Should I Put The Rabbit Hutch Indoors Or Outdoors?

Many of us believe that rabbits are outdoor pets only but this is not true. No doubt they love roaming around in the open-air but in harsh weather conditions they also feel cold just like us. So, here arises one question: whether you should keep the rabbit hutch indoors or in the open-air? In this article, we will be discussing the same topic as well as give you some more tips on how you can take care of your pet rabbit.

We will share with you pros and cons related to both the set-ups, so you can easily decide which one is the best for your bunny. In the meantime, if you are in the hunt for some good quality rabbit hutch, then consider checking out Aivituvin.

Rabbit hutch indoors

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The biggest advantage of keeping the rabbit hutch inside is that you little bunnies can stay secure from the predators. However, if you have some other pets as well in your home, make sure that they are well mannered and do not harm the rabbits kept inside. Another benefit is that they do not have to suffer in the harsh cold climatic conditions. When they live in front of your eyes, you can take care of them properly and give them a healthy life.

Rabbits can be your great companion and they can stay happy even in small sized houses. They have a very sweet nature and you will feel relaxed when you play with them after your tiring day. If you’ve been spending a lot of time with them and suddenly notice some changes in their behavior, then this could be an alert for you. They might be in some problem that you need to figure out. A well trained bunny should be set free to roam around your home and play.


Rabbits have a curiosity in them to explore things and in that situation they often start digging or chewing. These habits can be destructive for your home because they can target your wooden furniture and ruin them. This is one of the major drawbacks that you can face while keeping your bunny hutch indoors.

When you have some other pets as well in your home, then keeping your bunnies inside along with the other pets is not a safe option. Small cats and dogs are not a big threat for them but if they aren’t well trained, then they will not let your little bunny live safely. This is the reason why you won’t let your rabbit come out of his hutch and play with the other pets. Another reason why you won’t be willing to take them indoors is that they can spoil your rugs or carpet by pooping on them.

Rabbit hutch outdoors:

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Keeping your bunnies outside can permit more individuals to appreciate them in their day to day existence. A few reasons people decide to keep them in the open-air include: living with somebody with sensitivities, having other pets like dogs with a high prey drive, not having adequate room inside for a legitimate hutch, or having an owner that does not allow you to bring pets home.

Open air bunnies kept in proper enclosed areas can carry on with a more normal life – burrowing, biting however much they might want without harming human property and partaking in the opportunity of living in the outside air. A great many people can give a lot bigger region outside for a bunny to run than can be given inside. Cheerful rabbits have a lot of space to run and admittance to soil for burrowing.


The biggest disadvantage of placing the rabbit hutch outdoors is that it may invite predators to your place and they can hurt your little pets. If you want to make them stay outdoors, make sure that the environment is safe for their living and there are no dangerous animals living near your area. Apart from this, you also need to ensure that your little furry friends are able to adapt to the weather conditions in which you live. They should get proper food, unfrozen water, and clean hutch to stay.

Tips to take care of your rabbits

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  • Encourage them to do exercise:

Not getting sufficient activity can put your bunny in danger of fostering a condition called GI Stasis, a possibly destructive condition in which the stomach related framework dials back or stops totally. An absence of activity can likewise make your shaggy pet become overweight, which can incite urinary plot sickness and a debilitating of the bladder that can bring about bladder stones.

Ensure you remove your rabbit from its enclosure to some extent consistently, either in a run or to go around the room. Also use recess as a method of empowering exercise.

  • Learn to hold them properly:

Albeit a few hares feel okay when you pick them but most of them do not like it. To deal with your bunny, request that your veterinarian show you — and the children — the legitimate method for holding or picking them. A rabbit will inform you as to whether they are awkward, so it’s essential to look for signs. Additionally, they have extremely light, delicate bones. They must be taken care of extraordinarily, and can really break their own bones in the event that they wriggle excessively.

  • Get a litter box:

Rabbits have a characteristic tendency to crap and pee in one region. Exploit this by setting up a medium-sized feline litter box or shallow stockpiling receptacle close to their food/water bowls and feed feeder. Put a slight layer of bunny safe, reused paper pellet litter at the lower part of the litter box. Try not to utilize earth/bunching feline litter or wood shavings, as they are undependable for hares.

To Sum Up

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Many people love to keep rabbits at their home but they don’t know whether to keep them indoors or outdoors. It is better to gauge the benefits and drawbacks of both the set-ups and then decide which one works the best for your little bunnies.