8 Things to Know Before Choosing a VPS Hosting Plan For Your Website

New websites pop up every day, but not a lot of them make it in this modern world. Oftentimes they will not have the right background, sponsors, or optimization, meaning that they will not get to the first page of Google. In recent years, many companies are getting VPS hosting, rather than the usual Shared web hosting plan. VPS can help you with your new site in the long run. Keep on reading as we talk about the two and which one’s better.

What is VPS hosting?

It stands for virtual private servers. Every user will have his or her own RAM, CPU & operating system. People prefer it since they don’t have to share the resources dedicated to your VPS plan with the other hosts on the physical server. This means that you get privacy, customization, as well as fast & steady performance.

8 Things to Know Before Choosing a VPS Hosting Plan For Your Website

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1. What are the pros of VPS hosting?

Shared server hosting is cheap which does make it budget-friendly. However, you should also know that it is limited and has its restrictions. A dedicated server will have loads of different perks. Here is what VPS hosting for your website’s pros are:

  • It is easy to set-up
  • You get the ability to add additional services and specialized application
  • You can control your data, files, software, and operating system
  • It is private
  • You can host several different websites

2. Main things to consider before getting VPS

Choosing the VPS service that is right for you is not an easy task to do since there are different factors that can come to play. You have thousands of different providers, so sticking to just one might seem difficult. For a lot of people, two main things to consider are:

  1. Physical location – this means that your files will be saved virtually. It is recommended that you use a VPS in the location where you get the most traffic.
  2. Managed or unmanaged server – people who are into technology and they know how to manage different applications or software can get an unmanaged route. However, if you are struggling with your technology and gadgets on a daily go for a managed system.
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3. Proactive or recreative use

You have decided to finally make a change and take advantage of a plan that manages your VPS? If so, great for you! So, do you want a proactive or reactive management system? Most web hosts are more likely going to leave you with reactive management services. Its main task is to react to different issues within a certain time frame.

Proactive management operates as a shared hosting account, and your provider will do all the configuration for you. Both of these are practical and work in their own way that will suit different consumers.

4. The price point

Every dollar counts and people always try to save their money without splurging way too much on a service that might not interest them as much. This is why you should find a VPS resource and package that meets your needs & your criteria. You should also go for someone who has a money-back guarantee. Test it out for 1-2 months only to see if you enjoy using it. Do not subscribe to the 12-moth package right away.

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5. Customer support option

It’s vital that you choose a VPS provider that offers you full-time support since you don’t want to feel left out or hanging at the worst time possible. Go for someone who has email support or a ticketing system online which will speed up your help-navigation process. In case of a bigger emergency, your chosen provider should have a call-to-action support system. All VPS packages will have this, despite their price.

6. CPU, RAM & GB options

Are you using this new VPS system for yourself & on your own, or for a company? Bigger tasks & bigger places will demand higher concentration and bigger power. Your CPU can range from 1×2 to 4×2.66Ghz. RAM memory can also vary from 256 to 12288MB. These options are quite popular & presented with most companies & service providers, which means that you will find such powerful features with most sites online. Also, the more add-ons you wish for & the more complex the system, the pricier the final outcome.

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7. Security features

One of the greatest benefits of VPS Hosting is the isolated and secure nature of your hosting environment that you get to have. Everyone wishes to feel secure within their home or office when using their laptops and the internet, isn’t that right? Well, your new provider should have verification methods, anti-virus protection, as well as regular and automatic updates. Proper security is available with most companies, but it might come with a price tag.

8. Uptime & reliability

It cannot be said enough and stated over and over again. This feature is quite vital with your job, especially if it is a long-hour everyday operation. Your website’s time is opening hours to your business that should never close, which means that you should have a reliable server. That’s why before making a decision you must check the uptime that your web host offers. Go for someone who is always open for business while being trustworthy and reliable.

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Find a VPS that suits you

VPS web hosting service is considered and seen as a new kind of web hosting lately. The hosting you pick can represent the deciding moment of your website, which is why you should pick the best option that’s out in the market. With BlueVPS you get to choose among different styles & package options that will suit you for your company or personal use. Choose one plan that you like the most among the 8 different options and know that there is a trustworthy team of experts and proper customer support that can help you make the best selection.