Common Website Designing Mistakes to Fix and Increase Conversion Rates – 2024 Guide

Appealing and attractive web design is essential, but it also has to be profitable. The website is your company’s storefront on the digital platform. It is your sales executive on-feet 24/7. It is the initial point of contact with potential customers, so the impression also counts. 

There are multiple variables expected from web design. It has to be well-designed, engaging, optimized, better load speed, updated, user-friendly, etc. Many business owners prioritize on the web appearance rather than increasing their conversion rates

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Some telltale signs of common web designing mistakes to avoid or fix

The mistakes in web designing are elusive and unclear but capable to make it difficult for visitors to navigate or buy. Unnecessary obstacles can devastate visitors and shove them away. So, if you are designing a new website or revamping an existing one, then ensure to hire professionals from The web designing team works intending to give their clients not just awesome looking websites but even increases conversion rates.

Design rules are ignored

Design norms need to be followed even if there is plenty of flexibility available. Users expect this. If they cannot locate the search function or the navigation bar then you will push them towards your competitors. Therefore, use widely accepted design standards. 

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Overlooked the importance of responsive design

Today, responsive design is an essential feature. Responsive web design will make your site accessible on every device. 50% of local searches and 20% of Google searches are done using handheld devices. 

Optimizing your website for all the devices means visitors can view from desktops, tablets, iPhones, iPods, etc. Google even appreciates responsive web design. Having a static web design means your visitor will be unable to find or read the content. The chance to convert the potential customer into a buyer gets missed. Therefore, responsive web design is the demand of this digital era.

Loading speed is slow

Today’s generation has been pampered with everything ‘instant’. They need everything fast and quick, even when they browse the internet. Web page loading time matters because more than 40% of guests exit your site if the time taken is more than 3 sec. Page speed is one of the indexing algorithms on Google, so slow speed can affect your ranking. Expectations are high, so for better user experience ensure to fix your site load speed. Each second matters!

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Lethargic server response time

If your website is optimized for speed, but still loads slowly there is an issue on the server response time. Potential causes on the slowing down of server response time are –

  • Sluggish application logic
  • Memory shortage
  • Frameworks & libraries
  • Dawdling database inquiries
  • Resource CPU shortage

To enhance your website’s speed, functionality, and performance, you need to optimize web pages for loading and issues that make the server response time sluggish.

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Too busy

Busy web design will confuse the visitors. A disorganized web layout will feature multiple fonts, colors, themes, and graphics that are irrelevant to one another. Users don’t gain clarity about your products or what your business does and so in a few seconds, they start feeling frustrated and leave. For example, with repeated font changing, visual speed breaks and hampers the visitor’s focus. Unclear fonts cannot convey the message. 

Too many text, videos, and images can take some time to load. The thought that packing as much information as you can in your web pages will only lead to confusion. So, ensure to use colors, fonts, themes, etc. that enhance the core values of your brand. 

Too little

Like too much, too little information is also bad. Minimalism is the latest trend in web designing. However, it needs to provide info in a meaningful and clear way. There have to be no guessing games because leaving a lot on imagination and a few short sentences without clear direction will force your visitor to look elsewhere for a solution. 

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Improper pictures

Graphics are essential in web design. They can deliver messages quickly. No one desires to read lots of text but the image has to be relevant. Bad web design means using unrelated or generic images. Unrelated graphics are confusing and low-quality pictures lack professionalism. On the other hand, relevant stock images will add significance and clarity to the message. 

Poor content usage

A solid content strategy keeps readers engaged on your website. The browser gets familiar with your brand through properly laid content. Choose a readable font and text size to keep readers engaged. Make use of white spaces smartly to avoid the cluttered look. Grammar mistakes can erode the credibility of your website. Regularly update fresh content that is informative, problem-solving, and unique. It helps the SEO of your website. 

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Interaction blunders

Visitors that come to your website have some queries or pain points. They expect you to respond or clear their doubts. If you reject or ignore to answer their questions, they will never revisit your website. 

Awful navigation

Improper navigation can irritate potential visitors. A hard to find navigation menu or a website with stacks of broken links and unclear signposts can frustrate guests. When the website logo gets placed in the center then it is difficult for the guests to discover the home page in a click. When visitors get confused on your site, they retrace their steps to your homepage. 

The animated navigation features that bounces, rolls, or flashes are all conversion slayers. The guest gets frustrated when they have to find ways of how to navigate rather than seeking answers to resolve their issues. They will abandon your website. 

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Poor security

Encryption is also essential to make your website Google and user friendly. Sensitive data that travels across the internet is safe from hackers and unauthorized parties. An SSL certificate gives users peace of mind that they are dealing with responsible brands. Besides, your site’s search ranking also improves as Google prioritizes websites using encryption technology. 

Avoiding or fixing web design errors can help to enhance your online visibility. During the design planning and all across to post-launch evaluation keep the focus on your brand image and target audience. Your business website is the first point of contact and first impression, so build it correctly to allow growth.