Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Raid Guide

In Destiny 2, the Root of Nightmares raid is the hardest and most intriguing. This raid, part of the Lightfall expansion, invites Guardians to explore a world with unique systems, powerful enemies, and deep lore. The Root of Nightmares needs strategic thought, precision coordination, and adaptation to constantly shifting combat conditions as well as physical strength and firepower. This guide covers each raid encounter in detail, including methods, loadouts, and suggestions to assist new and experienced Guardians defeat the darkness. This guide will help you overcome Cataclysm’s difficult puzzles, Scission’s complicated node networks, and Zo’Aurc and Nezarec’s terrifying showdowns in the Root of Nightmares.

Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares raid guide

The Root of Nightmares raid in Destiny 2 offers a challenging and rewarding experience, with each encounter requiring specific strategies and loadouts for success. Let’s delve into more detailed strategies for each major encounter in the raid.

Cataclysm Encounter

  • Roles and Responsibilities: Divide your team into two groups: builders and defenders. Builders are responsible for activating the nodes by managing the Field of Light buff, while defenders focus on clearing enemies and managing the Psions and Tormentors.
  • Detailed Strategy: Builders must find and activate the nodes in sequence, marked by squishy orbs, by obtaining and using the Field of Light buff. Defenders must prioritize taking down Psions, as their elimination is crucial for extending the Sweeping Terror timer and managing the Tormentors.
  • Advanced Tips: Utilize high damage and area control builds to manage enemies efficiently. Weapons like shotguns or fusion rifles can be effective against Psions and Tormentors.

Scission Encounter

  • Roles and Mechanics: Again, split the team, with each focusing on either Light or Dark nodes. Each team should have a designated runner to activate nodes across the gap.
  • Strategy for Runners: Runners must use pistons to cross the gap, activate a node, then return to their original side to refresh the buff. The sequence should be followed until all nodes on a level are connected.
  • Supporting Team Strategy: The rest of the team must focus on enemy control, particularly the Redolence enemies, which can only be damaged with the appropriate buff. Assign one team member to assist the runner in collecting the buff for this purpose.
  • Loadouts and Abilities: Utilize abilities that control or suspend enemies, such as Strand or Shadowshot. Weapons that can quickly clear enemies, like automatic rifles or machine guns, are recommended.

Macrocosm Encounter (Zo’Aurc, Explicator of Planets)

  • Objective: This encounter involves managing planetary mechanics and defeating Zo’Aurc.
  • Team Division: Split into two teams, Light and Dark, each with specific roles (runners and seers).
  • Planetary Mechanics: Teams must identify and swap planets based on their affinity, coordinating to deposit planets correctly for the damage phase.
  • Damage Phase: Pay attention to the boss’s shield color and stand under the corresponding planet for bonus damage. Utilize high DPS weapons and abilities.
  • Loadouts and Exotics: Consider exotics that offer quick damage like Divinity, Gjallarhorn, and Two-Tailed Fox. Strong Void LMGs with Volatile rounds can be effective for enemy clearing.

Nezarec, the Final God of Pain

  • Strategy Focus: This encounter leans more towards DPS optimization and team coordination.
  • Effective DPS Strategies: Combinations like Two-Tailed Fox with a catalyst, Gjallarhorn, Divinity, and Legendary Rocket Launchers are effective. Tractor Cannon and Lament can also be potent.
  • Team Coordination: Assign roles clearly, ensuring everyone is comfortable and equipped with their part in the DPS phase.

Recommended Loadouts

  • Hunters: Strand, Void Mobius Quiver, Solar Golden Gun
  • Warlocks: Solar Well, Nova Bomb
  • Titans: Void Ward of Dawn, Strand, Solar Hammer of Sol
  • Exotics: Divinity, Gjallarhorn, Two-Tailed Fox, Tractor Cannon, Lament, Thunderlords

Possible Loot

Each encounter offers different loot possibilities, including various armors and weapons like the Briar’s Contempt (Linear Fusion Rifle), Mykel’s Reverance (Sidearm), and Acasia’s Rejection (Trace Rifle).

General Tips

  • Communication: Constant communication is key to managing buffs, enemy spawns, and mechanics.
  • Adaptability: Be ready to adapt your strategy based on team strengths and weaknesses.
  • Practice: These encounters require practice to understand the nuances of each mechanic and enemy behavior.

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Keep in mind that Destiny 2’s Root of Nightmares raid is a true test of cooperation. Cataclysm, Scission, Zo’Aurc, and Nezarec need tactical skill, adaptability, and teamwork. Your Guardian squad will be tested in each encounter, giving you a sense of success that lasts beyond the raid. Whether you like fighting, unusual loot, or Destiny 2’s rich lore, Root of Nightmares is an epic saga that will make a lasting influence on your Guardian legacy. Prepare, strategize, and lead your fireteam into this thrilling adventure where the brave and bold will conquer.