Why Choose A Villa In Sicily For Your Next Holiday

Who doesn’t love a beautiful villa for their holiday? It makes any holiday from zero to a hundred. So, get yourself a Villa in Sicily for your next visit, and you will not regret it! Let’s take a look at why you should choose a villa in Sicily for your next holiday.

They Are Fully Equipped With All The Amenities Desired

The villas offer you beautiful pools to enjoy a sunny day out on the deck. They are perfectly equipped with heating systems installed so that you can have a perfect dip in the chilly weather. We can all agree that living at a place that offers this amenity makes any holiday all the more perfect.

Other than that, with each Villa, you get beautiful gardens and terraces that have miles of panoramic views. The Villas let you appreciate the true beauty of Sicily in the most luxurious way. We assure you that you will have nothing short of the best time in this enchanting island of Italy.

Moreover, you get tons of other amenities, such as a barbecue area, WiFi, private parking and so much more. All of these things are guaranteed to make your trip to Sicily all the more enjoyable and relaxing. You’ll have access to uninterrupted WiFi, you can host parties with that pool and barbecue, and of course, explore the city and all of its most beautiful places you can visit here selectsicilyvillas.com.

They Are Near Some Best Beaches in The World

If you could have a chance to choose a holiday spot, we would definitely recommend Sicily. You can easily rent an affordable Villa for your stay there and enjoy some of the best beaches in the world. Beaches like:

San Vito Lo Capo

Img source: kayak.com

The beach at San Vito Lo Capo seems like a postcard scene with its kilometre-long area of fine white sand, palm trees, and clear blue-green waves, all sheltered by a rising headland at one end. It’s no surprise that it’s one of Italy’s most popular beaches.

The modern tiny white-washed town, located adjacent to the Zingaro Nature Reserve on Sicily’s north-western coast, has a mellow, laid-back après-beach vibe, has a variety of Villas and offers lots of food options. And if you wish to visit adjacent areas, you can easily take a bus for day visits.

Hike the hiking paths in the natural reserve, or take a boat cruise to see the marine life and hidden cove beaches. This way, you will truly get to explore what this beach is all about.

Isola Bella

Img source: wikipedia.org

The little island of Isola Bella, located directly under Taormina’s steep beach, is a WWF natural reserve. It’s a stunning rocky coastline with miles of sparkling crystal water. Because of the uneven surface, you should rent a lounge chair from one of the beach clubs and wear shoes, especially if you plan on walking the island’s trail. However, you won’t regret visiting this beach at all.

The shallow water surrounding the island is vivid, bright blue with excellent transparency, making it ideal for snorkelling. So, you can easily rent kayaks and explore the island and coast.

Scala dei Turchi

Img source: mybestplace.com

The towering rock formation of Scala dei Turchi is without a doubt the most stunning landscape of any Sicilian coastline. It’s a white rock wall made up of receding layers of marl that has eroded into the shape of a huge staircase. The name translates to “Stairs of The Turks” and refers to the frequent incursions by Arabian pirates, whose ships were often concealed in the shelter.

After being included in one of Andrea Camilleri’s Commissario Montalbano books, Scala dei Turchi has earned increasing attention as a tourist destination in recent years. Plus, it’s nearby many Villas, so you can just catch a bus or stroll up to it and enjoy a sunny day at this stunning place.


Img source: worldbeachguide.com

In the Vendicari wildlife reserve, you’ll find a beautiful sandy haven known as Calamosche. There you’ll find rock faces that are carved and studded with myrtles, bringing a natural contrast to the fine, smooth sandy beach. Even the water there is amazing, as it is shallow, clear, brilliant blue, and calm.

Between the rocky outcrops, Calamosche trails lead to other sandy patches of shoreline. In the wetlands, you may witness flamingos, herons, and storks while walking around the reserve. It helps that this beach is an important migratory stop between Africa and Northern Europe for a lot of these species.


Img source: greenandturquoise.com

In the town of Scopello, you can go downhill and discover the area’s best bay that goes by the same name. The turquoise waters are surrounded by contrasting rock walls, along with sea stacks that rise way beyond the surface. So, grab your snorkel and mask and get ready to explore the rocky seafloor brimming with marine life.

Even the old Tonnara (tuna factory) can be found there. It’s composed of light sandstone and houses a small museum as well as a bed and breakfast for visitors who wish to do more than just enjoy the bay’s warm waves.

They Are Near the Best Accommodation Option To Experience The Island At 360 Degrees

Other than beaches, Sicily offers tourists a million things they can enjoy while they are there. The city is rich in history, offering tours of the most beautiful historical sites, palaces, and hundreds of years old churches. Luckily, all of these things are quite near the Villa, so you can be assured that you won’t be deserted from all the city has to offer.

Sicily is known for its stunning Greek and Roman architecture that, even though it is thousands of years old, is still as stunning as ever. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the Ancient Theatre of Taormina, Norman Palace, Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio (La Martorana), and so many more similar sites.

You can also find multiple different cafés and street vendors offering delicious authentic Sicilian cuisine near the Villa. Everything you’ll find is simple, local, affordable, and just simply heavenly. Plus, you can explore all the beautiful landscapes of this city by simply strolling around with your group of friends or even taking a hike on the beautiful hills near your Villa.

So, as you can see, this city offers an all-in-one experience and visiting it would truly be a holiday worthwhile.