4 Easiest Dungeons in Destiny 2 for Beginners

Destiny 2 is a relatively new game, compared to some similar plays that have been on the market for more than a decade, but it is also one of the most popular online-only plays. It is a multiplayer game, where your objective is to finish your tasks, develop your character, and be victorious over your opponents. You can choose to play solo, or you can become a member of a team and go on an adventure with like-minded people.

There are more than 300 thousand active players, and more and more are becoming a part of the lore every single day. If you are interested in exploring the world, you probably know that the dungeons are one of the biggest parts of the play. There are four of them, and here, we are going to talk about the easiest dungeons in Destiny 2 for beginners, and we are going to help you understand which one is the most user-friendly for people who are interested in exploring the play, and which ones should be left for later.

  1. Pit of Hersey

The first model we are going to talk about is the one that is most recommended for beginners. This was the second one released in the game, and the lore takes you to the depths of the fortress. Right from the start, you can notice all the layers of the play, and it is simply captivating. You can use both the horizontal and the vertical space that is given to you to finish the objective you have.

In this part, you can use different tools and weapons to be victorious over your opponents, and the more you explore them, the more you will see how cleverly made they are. It is overall really fun lore to explore, and you are not going to feel bored at any time of the play.

Some users suggest that Pit of Hersey will give you a labyrinth feeling where at some points you will feel like you are trapped with no way out, and you are just walking around trying to see what you can do. However, this is in no way boring or dull, and you are going to feel challenged while trying to get to your objective. You can navigate the space without using a map, and the final boss is going to be a great play for you.

  1. Shattered Throne

The second model on this list is slightly more challenging for those who are playing Destiny 2 for the first time. It is not nearly as difficult as some of the other dungeons but is still a bit more difficult to finish compared to Pit of Hersey.

In this lore, you will be faced with the true meaning of the extensions of the original play, and it is a culmination of everything that you may have faced before. This is also probably the most explored dungeon because it combines things that new players will find exciting, and items that even the most invested players will love.

The bosses that you are going to face here are clever and they use tools that you will find mildly challenging, and at some points, you may even need to use all of your skills to help you be victorious and finish the objective with ease. If you read more about all the possibilities that you have to take the bosses down, you will see that boosters are a great option that can help you finish this expansion faster.

  1. Prophecy

Now we move to things that are more challenging and that may give you a bit of trouble. This dungeon is said to be the most beautiful one, and here, you will forget about time and space. It is extremely captivating and no matter where you take your character, you will enjoy it to the maximum.

It has bold colors, and the whole way the graphics are made just adds to the lore and the story. Here, you will need to find answers related to the story, and you will have to battle the bosses if you want your questions to be answered.

Know that you may end up being so trapped in the lore that you forget that you need to use all of your knowledge and skills if you want to be victorious. This dungeon may be too harsh for new players, but it does not mean that you cannot pass it. However, it is best to start with something else so that you can get used to your character, the weapons, and the overall play.

  1. Grasp of Avarice

The last dungeon we are going to talk about is actually the newest model and the one that people still have not had enough time to explore. This addition is much different than any of the other encounters and that is why it is believed it is going to be the most successful one.

The lore is nevertheless similar to the overall objectives of the dungeons, and here, you will find yourself finishing quests to be able to reach your potential, be victorious over the bosses and end up the lore with all the things that you were required to do. Note that this is not a free part of the whole game, and you should know this before you choose to delve into it. It is going to be interesting for both new and skilled players, and it should not be too difficult for you to finish.

These dungeons are ranked depending on their difficulty levels, except the newest addition to the game that is added as an extra part that you may or may not choose to explore. No matter what you choose to play, you are going to have so much fun, and you will, of course, try out the other lore as well. This game is expected to become even more popular this year, and with every new addition, we are introduced to amazing new worlds and challenges that make us want to explore the stories for days. Try them out, build your character, and remember that you can always use additional help if you need it.