9 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Toyota RAV4 in 2024

With its new design, you might think the 2024 RAV4 could easily get by on its newfound strapping looks. But hey, this SUV has more to offer than meets the eye. Unparalleled safety features, an infotainment system to die for, name it. If you’re an adventure lover, you will never have to look anywhere else with the Toyota RAV4 in front of you.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should buy a Toyota RAV4 and learn more about it from the CarExpert.

Img source: toyota.com

Robust architecture

The Toyota RAV4 has always looked brawny, but never as brawny as it is now. With the Toyota New Global Architecture platform, the giant auto company has made over the Toyota RAV4 to add new front and rear overhangs for better trail driving, more robust shoulders, and a wider wheelbase.

More athletic design

Let’s face it: You’re buying an SUV not only because of its off-road capabilities, but because of its sporty look as well. With the Toyota RAV4, you get the best of both worlds. Stepping away from its more sedate competitors such as the Honda CR-V, the new Toyota RAV4 features a sportier design with its aggressive bumpers, grille designs, and huge over-fenders. The most striking model of all is the XSE Hybrid, which comes with a black roof, piano-black fender arches, and piano-black lower rocker panels.

More power

It’s sad that many SUVs today are underpowered, but it’s great that there’s the Toyota RAV4 to keep up with your power requirements. This SUV generates 203 horsepower and 184-pound-feet torque, which is 19 more horsepower than the Honda CR-V and 23 more than the Jeep Cherokee. That’s an amazing 33 more horsepower than the Nissan Rogue!


Excellent fuel economy

Unlike other SUVs, the Toyota RAV4 isn’t as hard on the pocket to run, thanks to its leading fuel economy. You won’t find any of its competitors with the kind of gas mileage it has—it can earn 41 miles per gallon in city driving and 38 miles per gallon on the highway! If you stick with the gas engine, it earns 30 mpg combined, breaking down to 27 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highway! Without a doubt, it bests its competition by a long shot in terms of fuel economy.

Exclusive safety systems

You might say safety systems shouldn’t be a point of comparison since all auto companies offer safety systems anyway, but Toyota has a much longer list of systems than you will find on almost all of its rivals. Its cornering brake control lets it handle turns more smoothly and precisely, reducing the chances of sliding. It also comes with road sign assist to tell you the speed limit and advise you about other road sign information. Then there’s the digital rearview mirror and the high-mounted camera to provide an adjustable wide-angle live feed of what’s behind you! How cool is that?

Improved driver assistance

Well, if that doesn’t sound cool enough, how about driving with an invisible assistant with you? The Toyota RAV4 comes with a Lane Tracing Assist feature, which warns you with vibrations if your vehicle is steering out of its lane. When your Full-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is in use, you can rely on your vehicle’s LTA feature to guide you while driving by letting you slow and go as traffic flows. Now that’s “safe driving” redefined.

Img source: lakingtoyota.com

Plenty of space

Admit it or not, the extra space you get from a crossover SUV is one of the reasons why you’re planning to buy one. If you are looking to buy a Toyota RAV4, there’s nothing to worry about because it will not disappoint in this area. This vehicle offers plenty of space not only for passengers but for your cargo as well!

When you take a look at its interior, you will find that every row of its seats provides ample headroom for everyone. It is so spacious that even your tallest passengers will have enough legroom in this car! It is also very ideal for long drives because its back cargo space is very easy to access and features just the right load height. If you need more cargo space, you simply need to put down its rear seats and there you have the space that you need.

A fantastic infotainment system

If you love taking your family on long drives, you wouldn’t bring a car that does not have an infotainment system. The Toyota RAV4 has more than just that. Its infotainment system is so good, to say that it’s awesome would be an understatement! This SUV features an amazing sound system and infotainment center that provides hands-free operation. If you want to connect to Alexa, Apple CarPlay, or WiFi Connect, you won’t have a problem with the Toyota RAV4 because its Entune 3.0 system lets you do that and more!

The vehicle also comes with a standard 7-inch touchscreen, which you can easily change into an 8-inch version with just a simple click. Now, if you need to charge or play music or a video file from your phone, you’ll be surprised to know that this car has up to five USB ports throughout! You see, going on road trips has never been fun with the Toyota RAV4. Imagine enjoying scenic views throughout your ride, all while enjoying unlimited multimedia and internet access. And not only that—the RAV4’s audio system by JBL that comes with an updated tuning system, better speakers, and an amplifier is one for the books!

Awesome steering and handling

Being one of the most sought-after carmakers, it’s not surprising how Toyota engineers have put considerable thought into making the Toyota RAV4 aerodynamic. Try to drive it once and you will discover how stable it is, thanks to its responsive and on-point steering wheel. You will never have a hard time handling this SUV even in bad weather or over difficult surfaces! This rings truer for its AWD models, which are perfect for those who want that sporty feel to handling and steering.