Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Have an Engagement Party

A marriage proposal comes with excitement, dreams, and, big plans for the big day. But before then, you need an avenue to share the news with your nearest and dearest. This is where you throw a bash featuring unique engagement party ideas to dazzle your guests.

However, many couples don’t know the purpose of an engagement party, hence, marking it as just another pre-wedding event. An engagement party is more than fun a gathering. It’s an important event, and at Wedding Forward, we’ll show you the top reasons why engagement parties are necessary.

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  1. An engagement party favors intimate weddings

If you plan on having an intimate wedding, a destination, or a very elopement wedding, host an engagement party. If you also decide to elope, make your engagement party even bigger. Invite everyone, especially those who won’t make it to your wedding. This gives them the opportunity to share in your joy while offering a befitting engagement gift for the couple. You’ll realize that hardly anyone will hold a grudge against you for your decisions.

  1. It is a fertile ground for wedding planning

An engagement party gives you an idea of how to plan for the Wedding. At Wedding Forward, we’ll give you the best. From the venue to decor, seating arrangement feeding, there’s so much to do. You’ll be working with a guest list, so you’ll know how much you’re likely to spend on particular things.

Additionally, you can start picking out your wedding party and communicating your wishes right there. Everyone gets together to start putting together a vision board in earnest. All of these can be well accomplished if you have an engagement party.

  1. This event helps break the ice

You may ask yourself, “should I have an engagement party and why? The answer is yes! This is because it’s an opportunity to break the ice between families and friends on both sides. Truth is that there are many family members, siblings, close friends, and all that you haven’t met. Throwing everyone together on the Wedding day will feel awkward, especially if they’ll be working together. They may lack synergy and have so much disagreement. So, it’s better to give everyone an opportunity to meet and get comfortable with each other before the Wedding. Who knows? Your engagement could birth another couple.

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  1. It’s a good time to eat, drink, and get gifts

Do you love to feed people? Do you love getting gifts? Then this is why you should have an engagement party. It’s an opportunity for everyone to come together to eat, drink, and give gifts. Make your wedding registry available at this time so that guests can check it out. Roll out an assortment of food and drinks so guests can eat, be merry, and celebrate

  1. It’s a beautiful place to play catch up

There are those close friends that stay afar. Life happened and everyone had to go find their paths. You neither see each other often nor have time to talk always. Your engagement is a joyful event, so be sure that everyone will show up, including them. Also, many family members don’t get the opportunity to gather at the same time.  Your party becomes a place to play catch up. You’ve given them a fun ambiance to update themselves on their lives.

  1. An engagement party is a step closer to the future reality

It’s dreamy when a mere relationship progresses into an engagement. But you may not grasp how huge a step you’ve taken until you have an engagement party. The party opens your eyes to the reality of it all. You’re soon becoming someone’s spouse for real. It primes you and helps steady your resolve to give it all it takes.

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  1. Engagement parties are a test run for the real thing

If you’re usually not comfortable among people or being the center of attention, this is your test practice. At your engagement, all eyes will be on you because you’ll oversee a couple of things. You must learn to be warm and make everyone feel welcome. You will move around, socializing with friends, families, and circles. You’ll also give toasts and be merry. We feel like by the time you’re through all that, you’d be ready for the wedding.

  1. It is an opportunity to celebrate with your partner

Before the wedding, you’ll have a rehearsal dinner that will be very busy. You’ll have bachelorette parties and bridal showers that will be for just the girls. An engagement party allows you and your partner to celebrate together and spend time in the same space. It’s also beneficial if you share mutual friends for them to celebrate both of you together.

  1. It is essential if you will have a long engagement

If you’re going to have a long engagement up to 18 months, get the party started. Give guests the opportunity to have a feel of what to expect at the wedding. We advise that you host this party midway into your engagement or close to your wedding date. It leaves the event fresh on the guest’s minds, while they anticipate the wedding.

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  1. The party is a place to shape your guest list

At the engagement party, you will have a good knowledge of those you want at your wedding from the lot. You’ll also know those to drop for reasons best known to you. The bottom line is that your peace and comfort come first, and you must preserve them.

  1. Engagement parties are the calm before the storm

Planning a wedding is fun but tasking. You want to enjoy every bit of relaxation and celebrating you can get before the craze begins. An engagement party is an opportunity for you and your team to let your hair down and savor the moment. It’s a time for you to bask in attention and love for a minute. Once the party is over, intense planning begins.

Asides from a fun event and sharing the big news, there is a more relevant purpose of an engagement party. We’ve listed and discussed the top six reasons, which you’ll learn from.