14 Small Gifts Everyone Will Appreciate in 2024

Chocolate truffles, Danny DeVito, Stuart Little – we’ve all heard the saying that good things come in small packages, and we tend to agree. The sentiment is especially true when it comes to choosing gifts for the people we love. Whether it’s for a birthday, a stocking filler or simply a one-off just-to-say-I-care type of gesture, small gifts tend to be inexpensive and super thoughtful. We’ve rounded up a number of our favorites – we think these prove that bigger is most definitely not always better…

Beautiful stationery

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You just can’t go wrong when it comes to gifting stationery. In this digital age, a stylish notepad like from here  or journal makes for a lovely gift. You can pair these with some lovely pens or pencils. And, for extra points, add your own sweet message inside. All the better if you can add a personal touch, too, such as their name or initials. Another option? Re-introduce your friend or loved-one to the lost art of letter writing, and present them with some writing paper and letters to scribble away with to their heart’s content.


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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? We’re not saying you have to gift diamonds, but of all the small gifts out there, these are probably at the top of the list! Don’t quite have the budget for diamonds? Opt for gemstones – there are some incredible pieces out there designed with the likes of moonstone, opal and rose quartz. If you’re on a shoestring budget, a friendship bracelet is a great choice, or a cute pair of earrings.


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Who doesn’t love a gorgeous, soul-soothing scent? The best part about aromatherapy gifts is there’s so much variety, so you’re never stuck for choice. Go for a beautifully scented candle in a colour that will sync well with their living room or bedroom. Or opt for some incense sticks, which are a lot stronger and come in beguiling scents such as frankincense and lemongrass. Bath oil is another winning option – it lasts for ages, as you only need a few drops each time. Alternatively, choose prettily packaged bath melts. These fizzy treats will dissolve in the water and some come with petal fillings. We feel more relaxed already!

Trinkets or keepsakes

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These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and can be incredibly meaningful. A keychain that says ‘Best Mom Ever’, a bookmark with a heartfelt message on it, a porcelain heart to say I love you – the choices are endless with these types of gifts. And they mean so much.

A new furry friend

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This is a bit of a risky gift, so proceed with caution here and make sure the giftee a.) actually wants a pet and b.) can and will properly look after the new pet. If you’re 100% sure on these things, then a new animal companion can make an amazing gift. If a dog or a cat doesn’t feel like the right fit, consider a fluffy rabbit or a hamster. Or go in the opposite direction and opt for some rainbow-coloured fish in a tropical tank.

A PopSocket

Img source: wired.com

What’s that you ask? A PopSocket is the little-known name of the round thing that sticks to the back of your cell phone. The purpose of said round thing? To improve grip, enable you to snap selfies and text with one hand, and stop those pesky screen-shattering drops. These sweet little gifts come in many different forms, including glitzy, classy, humorous and personalized.

Playing cards

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Playing cards can be bought with all budgets, as they range from cheap to pricey. They’re a brilliant small gift as not only are they thoughtful and (sometimes) stylish, they promise hours of fun for the gift recipient. Win-win.

A key finder

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If you’ve got someone that’s a little forgetful in your life, then a key finder is the perfect present. While it’s not the most sentimental gift around, it shows that you know your loved-one and that you care about saving them time and stress! It’s also another cheap and cheerful option for those on a stricter budget!

A tiny Bluetooth music speaker

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Look out for a tiny but mighty speaker and you can give your loved-one the gift of music for their next birthday or Christmas treat! Bluetooth speakers are nice and miniature, so you can carry them around with you wherever you go, in your handbag or in your pocket.

A wine purifier

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Select a classy wine purifier for the wine connoisseur in your life. These clever little gadgets are placed on top of your glass and lined with a special filter paper, and work to aerate your wine and purify it. Incredible tasting wine without the morning-after headache? Ummm, yes please!

A baby plant

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One of the greatest things in life is to nurture another living creature – just ask any Mama! This is also the perfect gift for any green-fingered friends of yours. Get them a baby plant and let them care for and tend for their new ‘baby’. Bonus points if it’s a variety that grows something else, such as a chili plant. Your loved-one can then use the fruits of their labour to cook dinner!

Nail polish

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A small but joyous gift, nail polish gives a pop of colour that’ll brighten up a mood instantly. Want extra points? Look for shades in Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024. There’s actually two for next year – grey and mustard-esque hues! Pantone’s hue of the year always sets a trend, so your friend or loved-one will be well ahead of the pack.

 A polaroid camera

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We’ve seen a love of all things retro return over the past few years, so what better way to create some nostalgia than with a polaroid camera to capture memories? You can buy these in super-cute shades such as bubblegum pink and sky blue. Pair the camera with a sweet little album for maximum points!