Reasons Why the WIDESCAPE WS Snowmobile should Be Your Next Purchase

As the cold creeps in and blankets the landscape in glistening white, the call of adventure beckons. Snow-capped forests and icy trails unlock a winter playground full of possibility and intrigue.

A Widescape  snowmobile offers passage to this frosty world, where excitement and natural splendor go hand in hand.

Explore Untouched Winter Landscapes


Cruise through remote forests and valleys accessible only by snowmobile. Discover frozen lakes that double as temporary highways to majestic vistas. With endless snowy terrain to explore, a snowmobile is your key to landscapes untouched by the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Venture into national and state parks to uncover snow-laden scenes far from the crowded trails. Journey deep into pine forests to emerge atop icy ridges with views that stretch for miles. Escape busy resorts and everyday life for the pure serenity of the backcountry.

Thrill in Winter’s Chill

With the throttle in hand, adrenaline pumps as you control your snow-bound steed across the most unlikely of places. Ice, powder, hills and dales — a Widescape WS snowmobile delivers a dynamic ride that excites the senses. Master new terrain as you float through piles of fluffy snow.

Carve through fresh powder as the winter wind nips at your cheeks. Traverse glistening frozen lakes to reach peaks and valleys accessible only by snow machine. Feel truly alive conquering winter’s playground from the seat of your trusty sled.

Tailor the Snowmobile Experience


Beyond recreation, snowmobiles transport you to winter sports from backcountry adventures to competitive racing. Match the machine to your passion, whether you live for high velocity action or peaceful mountain trails. With the right snowmobile, winter’s playground is at your fingertips.

Start as a novice getting a feel for the machine on simple trails. As your talents progress, upgrade to a performance model ready for rugged backcountry. Or turn to racing models built for speed. Snowmobiling appeals to all ages and skill levels for a lifetime of winter fun.

Free as a Bird

Nothing compares to the freedom of cruising along an icy forest trail atop a rumbling Widescape WS snowmobile. With each twist of the throttle, four-stroke power whooshes to life, propelling you across untracked snowdrifts. Lean into the curves as your trusty steed hugs the land’s winter contours. Peer between frosted pines to glimpse mountain peaks painted white with new snow. This is snowmobiling at its finest.

Beyond recreation, Widescape WS snowmobiles unlock experiences spanning backcountry adventure, family bonding, racing thrills, and social connections. Whatever you seek from a day navigating Old Man Winter’s snowy domain, these muscular machines deliver. Embrace winter’s bite by escaping to the silent solace of snow-cloaked hills and valleys. Release your inner child to play amid nature’s seasonal masterpiece.

Thrill of the Ride


Snow-covered trails snake for miles, each bend revealing new winter vistas to ignite the senses. Invigorated by cold mountain air, snowmobile across icy rivers and glide through powdery meadows. Traverse landscapes far from the noise and crowds of daily life. Lose yourself in the meditative purr of the engine as your sled slices through fresh drifts. Lean into the kick of acceleration. With the throttle responding instantly to your touch, you rule this domain.

Venture deep into national forests and state parks closed to vehicles in winter. From high mountain passes to secluded valleys, iconic public lands take on new allure capped in glittering white. Discover just how far you can roam when snow-covered slopes turn into temporary highways. With endless terrain yet to be tracked, snowmobiling promises the thrill of the unknown just over the next ridge. This is a winter adventure at its peak.

Made for Families

Chug gently along novice-friendly trails perfect for little ones experiencing their first snowmobile adventure. Bond with teens eager to test their skills on intermediate terrain that snakes for miles over wooded hills and across icy ponds. With snowmobiles built for all ages and abilities, entire families can embrace winter’s call. Create magical memories navigating through Old Man Winter’s snowy domain together.

New riders master the basics on entry-level models ideal for flat terrain. Youth models balance easy handling with durability to match adventurous young spirits. For teens ready to head deeper into the backcountry, mid-sized sleds deliver agile performance on and off trail. Parents can chase powder on mountain machines equipped for rocky terrain and steep slopes.

Built for Speed


Need more horsepower under the hood? Performance and race-ready Widescape WS snowmobiles deliver. Serious riders upgrade to machines purpose-built for racing across start lines or conquering backcountry powder stashes. Choose factory-quality components for unmatched durability even under extreme acceleration and deceleration cycles. Dial in the suspension system through precision-tuned calibration. Whether you live for tearing up tracks or exploring remote snowy terrain, customized sleds unleash your top speed.

The exhilaration of racing across sun-sparkled snowscapes stays with you for life. Join a local snowmobile club to access the best trails and bond with fellow winter warriors. Swap stories about epic adventures at family lodges and trailside diners deep in the woods. Attend rallies and races to cheer competitors. However you embrace the snowmobile lifestyle, bonds forged across generations warm the coldest days.

Bond with a Frosty Community

Snowmobiles connect you to a community equally enamored with winter. Join a local club, head out on group rides, or chat with enthusiasts to learn tricks of the trade. Friendships take form while sharing the distinct beauty of a world transformed by snow and ice.

Create Lasting Family Memories


With multiple snowmobile models tailored for various skill levels, snowmobiling appeals to all ages. Cruise along fun-filled trails perfect for little ones still mastering the basics. Bond with teens who share your appetite for adventure. Create magical memories navigating through Old Man Winter’s domain.


As the winter chill sets in, resist the urge to hunker down indoors. Instead, embrace the season by escaping into winter’s wonderland on an adventure-ready Widescape WS snowmobile. With endless pristine terrain to explore, thrills around every turn, and memories waiting to be made, a snowmobile opens the door to experiences you won’t find elsewhere. Make this the year you discover the rush of carving through fresh powder, taking in majestic scenery, and joining a community brought together by a love of winter.