Teeth Accessories: All About The Latest Fashion Trend

There’s no denying that Generation Z are trendsetters. Whether it’s bringing back the middle part or rediscovering flared pants, the Zoomers are all about reviving the ‘90s. One of the latest fashion trends they’re bringing to the forefront is mouth adornments like gemstones, gold grills, and other eye-catching additions to their smiles. You can find these at FrostNYC!

Sparkling Gemstones

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Tooth gems are small rhinestones or jewels which you paste onto the tooth using adhesive and should be applied by a dentist. This look adds a little extra sparkle to your smile while remaining subtle and classy. They’re commonly placed on the anterior or front teeth and can remain on the tooth for anywhere from six months to one year.

Notable celebrities sporting tooth gems in recent years include Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande, and Drake. These jewels usually measure 1.7 mm to 2.1 mm in diameter and come in a vast array of jewel tones and styles from sapphire to emerald or ruby. Some celebs like Adwoa Aboah are even using Swarovski crystals to brighten their smiles.

Gold Grillz

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While wearing grillz isn’t a new trend – hip hop artists have been rocking gold fronts since the ‘70s – modern grill designs are having a moment among Gen Z and millennials. Grillz are metallic tooth covers that can cover your entire arch or just a single tooth. Styles range from simple solid gold fronts to iced-out pieces with fangs to gold drip designs.

Celebs like Beyonce, Kim K, Kanye, and Pharrell have been seen sporting the statement look on the red carpet. Justin Bieber wore a custom lavender diamond-encrusted grill at his wedding to his wife, Hailey. LeBron has a custom Nike swoosh made to celebrate his collaboration with the athletic wear giant.

Now bold fashionistas can accessorize like their famous idols with their own set of custom fronts. If you want to dip your toe in the grill trend pool, you can start with a subtle set of two-tooth grillz. The design only spans the gap between two of your teeth, showing a subtle sparkle when you smile.

Vampire Fangs

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The trend that had dentists cringing in October 2024 has yet to lose traction among TikTokers. The Halloween season frequently sees teens and young adults applying vampire fangs to their incisors, but this look has outlived the holiday and is now a high-fashion accessory.

The popularity of vampires in pop culture has been raging since 2008 when the YA romance Twilight first hit theaters. Since then, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Supernatural have made vampires and their fangs undeniably sexy and cool. It’s no wonder young people are trying to emulate the look associated with their favorite characters. Remember that the only safe way to have an artificial tooth or crown applied is by visiting your dentist.

Teeth Tattoos

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There are two types of tooth tattoos: Temporary and permanent. Temporary tattoos act like stickers and can last for up to two weeks. They won’t irreversibly stain your teeth and are a great option if you want to amp up your look for a festival, concert, or big event.

Permanent tooth tattoos are created by etching an image into the tooth’s enamel and adding pigment. The artwork cannot be removed or brushed away. The only way to get rid of or alter the tattoo is with abrasion therapy.

Custom Caps

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Custom caps are a long-lasting alternative to permanent teeth tattoos. An image is engraved onto a custom-made dental crown and placed over a prepared tooth.

During the procedure, the cosmetic dentist shaves and grinds the tooth’s enamel into a conical shape. Then, they take impressions using alginate putty or via a 3D scanner to send to an off-site lab where the crown is fabricated. Once it is ready, the dentist or tattoo artist can etch your design before the crown is cemented in place.

Invisalign Stickers

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For many adults, Invisalign is a discreet way to straighten their teeth. But for daring Zoomers, the clear alignment trays offer the perfect opportunity to get creative and express their personality.

Invisalign offers decals to apply to the exterior of your trays so you can turn your orthodontic device into the latest teeth accessory. The stickers’ adhesive is non-toxic and strong enough to last until you need to change over to your next tray (about two weeks).

According to Invisalign, Invisalign Stickables come in a range of adorable emoji-like designs, ranging from rainbows, stars, and unicorns to aliens, potions, and gemstones.

Veneers for a Perfect Smile

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Social media pressure has a significant influence on how young men and women feel about their appearance. Constant exposure to celebrities and Instagram models with perfect, white teeth is likely a factor in the sudden spike in young people getting porcelain veneers.

According to Faces Magazine, dentists are seeing more people under 25 undergoing this irreversible cosmetic procedure, coinciding with the TikTok hashtag, #veneerscheck. Videos posted with this hashtag feature teens and young adults flashing their veneers to show off the significant financial investment.

Stying Your Teeth Accessories With Jewelry

If you’re sporting one of these exciting new fashion trends for your teeth, think about how you can enhance the look by accessorizing with other jewelry.

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● Coordinate jewel tones

After years of fashion neutrals, color is coming back in a big way. If you have an iced-out grill or gemstones added to your smile, coordinate the rest of your accessories to match.

For a dramatic look perfect for a night out, wear a tennis necklace in a contrasting color to your tooth jewels. If you sport tourmaline pink tooth gems, accessorize with a sapphire blue necklace. Amethyst or aquamarine gemstone necklaces are a great option if you rock a citrine or yellow diamond grill.

● Add a luxury watch

Nothing says luxury more than a high-end timepiece. Pairing your tooth jewels with luxury Rolex watches is a great way to tone down the bold tooth accessory trend, making it suitable for rocking with a casual outfit or suit.

Look for watches in materials that match the design of your tooth accessories. Glittering gold tooth jewels or dental caps pair perfectly with Rolex watches with two-tone or solid yellow gold cases and bracelets.

● Smile from ear to ear

Diamond earrings instantly elevate an outfit and transform your facial features. Depending on the shape and size of earrings you choose, you can highlight or de-emphasize various aspects of your face for the illusion of better facial symmetry. If you have a longer face, stud earrings can help draw attention to the width of your face, keeping everyone’s eyes on your cheekbones and smile.

Pair diamond studs with some dainty tooth gemstones for a sparkling smile that shows off your best features.

Embrace the Trend

The appeal of decorating and accessorizing your teeth isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so if you’re not already incorporating these ideas into your everyday look, it’s time to start. Whether you want to cosmetically enhance your smile naturally with veneers or add some glam with rhinestones, pairing your oral accessories with gold staples like a luxury watch or earrings makes you look fashion-forward and put together.