9 Accessories You Need When Riding an Electric Scooter – 2024 Guide

The most dangerous aspect of riding an electric scooter is sharing the road with cars and other bigger vehicles. That’s why as an e-scooter rider, according to iScoot, it’s important that you invest in accessories that will protect you from any danger.

Don’t get us wrong—this is not to scare you, but to make you understand that accidents are always a possibility when you’re out there commuting. After all, you don’t know every single driver you’re sharing the road with. What if some reckless driver cuts your lane or a bigger vehicle accidentally crashes into you? You’ll never know until it happens!

So wear your helmet and safety vest and make sure your e-scooter has high-mounted front and rear lights to keep you visible and safe, day in or day out. Having these accessories will not only give you a comfortable ride but will also protect you from accidents.

Here are some of the accessories you will need when riding your electric scooter:

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Probably the most essential piece on this list, a helmet is something you can’t go without. Make sure that you only wear one that can provide maximum protection in case you fall off the ground during your ride. A durable bicycle helmet will do, but you can also go for a motorcycle helmet if you want one that offers more substantial protection.

Safety Vest

Whether you want a vest that’s brightly colored or features reflective patches, it doesn’t matter. Wear your safety vest on top of your clothes before you ride your e-scooter! This affordable piece of clothing may not look that fashionable, but it will make you more visible to cars, especially if you’re riding on busy roads.


You may think a good pair of gloves does not make a huge difference, but it does. When it gets too cold outside, your gloves will keep your hands warm. In case of an accident, they will also help keep the skin of your hands protected from any scratch, which you’ll certainly get when a crash happens while you’re travelling at higher speeds. If you’re using your electric scooter for low-speed riding, any glove with some thickness will do. But if you’re traveling at higher speeds, make sure that you wear a pair of thick leather mountain biking or motorcycling gloves.

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 Front Light

Don’t think you don’t need a front light just because your electric scooter has pre-installed lights. Most electric scooters have dim or low-mounted lights, and they don’t really help illuminate the road at night. If you want to ride safe at night, use a proper headlight so other drivers can easily see you. It may not look like it, but a bright attachable headlight can make a huge difference when you’re using your scooter at night. It doesn’t only make you more visible to other vehicles on the road, but it also helps you see the road better.

Eye Protection

There’s a reason why you wear your sunglasses when you’re at the beach—to protect your eyes from the sun. So why not wear a pair when riding an electric scooter? Protecting your eyes is a must when riding a fast vehicle—no matter how small—without a windshield. You may not know how vulnerable you are to bugs and debris when riding an e-scooter, until some dust suddenly goes into your eyes and momentarily blinds you in the middle of your ride! Wearing sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from the elements but will also help you see better even when the sun is at its brightest.

Phone holder

What if you need to check your phone for GPS directions? Are you going to just let go of your handlebars and risk a nasty fall? There’s no denying that your phone is something you can’t live without—but it can be a huge distraction when you’re riding your electric scooter, too! If you’re looking for a way to use your phone without it getting in the way of your line of vision while driving, consider using a phone holder. With this accessory, you can safely check GPS directions or answer a call without having to let go of your handlebars. Just make sure that you install it onto your handlebar and firmly grip it in place during your ride so it doesn’t fall off.

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Bringing a lock wherever you go is important to keep your scooter safe. A lock will especially help if your electric scooter is not portable—in that case you need to park it in a secure place if you need to go somewhere. You can choose from a variety of locks for your electric scooter—chain locks, cable locks—but if you want one that offers maximum security, go for a U-lock.

Rear light

We won’t sugarcoat: Riding an electric scooter at night can be dangerous. Don’t assume that just because your electric scooter has a rear light, you’re safe. Most electric scooters sold today have low-mounted rear lights, but they do not project too far and don’t really make you that visible, especially at night. To ensure your safety, you may want to purchase an attachable red light that you can clip to your scooter, helmet, or backpack. It is best to install it in a high-mounted position to increase your visibility. It will also keep you out of harm’s way if you’re zipping around a high-traffic area.

Tire slime

You know the best way to prevent flat tires? Tire slime. Can you imagine the hassle of having to stop in the middle of your ride just because you found out that you need to replace your tires? That’s why it is recommended that you always bring a tire slime with you. You can keep a bottle of this solution on your hand and use it to keep your tires in tip-top shape. Accidents can happen anytime as soon as you hit the road, so it only makes sense to protect your tires from getting flat while you still can.