5 Online Casino Games that Can Easily Be Beaten – 2024 Review

Online casino games are a favorite pastime for many people, particularly in times of social distancing. The gambling is quite thrilling and addictive, so a lot of folks spend hours at websites like playamo.com playing for either fun or for money (while having fun). However, if you are rather new to this kind of entertainment and on top of that you wish to make some money – or at least not lose much – then it would be wise to pick your games. Namely, not all of the games offer the same chances of winning, as well as an equal return. You probably already have one or more favorites, and some that you are good at. Here, one has to be critical about what “being good at it” actually means – how much are you winning in it most of the time?

It is not the same which game you will spend time and money on, so you should look for ones with low house edge and good return to the players. But first, you must understand and evaluate both the odds and the house edge. If you are not familiar with these terms, keep reading. Basically, they express the overall chances of winning and the intrinsic advantage of the casino, so that you will be able to assess the return from a particular wager. Odds can be expressed as fractional – how much can be won with a single bet, and the percentage odds tell you the probability of winning at a particular casino game. Therefore, a higher percentage odds means greater winning chances.

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Looking at it from the other side, you are faced with the so called “edge of the house”. You have probably heard the saying: “the house always wins”. This refers to the inherent advantage that the gambling site has over a player in a particular game, in the long term. More specifically, it is the amount of money the house will get from every bet you have placed, and below, it will be expressed in percentage. A lower number means that there is a greater likelihood of making any money and you should choose your games accordingly.

It is important to remember that in the long run, the house ( in this case, the online casino) always has an advantage, so you should try getting short-term winnings, especially if you don’t have any particular skills that would make you an advantage player. It is very easy to lose track of time and become completely immersed in the game, but then you are running the risk of losing whatever you have invested or gained.

Before actually thinking of playing with money, it would be smart to visit some free playing rooms and get some practice and experience.

So here are the 5 options that you should contemplate if you are thinking of gambling online:

  1. Blackjack (Twenty-One)

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As you may already know, in this widely-known card game, you are playing against the dealer (the house). The aim of Blackjack is to compete with the dealer and beat him by getting a number that beats his number without going past 21.Getting 21 with your cards is the best possible outcome and in that case, you are the winner.

If played with a single deck of cards, the house edge is around 1.5%. This game is mostly chance (or should we say: statistics) and it is very easy to learn, but it also requires good bankroll management.

  1. Craps

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This is a dice game in which the house edge is somewhere from 1.4-5%. Craps doesn’t require any particular skills, although there is terminology that you would need to learn and a few rules. It is usually played at a faster pace which makes it that much exciting. Your focus should be on the don’t pass/don’t come bets as they will give you higher chances of winning. Here, the odds are about 50-50.

  1. Baccarat

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This is another card game in which the house edge starts at 1.5% – pretty low. The player and the dealer compare their hands in each round that has only three possible outcomes: player, banker (dealer has higher score) and tie. You are actually betting on one of these options, and you shouldn’t be betting on tie, instead, go for the banker. It doesn’t require any strategy, so it’s an option that you should have in mind if you are a newbie to gambling.

  1. Roulette

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Besides poker, roulette is one the most popular casino game. In single-zero roulette (yes, there are a few different ones) the house edge is about 2.5%. Here, players place bets on various options: a single number, groups of numbers, red or black, odd or even number, low (1–18) number or a high (19–36).

The bets are placed before the croupier spins the wheel and throws the ball in which eventually lands in one of the small pockets. We recommend betting on the lower-payout options such as side bets – black/red or odd/even. It is very unpredictable, but by placing the right bets, you will slowly and steadily win some money. It requires patience, and barely any strategy.

  1. Poker

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This is a classic game that can have a surprisingly very low house edge: 0.5%, but it can go up to 5%. It’s a game that requires certain skills and a strategy, but as many others, it also depends heavily on luck. Its most famous variation is Texas Hold’em.

Typically, a standard deck is used, but the games can vary in the number of cards that are in the game, how many are dealt face up or face down, the deck configuration, the community cards, but there is always at least one round of betting. In this game, the psychology is very important, particularly when playing at a brick and mortar casino. Also, while playing online, you won’t be able to see the body language of the other players which in this game speaks volumes.

And here is a closely guarded secret: the Wheel of Fortune and the slot machines offer the lowers chances of winning as the house edge on them is more than 10%, so it’s the best to stay away from them if you don’t have money to burn.