VPS or Dedicated Server – How to Choose the Best One for Your Needs

If you are an entrepreneur that wants to remain competitive in a specific industry, then you know how important the online world is for your results. Not having a website is the biggest mistake you could make. Because of that, you need to develop a marketing strategy and try to figure out which content that you publish there is going to boost your sales.

However, before you reach that point, there is one other thing that you need to have. Every entrepreneur needs to find the best possible web hosting that will ensure his website is safe and functions properly. The good thing is that you will find a wide range of options by basic Google research. But, which one is going to meet your requirements and expectations?

Entrepreneurs often have the same type of problem. They are not sure whether a Dedicated server or VPS is a better solution for their needs. Well, if you struggle to find an answer, this article is going to be quite helpful for you. We will analyze both options and give you enough information to make a good decision. Let’s go!

VPS Benefits

We will start with the benefits that people can get from the VPS. Of course, no one says that this is a perfect solution, but we will mostly focus on the positive side of both alternatives.

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First Benefit: Scalability

When we talk about scalability, VPS ensures better scaling compared to the other option. It allows you to easily allocate all the resources without any tweaking because you will manage to make use of a fraction of the server resources.

It may be good to say one disadvantage of dedicated servers here. Scaling up the resources with dedicated servers is only possible with additional slots or modules. Keep in mind that will bring additional costs that some people may not manage to cover.

Second Benefit: Price

We know that many entrepreneurs want to save their money when possible. If you struggle to organize your budget, then VPS is, once again, a good option. You are not paying for service alone because you are sharing the server with other clients. That means you will spend a few dollars each month to enjoy all the benefits VPS offers.

Speaking of dedicated servers, they are a bit more expensive. However, as you probably know, expensive services can sometimes pay off, and we will confirm that in the next part of the article.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

After reading the first part of the article, you would probably say dedicated server hosting is expensive and not quite good. However, that is far away from the truth because you can get multiple benefits by deciding on this type of hosting. The good news is that there are a lot of them such as HostZealot that will meet your requirements and expectations. Because of that, a wide range of options may be the first option you should put into consideration. Despite that, there are a couple of them we would like to highlight.

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First Benefit: Protection and Security

Well, if you compare VPSs and dedicated servers, the second option is considered to be safer. The reason why we have this scenario is simple to understand – all the users of dedicated serves have the appropriate resources to stop and protect themselves from any type of hacker attack. Despite that, if you decide on this move, you will be the only one who is going to manage the software. Because of that, malware and virus attacks are something you can forget about.

Second Benefit: Amazing Speed

As we previously mentioned, not having a website is a mistake. However, having a website that is going to be slow and crush all the time is an even bigger mistake. You are not just losing potential clients that way, but you are also ruining the reputation of your business.

Because of that, dedicated servers may be a better option for you. They do not contain the virtual layers that you can find in the VPS hostings. Because of that, all the data that circulates on your websites is going to flow with a low level of latency. That only confirms the upload speed of your website is going to be high.

Third Benefit: Management

Another reason why you should put dedicated servers into consideration is server management. Let’s say that an issue occurs that you need to solve as soon as you can. If you use VPS, then the management process will last a bit longer than you would want to. The technicians in your company (or the ones you hire) will need to spend a bit more time going through a couple of data streams.

On the other hand, things with dedicated hostings are not that difficult and complex. For a couple of minutes, the technicians will find the cause of the problem and they will easily find a solution for it. Things have to function quickly in the business world if you want to survive and keep your place on the market.

Fourth Benefit: Number of Resources

VPS hostings are good, but the number of resources is not too high. On the other hand, the dedicated server comes with a bigger number of resources. Because of that, you can be sure their storage, processing power, and other features are going to be at the highest level. To be honest, something like that VPS servers do not have the capacity to offer. Let’s say this is one of their disadvantages that you should be aware of.

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Final Thought

Generally speaking, both of these options are great. However, you need to pick the solution that will meet your needs and ensure the proper functioning of your website. For instance, if you struggle to organize your budget, VPS is going to be a better option. On the other hand, dedicated servers will ensure that your websites run appropriately.

Because of that, we recommend you make small self-talk before spending your money and ensure that you are making a good decision. Put into consideration what type of website you are running and how many resources you need. If you don’t need them a lot, VPS is a better option. On the other hand, if you need them a lot, dedicated servers will be an adequate option.