Why you Should Consume Safe Water for a Safe Life

If we recall old times, people used to have water from wells. The source was mostly rainwater and water from other underground sources. With time, changes occurred in our lifestyles and we started preferring other liquids like mineral, filtered, and boiled water. The emerging and intense increase in water pollution has created many problems. Many companies are a fraud that claims to sell out proper mineral water but the technique they use to collect and store water is contaminated. There are no beneficial added minerals and simple unpolluted liquid is packed in the liquid bottle. Secondly, one more major concern is that our earth has become much polluted due to advancements and no matter how much we filter and boil our water, the liquid still contains germs and is not free from contaminants.

It’s again time for repeating our old tradition as the condition of pollution is getting worse. Many of us ask ourselves which option is safest. The water which once was free in cost now costs a monthly expense and still, we are not able to get a pure one. Keeping all the considerations in mind, the use of rainwater gathered through a harvesting process is considered the safest option possible today. The comprehensive system of harvesting integrates and gathers the purest form of water which is total germs-free. If we compare the public drinking water to this one, we can feel a huge difference in the taste and benefits. The biggest benefit is, it is pollution-free if harvested carefully before contact with the ground.

Wonders of rainwater

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We all have heard that alkaline water has high pH that offers many benefits. People often buy that but if we choose bottled rainwater then we automatically get the goodness of alkaline liquids. Rainwater has alkaline properties due to this; we can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Detoxification properties
  • Healthy digestive system
  • Neutralization of blood pH
  • Strengthen body functions
  • Fewer minerals
  • Healthy skin
  • Strong hair growth

Apart from these, this liquid is low in terms of mineral content. If we ever analyze the ingredients behind mineral or filtered liquid bottles, we can see that they lace it with chlorine and fluoride so that all the germs can be killed. But, due to it, the excess of minerals cause gastric issues, headache, and other health problems. So, when you’re enjoying bottled rainwater, you can enjoy the above-mentioned benefits while getting rid of damage produced by other types of bottled water. Click here for info.

Concerns about the packaging of the bottle

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When you go grocery shopping while purchasing liquid, which options you grab and prefer? Do you pay attention to the details like how long it will stay, will it keep the liquid fresh, where it will end up after use and what effects it is giving to our environment? Many of us won’t even think about such factors. The maximum population will choose the most hazardous option that is plastic. There is a need to think and talk about it. While making a purchase, always think about five factors that are:

  • Is it reusable?
  • Can it be recycled?
  • Is it a durable option?
  • Is it unbreakable?
  • Is it contributing to the environment and economy?

Today, we will discuss the packaging issues and, will explore the options which we get most in the market. Most of the bottles are made up of plastic and the majorities of the brands disguise the facts and mislead their customers that plastic is safe packaging. It is the worst form of packaging as compared to all other options. People have misconceptions that plastic is recyclable. Brands claim that if we use these bottles, then our actions will save the planet. All these statements are crap. These companies are just misleading to increase their sales. A very little amount of plastic is recycled and the rest is dumped into oceans, lakes, etc. Plastic is constructed from the use of oil. Plus, bottles used by brands are using quality that is not reusable. Secondly, it is genuinely not recyclable and is mostly driven into fibers and carpets. Plastic bottles can be used sometimes but, it is not a durable option because it gets easily crush and cracked. Lastly, it ruins marine and aquatic life-giving a major setback to our environment. It cannot be recycled into the option which in the end benefits the economy of the country. So, keeping these constraints in mind, the option of plastic is the most pathetic one.

Secondly, people think that glass packaging is a safe option. To some extent, glass is also a good option to be used as it not reacts with anything chemically and also a safe option to drink from. But the drawback is, it requires a lot of energy while recycling. Also, it needs to be handled with care as it can break easily.

The most convenient, durable, and best of all option is the use of aluminum for the packaging of bottles. It offers all the above-mentioned benefits. It is easily recyclable. It has a thick lining and covering which shows that it can be reused easily. A one wasted container can easily be recycled into another useful container which shows that how easily we can use it again. It has a long shelf life and keeps the liquid safe in the packaging by sustaining the taste. Lastly, it doesn’t harm our environment and health. 75% of its production is used again and again which gives benefit to the economy as well.

Say Goodbye to plastic bottles

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As we discussed the packaging in detail, we can conclude the best option is best for us. We have to contribute to the environment and the country we are living in positively. If we will produce more plastic than in upcoming years there will be fewer sea animals and more plastic in the lakes and ocean. Save your planet, drink safe and live a safe life.