What Part of New Delhi Has the Best Nightlife

When you are heading to New Delhi, use this guide to find the areas of New Delhi that have the best nightlife.

New Delhi in India is fast becoming the most vibrant hub for nightlife, and there are a few areas that have successfully made the transition from traditional businesses to those businesses that offer a fantastic nightlife experience in an otherwise heavily restricted country.

The town of Old Delhi closes from 6 pm apart from its beautiful eateries, and this is where New Delhi takes over to offer those nightlife experiences you have in your dreams!

Whether you are looking for an after-dark party with dancing until the early hours, or a vibrant late-night place to chill and eat some fantastic food in the cover of darkness…or even go to a place where all of the richest and most elegant people go to see and be seen, then this is the information you need!

There are five areas of New Delhi that are transforming into the places to be when darkness falls, offering the buzz of community, great food and drink, and, of course, vibrant nightlife.

So where are these places? And what do they have to offer?

Let’s take a look!

Hauz Khas

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Hauz Khas has one of the best atmospheres of a New Delhi nightlife hub.

It has the overall vibrant and welcoming ambience you’d expect from an up and coming place to be after 11 pm and will invite you into some of the most amazing places that New Delhi has to offer after dark.

With nightlife places such as The Mia Bella and Moonshine Cafe, it’s no surprise that it is known as the party hub of New Delhi.

Hauz Khas is a historic medieval village that is known for its beautiful building built around a reservoir, and the nightlife is also following suit with most of its party spots overlooking the beautiful waters as you dance the night away.

Pandara Road

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Pandora road in New Delhi is one of the best places to go after dark in New Delhi for some culturally inspired food-based nightlife when the sun goes down.

Grab some great company down to Pandara Road after 11 pm, where you will find locals and tourists alike sharing the bustling atmosphere with the mutual love of food. For more, visit  https://in.simpleescorts.com/call-girls/delhi/ 

Open until late; this area inspires late Night eating and mingling that will keep you up until the small hours enjoying the ambiance of everything Pandora Road has to offer.

Chandi Chowk

Img source: travelogyindia.com

Chandi Chowk is in the North of New Delhi and is home to some of the most vibrant nightlife that the district has to offer.

Kitty Su Nightclub is one of the most high-class and lavish nightclubs in the district that attracts the classiest patrons from far and wide to enjoy the luxurious surrounding the club and the surrounding area has to offer.

Chandi Chowk exudes class and elegance and is definitely the place to see and be seen if you are in the mood to be surrounded by the higher class of company from late until the early hours.

Connaught Place

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Connaught Place is one of the most concentrated hubs of nightlife in New Delhi and is surrounded by a vibrant atmosphere when the sun sets on the city.

It is the home of Hype, a dance club with some of the most prestigious DJs performing world-class sets in the stunning Shangri-la hotel. So if you are looking for an all-night party atmosphere until daylight breaks, this hub and club is the place to be.

Although beautiful in its setting, Connaught Place turns into the most inclusionary place to be after dark, with some of the more famous locals and familiar faces being spotted here, and this alone can draw crowds of hundreds to Connaught Place from all over the globe.

Aerocity Hospitality Precinct

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Aerocity hospitality precinct has shot up in popularity in recent years. It is being dubbed as the new “sin city”, and the size of the development is almost a city within a city due to its growing popularity and its rapid expansion.

It has the advantage of being right near the airport to attract lots of footfall from travellers and is out of town enough to give it that exclusive edge to visit for a great night out.

Aerocity offers a vast array of restaurants, bars, and places you can go that cater for after-hours entertainments, which are full of the vibrancy that comes along with the late-night hours.

As it is still very new as a nightlife hub, you will find it built around lots of hotels which are strategically placed for the airport; hence its name! However, so many places that are renowned for nightlife hubs in Delhi are actually hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs all rolled into one, so this is not unusual.

If you are looking for a vast array of good food, great drinks, and some fantastic atmosphere in the more minor hours, then it might be worth a trip to this massive development for some inclusion fun and frolics with travellers and locals alike.

As you can see, there is so much to do in New Delhi once the lights go out, and although bars have a 1 am closing time, there are so many clubs that operate into the small hours which will be waiting to welcome you in and show you how to get the best out of your nightlife in Delhi.

Whether you are looking for good food, a good drink, or even a full-on party experience, New Delhi and Its vibrant nightlife hubs have it all just waiting for you.

Make yourself familiar with laws, which may differ from your own, respect them and have lots of fun exploring the night of New Delhi.