How Long Will It Take To Process TN Visa Application

The USA is still marked as an extremely desirable destination for work and life. Of course, a good standard of living as well as a developed economy mostly contributes to such an interest in people. Chances to get a job in the USA are numerous. Therefore, it is not surprising that a large population from surrounding countries like Canada or Mexico – is considering the opportunities that the US can provide.

However, we’re all more-less familiar with the visa regime. The government of the USA has its visa program where workers from Canada or Mexico have to fit – which explains the existence of so-called TN visas. What are the procedures and the time that the TN visa application requires – read the following text.

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What Is A TN Visa?

The USA labor market is larger, more diverse, and developed than the Mexican or Canadian – and certainly better paid, especially for professional staff. Therefore, the need for a so-called TN visa arose – so it was created to help staff from these countries temporarily work in the United States. This type of visa was also recognized as a need of the US market, primarily due to the refreshment of foreign economic relations between these countries. Given that these are two countries in the region – this type of visa was made in two ways, TN-1 for employees from Canada and TN-2 for those who are coming from Mexico. However, to obtain one of these visas, the first condition is that your profession is on the list of occupations formed by NAFTA.

Requested Requirements For Obtaining

TN is primarily a non-immigrant visa, however, in some future period, it may allow you to make a status change if you wish for it but you must meet the subsequent conditions. However, when it comes to employment, the most important thing is that your profession is within those that, according to NAFTA, are considered in demand in the US. When it comes to TN visa requirements, they are not too complicated – but they are still partially different for Canadians and Mexicans. For example, Canadian professionals do not need their profession to be on the list established by NAFTA – but if they want to take their spouse or children with them – then they must have a TN visa according to the established rules. In contrast, workers coming from Mexico must have a TN visa to enter the United States. Also, after the expiration of your visa, you can apply for a TN Visa renewal on, which will allow you a longer stay – and even an easier way to get a green card if you want it.

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TN Visa Costs

The question of the time required to obtain this type of visa, as well as the costs of fees – is always in the first place for most employees. Although the American visa regime is quite stricter, and some would even say very complicated – the procedure for obtaining a TN visa is simplified to the max. What you need to do is to submit an I-129H1 petition, for which you are required to pay a fee of $ 555. If you decide to regulate your status at the very entrance to the country – then you will pay an entrance fee of $ 50 as well as a fee for your I-94 arrival/departure card, which costs only $ 6. If the entire procedure still confuses you – you can always count on the help of specialized agencies that can help you find your way easier and faster in this procedure.

The Time Needed For Obtaining A TN Visa

If you are applying for a TN visa at the US border, the application processing time is only a few hours – while in the case of sending your application by mail, it may take longer, depending on the number of applications forwarded to your USCIS authority. Of course, we assume that you may be in a hurry to start working in the US as soon as possible, so waiting and patience are not easy for you. In that case, you have the option to pay for the so-called premium processing of your request. In this way, you can speed up the administrative part of the job, but this is not a guarantee that you will get approval for a TN visa if you do not meet the requirements.

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Living And Working In The USA

The USA is a huge country with diverse opportunities and living conditions. However, all the places, from rural to urban areas, have something for everyone. Millions of immigrants who came to the United States from all over the world, with their culture and values – make living in this country even more diverse and exciting. The American economy is the strongest in the world – and it is at the very top in terms of living standards and quality of service. That’s why it is not surprising that people from surrounding countries such as Canada and Mexico are eager to come to the US for work. In America, finding a job is relatively easy. According to the statistics, the unemployment rate in the US is low, approximately around 5.0% or less. Good salaries and a high standard are what most often entice people from Canada and Mexico to come and get a job in the US.

However, before you apply, you must keep in mind that salaries in America can vary greatly. It all depends on the position and the job that you do – so educated staff from the region, with a large number of additional working hours, can earn quite a large income.


The American labor market is more diverse and developed than most others. To some people, the above rules may sound complicated or even harsh. However, we must emphasize that companies that employ educated staff offer very competitive salaries and the possibility of advancement. Working in such a system, which could easily be characterized as essential capitalism, should be experienced. If for no other reason, then to determine our capabilities and reach on the corporate ladder – where things depend on our work and commitment. The TN program is one way to gain this invaluable work experience.