How to Apply for E2 Visa in 5 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

The E2 Visa allows someone to invest in a U.S. business. They can start a new business or invest in an existing business. Based on that investment, with the E2 Visa, they can live in the U.S. and operate their business. E2 companies must be active for-profit businesses and must conduct entrepreneurial discussion and activity.

According to Ashoori Law, the individual people in certain countries with an E2 visa holder can continue to operate a business and meet all requirements. The E2 visa holder doesn’t have the limit renewed and able to continue work and live in the U.S. These are the steps to follow if the E2 Visa is right for you.

Consult with Immigration Lawyer

  • The immigration lawyer help you to realize and to figure out if E2 Visa is the right option for you
  • Many immigration lawyers offer a free consultation; you must able to try to know that if it suits you

Set-up your E2 Business

Limited Liability Company or Corporation are most common. Secure the following set up of your business is; to build your marketing strategy, financial strategy, and operational strategy

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  • Marketing Strategy

Must be able to have backup plans, communicate with your investors and get better connections to them.

  • Financial Strategy

It includes financial projections, profits of the business supports, and records invoices using an electronic device. When the invoice appears in the software, the buyer covers all the purchases, and it’ll directly cover the invoice by paying online. Sufficient funds for the continual operations

  • Operational Strategy

To understand and run a business in the United States, comply with your corporation structures, build standards. Rules and regulations.

Get Employer Identification Number from Internal Revenue Services

  • The EIN is a specific number given by the IRS
  • Your EIN is unique to your business
  • You need an EIN to open a business bank account; this is necessary
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Open Business Bank Account

You need to open a separate business bank account. It’s probably a necessary thing to all having new business operations. You’ll not be able to get confused when it comes to the monthly sales.

Transfer Funds into the Business Bank Account

As far as you’ve known, the E2 Visa requires that you must make a substantial investment in your U.S. business. At this stage in the process, you’re supposed to transfer your investment funds into your business bank account.

Transfer funds into the business bank account, many people think that this is now the time to apply for the Visa, but that’s not exactly the case and for further details;

Spend the Investment Funds

The E2 Visa requires that you put your funds at risk; one of the essential requirements is the investment funds must not be at risk. Many people think they can transfer the funds into the business operating account and apply for the Visa. That’s not the case because if the investment funds are just sitting in the business bank account. The funds must be safe. Either by purchasing inventory, purchasing supplies, purchasing equipment, leasing out an office space, paying for marketing expenses, whatever your business needs, but by doing that, you’re putting the funds at risk, which is a requirement for the E2 Visa.

In a different group of people, when it comes to the economic environment is secured toward long-term growth because those who invest in them are not interested in the short term profits. Some in their mid-’40s are aiming to build wealth and keep to save their retirement funds because they focus on their growth issues, and the main goal is the capital of the expenses. It is risky because most companies nowadays are relatively small. Some of the ways Investors are consistently effective should be applied and improved. The management teams don’t entirely establish themselves yet.

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Process for the E2 Visa

There are two different options; visa processing or change of status without getting into too much detail will become a fast and reliable kind of address for both of these options.

  • Visa Processing

Visa processing can be done outside of the United States. It typically undergoes in a consulate or the embassy. It will be in the consulate process or experience in an embassy of your home country. You’re required to go in an interview at the end of the consulate. At the interview, they’ll ask you various questions about your investment and your background in business. Following a successful E2 visa interview, you would be an issue for an E2 Visa. Change of Status

It is done entirely in the U.S. and CIS. To change status, you must be lawfully present in the United States at some valid non-immigrant level. One of the benefits of doing this category is that it is eligible for premium processing. It means that if you pay an additional fee to USCIS, they’ll process your application for about 15 days, which is the faster benefit of doing a change of status is that there’s no interview.

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Finally, We’ve got a sort of knowledge in processing an E2 Visa. For the brief review, the first step is to consult your lawyer. The next is to set up your business structures. Get EIN to the Internal Revenue Services, open a business bank account, transfer your business funds to the bank, spend the investment fund. For starting your growing business in the United States, all of us know that business is too risky. In this part, the result is the benefit in the future and expansion of your company. And the last part of the application is to choose between the two kinds of process; visa processing or change status.

It is a lot of techniques and information to understand and acquire to get this kind of Visa. It also needs to ensure the application you have to build, or evidence that you should prove, like remittance, the fully assembled establishment of your business that may continue into the long-term process, investment and sustainability. Mostly, the evidence of operating enterprise and proof of the company is sustainable and continuously profitable. The most significant part of this is risking your investment to have better connections and build relationships with other investors. It will help your business to grow, become popular, and establish itself.