How Woodworking Can Be A Fun Activity – 2024 Review

With the increasing use of technology, people have minimized outdoor activities. The interest in creative hobbies has dwindled because we have too much screen time. The new generation uses technology a lot for most activities, but we must not make hands-on hobbies a thing of the past. After all, they can be pretty useful and you can even earn from them as well.

Woodworking, for instance, has a lot of benefits for you. Aside from being able to create products with your own hands, this craft can be a source of fun and a little peace as well.

Benefits of Woodworking

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It helps you learn new skills

Woodworking is a hands-on activity, which means you will learn to use tools such as the table saw, drill, jointer, circular saw, and other power tools. While you might not need all this equipment when you’re first dabbling into woodworking, you might eventually use these as you advance into more complex projects.

And of course, when you work with these tools, you can also apply your skills to other areas as well, not just in woodworking.

It helps relieve stress

A fast-paced world where you’re always in front of screens can be exhausting. By engaging in activities like woodworking, you take your mind off things and focus on creating something you like.

There’s just something about activities like this that helps melt one’s anxiety and stress. In fact, studies have proven that creative tasks have positive effects on one’s mental health.

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It’s a good workout for the mind and body

Both your brain and body are being stimulated when you’re working with wood. You have to be alert, sharp, and focused when you do your measurements and when you use certain tools. That’s how your brain is exercised during this activity.

Along with that, your physical body is also being challenged because you’re lifting tools and shifting your projects around. You have to move when you’re woodworking, and that does good things to your health compared to sitting down all day.

You get to do what you want

One of the fun things about woodworking is that you get to decide what project you want to make. From small projects like jewelry boxes and candle holders to bigger projects like cabinets and tables, you can choose a project that’s suitable for your skill level.

Even if you’re a beginner, you can use this collection of ideas while you’re still honing your craft.

It’s a great family activity

Creating woodworking projects as a family can be fun and enjoyable. It would be great for family bonding times, especially today when most of us spend our weekend using our phones instead of connecting with each other.

With woodworking, you can really work together as a team when you’re creating projects. Don’t worry, there are simple projects your kids can do as well. Woodworking helps children develop their mental and motor skills, and it will exercise their creativity, too.

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Mood booster

If you’ve taken up woodworking as a hobby, that means it’s something you enjoy doing. And if you’re happy when you’re working on projects, that means your brain is releasing serotonin during these activities.

Serotonin is essentially the happy hormone, and when you have high levels of this chemical in your body, the less risk you have for depression and anxiety. Of course, there’s also that sense of fulfillment that you will experience when you see your finished projects.

Woodworking can be a source of income

As you do more and more projects, you also improve your skills in the craft of woodworking. This can be a great potential source of income. You can sell projects such as wooden toys, furniture, candle holders, wine racks, organizers, shelves, and other items you know how to make.

Starting a woodworking business is easier today than it was a few years back, and that’s because it’s so much easier to spread the word about your products through social media platforms.

You don’t have to be big immediately and build your own physical shop. If you’re going to dabble in woodworking as a side hustle, you can start with smaller projects and try selling them online.

Simple Woodworking Projects

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Shoe organizer:

This is one of the most exciting DIY projects for beginners where you only need a little bit of woodworking knowledge. You can easily make a shoe rack or a simple shelf by arranging wooden pieces together. Things you’ll need are wooden pieces, sandpaper, nails, wooden glue, hammer, paint, and brush.

Cut the wooden pieces according to the measurements. Make sure that the pieces are in equal length and width.  You can arrange them with the help of wooden glue. Then use nails to fix the wooden pieces at their place. Use sandpaper to make the edges soft. You can paint it in different colors or can use it as it is.

Wooden Wagon:

It is not a difficult task to build a wooden wagon even as a beginner. Children love to play with this wagon. Though it’ll take time and effort, the result will surely be fantastic. You’ll need tires, handle, nails, hammer, sandpaper, wooden plank, and measuring tape

First of all, you’ll build the body of the wagon. Cut the wood and arrange the pieces with help of nails and screws. Use wooden planks on the bottom of the wagon’s body to attach wheels with the wagon. Now attach the handle with the help of screws to the wagon. You can buy small tires/wheels from a nearby store.

Picture frames:

Everyone loves taking pictures and hanging them on walls. You can make picture frames without prior experience in woodworking. You will need simple tools and wood to make frames. Just cut the pieces after measuring the length and width. Attach those pieces with the help of wood glue and let the glue dry.

There are many websites and forums on which people having the same interests share their innovations and help others to adopt woodworking as a new hobby. You can share your ideas with others on various forums and you can also get ideas from those forums. You can make a cutting tray, candle holder, birdhouse, key chain, nameplate, and simple furniture like stools and tables.