Bitcoin in Japan: What 2024 Has in Store for the Market

2024 has come in as a breath of fresh air for the cryptocurrency market, awakening it from a long and deep slumber. While the previous year has come with many hurdles and blunders for investors, and the bear market and ensuing crypto winter have been staunch adversaries, traders were convinced that the situation is bound to improve sooner or later. The last two months of 2022 had been the lowest Bitcoin had ever seen and were in stark contrast to the stellar years the coin recorded in 2020 and 2021, when investing and investor trust were at an all-time high.

So, whether you buy Bitcoin p2p or have chosen other methods, there’s no denying that the market has changed significantly since last year’s beginning. January and February saw continuous growth. However, there are still some obstacles to overcome on the road to achieving the values from before. This won’t happen overnight, but investors are prepared to develop their strategies and hone their skills to perfection while they wait.

There are some countries that are noticing some particular changes when it comes to crypto that may influence the rest of the world over the upcoming months. One of them is Japan.

Surplus energy


Conversations surrounding sustainability have become increasingly more important over the past few years, with calls made towards the world’s top polluters in a bid to urge them to cut down emissions and do so rapidly. Japan is one of the many countries that has come to struggle with monumental choices as a result, as it is difficult to find a way to balance both environmental goals and the energy needs and requirements of the nation.

In the midst of this conversation, the largest energy provider in Japan has announced the initiative to divert surplus energy to crypto operations. Renewable energy sources would be redirected toward mining and data centers throughout the country. This is good news because the energy that may have been wasted will be leveraged and used towards a realized purpose. However, some researchers are more skeptical about this change, believing that investments in the energy sector should go towards increasing production and improving the existing infrastructure.

Many lawmakers are also doubtful about cryptocurrencies themselves. This isn’t necessarily surprising, as recent events such as plummeting prices, the collapse of high-profile crypto exchanges, fraud, bankruptcies, and overall economic slowdown have affected the confidence and trust level of both investors and the lawmakers set to enact regulations on digital currencies as the world of cyber assets enters the mainstream at increasing speed.

This issue, however, has also raised further concerns, namely the issue of how excess energy is best stored. The best solution seems to come from using a medium, typically water, to hold the surplus energy and use it when available. It remains to be seen how that will also work within the crypto market.

Metaverse Economic Zone


March 2024 has come with a brand-new development in the world of Japanese cryptocurrencies. Several tech giants in the country have proposed an initiative for creating a metaverse economic zone. A document has been signed by several companies directly involved in tech and finance. The project should help them develop a platform on which they can share technology with the users through the means of online avatars.

This multipurpose platform will operate from the headquarters of a virtual world named Ryugukoku, operated by JP Games, which will be in charge of creating the overall experience. The system is set to work as a digital metropolis, allowing users the opportunity to access different online spaces using personalized avatars. Moreover, each of the founding businesses is set to provide different features to enhance the experience and help promote a successful construction experience.

For instance, while some will provide expertise in digital coins and tokens, others will focus on payments, and others will focus on local and overseas expansion. The platform is set to use its unique identification service and a special wallet currently known under the moniker “Multi Magic Passport”. This tool will allow users to not only make payments and perform transactions but also to move all their personal items and data, including avatar features, non-fungible tokens, and other confidential details, between the different metaverses included in the system.

The talk of overseas expansion efforts has developed because the group believes these services will be attractive to several businesses worldwide, which could then use their own expertise to develop the project even further and take it to new heights.

Crypto withdrawals


In 2022, the world of crypto saw the collapse of some reputed exchanges. The world of digital finance was shaken to the core, and many investors were left struggling in the aftermath. A lot of capital was lost as a result, and customers were left wondering what would come next. In February 2024, a Japanese subsidiary of the exchange began allowing investors to withdraw funds from the now-defunct business. Japanese users are some of the first in the world to get their money back, as many will probably have to wait a significantly larger amount of time until they see their funds safely back into their wallets.

However, many are breathing a long-awaited sigh of relief. Many have rushed to get their money back, and, in this rush, some have also run into hurdles along the way. Social media has been flooded with users detailing their experiences. Some have claimed they were told they aren’t eligible for a withdrawal, with no definitive reasons given.

Many have stayed in close contact with the exchange. As a result, they are looking for ways to have their assets returned. Many have blamed the subsidiary, accusing them of making a false announcement regarding the protection of the assets. On its part, the company has issued withdrawals of over 6 billion yen to nearly 3,500 individuals and over 90 corporate entities only during the first few days after announcing the possibility of withdrawals. Nevertheless, many are still awaiting their refunds and hope that they will be in the near future.

The cryptocurrency market will remain changeable after a troubled 2022. Like the rest of the world, Japanese investors will have to monitor the changes quickly to succeed in the digital asset ecosystem.