How To Select The Best Display Type For Your Church Auditorium? – 2024 Guide

For decades, it has been a common occurrence for churches to have projection systems that display different content during sermons and other church events. But there is a growing demand to replace projection systems with LED displays which are a much more modern option and an option that offers great possibilities.

Yet, even though they know they want to improve display type they are using, most people in churches who are in charge of such issues are not sure what exactly they want. Nowadays, technology is advancing so fast that even people whose niche it is, have a hard time keeping up with everything that is constantly changing. As it is very important that the display in the church meets the needs, and it also represents a significant investment, so it is necessary to know all the details before making a decision or before suggesting to someone what to buy. We will help you and tell you how to select the best display type for your church auditorium.


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The first and most important thing that will influence the choice is the size of the church. As you know, churches vary from very small to giant, where several thousand people can be present. There are several ways to determine the appropriate size of the display and therefore the type, and usually the distance between the display and the people in the last row is measured. According to these rules, it should be around 1/8 of the distance from the screen to the back row. It can be both larger and smaller display than that, but not significantly, so as not to be too small or too large.

A special problem may be reading the subtitle from the last line. It is recommended to choose the widescreen format, because the 4: 3 format is used less and less and will not be suitable soon. We want to draw your attention to one more thing. Although we said that the distance between the display and the people in the last row is usually measured, you must not forget the ones in the front row either. If the display is too big, they will be pixels in the first rows and they will not be comfortable looking. LED display for church with a 3mm screen should be distanced at least 3 meters, but you can find out more here.

Viewing angle

You should not neglect the viewing angle, because no matter how big the display is, it can hardly be big enough for everyone if the viewing angle is not appropriate. It used to be a much bigger problem because the viewing angle on the old displays was not as big as it is today. If a wider viewing angle will slightly reduce the quality of the image itself, it can be replaced with brightness and some other factors.

It is also important to check the glare and reflections of the display, because although from one viewing angle it may seem great, from another the reflection may completely blind the viewer or be too dark.


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In order to make the auditorium in church happy with the new display, it is necessary to spend some money. It’s certainly not a small investment, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. Of course, it would be ideal to have the money to buy some state of the art display that has 8K resolution and the best refresh rate, brightness and all other features. But that kind of display can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it is certainly more intended for stadiums and similar venues than churches.

What matters is that you determine at the beginning what your budget is. And then explore the market in detail in that price range. If you don’t determine the amount of money you can spend, you’ll wander the internet and brick and mortar stores, seeing all sorts of display types. But why waste time looking at technology you don’t have the money for. When you add budget filter to the search, everything will be much faster and easier. And you will also be able to find the best display type in the appropriate price range.

Quality and warranty

If you are not sure exactly which display type you still want, consider quality and warranty. Price is not always a guarantee of quality. So explore the various reviews and experiences of other users online. It would be good if it were also people who used that particular display in the church, because different needs mean different ratings for a particular product.

Warranty gives you the assurance that even if something happens, the repair or new product will be completely free for you. As it is a big investment, it is important that you insure yourself.


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If you opt for a large display or one of several parts, you must keep in mind that the installation can be very complex. The weight of such displays is great, because various accessories are needed that provide stability and protect the display itself. This can lead to additional weight gain and then we come to the question of whether you even have a suitable place to install such a heavy display. So if you want to buy huge ones, you should first consult with professionals and let them determine if your wall or ceiling can withstand such a heavy weight.

If you don’t, you run the risk that you won’t be able to install the product you bought because it would be too risky for you and the church auditorium. Although today’s technology is much lighter, a display for this purpose can weigh even thousands of pounds.


Another factor that you need to think about before buying the right one is whether it will be used exclusively indoors or also outdoors. There are certainly LED walls and various other types that are suitable for outdoor application, as you know when you go to a football game, but then you have to choose that type when you buy.