a track of time. You can also keep flower pots near the windows for a nice kitchen garden.


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A vintage bed is a must for a vintage style bedroom. A wooden side table with a small alarm clock, a vintage photo frame, and a vase will complement the bed very well. Just above the bed, you can hang some wall art to suit your style.