Common Packaging Mistakes Made by eCommerce Businesses

The eCommerce industry is growing. As per the experts, by the end of 2024, it is predicted to double in size. The coronavirus concern has prompted consumers to stay at home and shop online, resulting in a large increase in eCommerce sales. Even some of the biggest trade show furniture rentals Las Vegas have shifted to the online world for better scaling.

Due to the growing reliance on eCommerce, companies must increasingly bundle their shipping things rather than displaying them in-store. As an eCommerce vendor, you must understand the significance of packaging in offering a superior consumer experience.

It’s critical to realize that good packing ensures safe product delivery. It also gives your customers a good first impression of your company.

Below is the magical list you need to avoid some common mistakes that every other entrepreneur is making in the online selling world:

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Packaging: Too Much or Too Little

Excessive packaging material or insufficient packaging material is one of the major causes of damaged merchandise. You’re sending things made of glass, for example. If you use too much cushioning to cover the piece, the glass item within is likely to break.

The objects within, such as a high-quality machine tending robot, will be damaged by the friction created during transit if you do not provide any cushioning. As a result, it’s critical to know how much packaging you’ll need for different products.

To ensure that their goods arrive intact, eCommerce retailers must strike a balance between too much and too little packaging. The challenge is to use the correct amount of cushion to preserve your delicate goods. Also, while avoiding splurging on materials.

Packaging Made of Low-Quality Materials

This is yet another significant blunder made by a number of eCommerce companies. Impressive eCommerce packaging begins with the right materials and, more crucially, their quality.

For example, cardboard is frequently regarded as a low-cost, throwaway packaging material. Also, it is frequently purchased in bulk with little regard for its quality. The truth is that not all cardboard is created equal. Some are made of low-quality wood, making them easily crushable under pressure.

To avoid utilizing low-quality packing, work with a company that prioritizes quality in its eCommerce packaging. Inquire about your packaging supplier’s quality control procedures. This includes whether they subject their products to testing such as the box crush test or not.

Your firm may achieve consistent results by cultivating a solid supplier connection with a respected packaging company. For example, working with a reputable kraft paper pouch manufacturer like will ensure quality paper pouch delivery every time.

As a result, it will leave your clients appreciating your product rather than being frustrated by the box or pouch it arrived in.

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The Box is The Wrong Size

Two basic box sizes will simply not suffice for organizations that sell a wide range of products. A little item will invariably end up shipped in the wrong size box, with excessive bubble wrap or additional cushion.

If this happens, your consumer will certainly judge you. Or they might wonder why you squandered so much box space for such a small item. Furthermore, the odds of the little item moving around too much inside the packing are great. As a result, the risk of breaking inside is significantly increased.

We don’t propose stocking your fulfillment center with a dozen various box sizes. However, to ensure damage-free goods delivery, shipping boxes must be planned around the products with great dedication.

Packages That are Difficult to Open

One approach to seal an eCommerce shipment package is with packing tape. While tape isn’t always the greatest package sealer, glued-closed boxes are even more difficult to open. This can frustrate purchasers and cause them to inadvertently harm their items.

If you’re sending things like garments, consider using flyers or courier bags as they’re easier to open. We recognize that figuring out how to ship safely is difficult. Still, a classic packing blunder is for businesses to make their products so difficult to open that the unboxing process frustrates the customer on the other end.

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Lack of Branding on Your Package and Immediate Failure

What good is a cake if it doesn’t have frosting on it? Branding packaging is critical for expanding reach. But at the same time, a typical packaging blunder is failing to customize the delivery package. Even something as simple as a bespoke label or branded packaging tape can help to tell your company’s narrative. Consider how your package can help you sell more things.

There are additional fees associated with custom-branding your shipping products. But as brand recognition grows, so will sales. Small gestures, such as providing a thank-you letter with a voucher, are smart ways to keep customers coming back for more.

Return Packaging Ignorance

Returns are an unavoidable feature of selling on the internet. Make sure your products aren’t packaged in a way that makes returns difficult. Shipping envelopes, for example, must be cut open and cannot be reused. As a result, they become waste and create unnecessary extra procedures for you and your consumers.

Instead, consider perforated mailing bags or envelopes with an extra sealable “flap”. This is great for returned products to be returned in the same envelope fast. Customer loyalty and future revenues will compensate for the losses if you can establish a smooth customer experience.


To assist you in ‘not’ doing any of the severe eCommerce packaging blunders, we’ve developed a list of things you shouldn’t do in order to increase your online business at a significant pace. For more information about shipping best practices, visit

Now that you’ve learned about the most typical packaging blunders made by most eCommerce businesses, it’s up to you to stop repeating and start learning from them.

Avoid these eCommerce packing blunders to increase revenues in a cost-effective, customer-friendly, and long-term manner. We hope you like these tips and are ready to eliminate those packaging blunders that are making your company fall.