How Does KVM Server Technology Benefit Your VPS Hosted Sites?

Virtual private server (VPS) is installed on a computer for hosting multiple VPS. A single computer controls several VPS servers without falling in the performance of other servers on the same network. Each VPS has its OS and runs it smoothly on a computer without effecting by another network.

It provides various benefits over Shared Hosting, such as unrestricted root access, privacy, and faster loading time. Various web hosting companies provides VPS server, but Routerhosting is also a web hosting company that provides you with high-quality KVM Server Technology and RDP VPS services.

If you want to get KVM Server Technology and RDP VPS services, you must have to go to the  Routerhosting website and get this technology at a low rate.

Overview of routerhosting

In 2008, this company started their business from a small setup and provided their VPS services to the only close users. Routerhosting became popular among people due to their best VPS technology with the passing time. Now this company provides their VPS services all over the world. Anyone can click on Routerhosting and can get KVM Server Technology and RDP VPS services from it. They offer cheap and high-quality windows KVM and RDP VPS services as compare to other companies and other web hosting services.

Why choose us?

Here are all the various reasons that why do you need to get KVM and RDP VPS services from us:

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High Quality Services

Our company provides their facilities all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are settled in a city, town, or Village. You simply click on our Routerhosting website and buy KVM and RDP VPS services in a low rate.

Pay back guarantee

Our company provides high-quality results to users which buy KVM and RDP VPS from us. But if the company doesn’t satisfy you, the user can get his money from us within 7 days.

24-hour Support

Our company provides 24-hour support to users. If you have any kind of issue, you can click on our helpline and solve your problem.

KVM Server Technology

Kernel-based virtual machine KVM is known as virtualization technology which is built in a standard Linux kernel. It allows you to run the kernel on the root node, making it possible to run other operating systems. Hardware is required to run the virtualization extensions of KVM. Still, it does not come with problems like other many non-Atom Intel processors and AMD processors with come these extensions. Hypervisor helps to attain virtualization.

KVM hypervisor is a small layer of software that hosts multiple machines virtually with the help of a single piece of hardware. Every Machine is packed with its own kernel, so this externally added kernel acts as a second-level hypervisor. KVM VPS provides you with a complete structure to set the values of your resources according to your requirements. It gives virtualization for the existing system’s hardware resources only. Everyone can host 32-bit guest OS or 64-bit host with the help of KVM Server Technology.

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RDP VPS Services

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a tool which is designed by Microsoft. It makes a connection between a remote windows server on internet or a local network by using a window operating system. This connection allows the user admin access to the tool and helps install software on the server whatever you are using windows 7,8,10, windows server 2012, and windows server 2016.

RDP VPS helps to control all user systems by adding a graphical interface to the desktop of another computer. Each RDP VPS allows to control ten remote desktop accounts. It provides all kinds of access to do your work on the desktop through the RDP account except administrator access in the server. RDP is simple to use because a user just opens a Remote Desktop Protocol application on his computer and enters the IP address of the system you are connecting to. Once you get an RDP account from Routerhosting, it will be automatically set up by the provider and have full access to the service.

Benefits of KVM Server Technology

The remarkable feature of the Kernel-based virtual machine hypervisor enables your company to get the maximum beneficial features of KVM server technology. There are some key points of this technology is given below that provide a good impact on your website:

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Website Security

Nowadays, Website security is a big issue while hosting your website and other information on the server. Your business can be stopped by hackers attacking the website or DDos could slow your website server. KVM is a mixture of secure virtualization and security-enhanced Linux which enables security as well as isolation.

Fast Speed

When traffic on your website increases, the loading time of your websites decreases. As you know, High speed also helps to better your SEO. The Linux KVM VPS a real-time extension that allows apps to run a short time and high prioritization. It divides the long computing time into the small process that helps to save the time.

The Customization

KVM VPS is consist of similar memory management facilities that exist in Linux, like kernel same-page merging and non-uniform memory access. The remarkable feature of KVM is the ability to use storage options provided by Linux. It also uses local disk space and cloud storage. The degree of customization enables you to ensure that your website is able to function as per need.

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If your server is good, strong, and reliable, then your website takes short time to load and will not crash ever. The kernel-based virtual machine provides you various types of different hardware support and high reliability. This enables that your user can easily access your website without any resistance.


One of the most important of KVM is high scalability that ensures us that our websites can work smoothly, even a large scale of searches increases on your websites. As traffic is increases on your website, your business grow. A KVM VPS server allow, handle and manage the resources as per the requirements. This assures us that website will never crash in case of traffic surge. This ability enables quick website loading speed and provide a satisfactory client experience.