Moving to Arizona? Check Out These Up-and-Coming Cities First

Are you relocating? If you’re relocating to Arizona or already a resident of Arizona, you know that real estate has become increasingly expensive in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

To find a better deal you can decide to move to one of these developing cities. Some of the up and coming cities that you can check out in Arizona include:

1. Tolleson

This is a suburb based in Phoenix, Arizona. Tolleson is a part of Maricopa County. The residents of Tolleson usually have a suburban feel, and the majority of the residents have rented their homes. There are also numerous parks in, and you’ll get to enjoy your stay there. Most families reside in Tolleson. So if you have a family, Tolleson can be among the most suitable options to choose.

2. Chandler


Arizona is more of the new Silicon Valley, and many people have expressed an interest in Chandler. There is an influx of tech firms in the city, including Intel. New families are also attracted to Chandler since the city is innovative, and the growth rate is also good.

There are many things to do while in Chandler. The city is mainly known for having appealing golf courses, art festivals, baseball, and exciting nightlife. If your eye is on a big city and the prices are favorable, and the space is similar to a suburb, why not opt for Chandler? The city is also near Scottsdale and Phoenix, which means you can easily commute to either of the two areas.

3. Peoria

This is another suburb based in Phoenix, in Maricopa County. If you want to relocate to Arizona, this upcoming city should be one of your top choices. In Peoria, you get to experience the dense suburban feel. There are many young professionals currently living in Peoria. There are also many parks, which means the city is suitable for people with families. The residents of this city are also lean conservative. The public schools are also well ranked, which means your children will have access to quality education.

4. Surprise


Surprise is one of the suburbs in Phoenix, and it is part of Maricopa County. Surprise residents get to experience the suburban feeling, and most of the people residing in this upcoming city are homeowners. There are many parks. If you’re a young professional, have a family, or you’ve retired, you’ll enjoy your stay at Surprise, considering the residents there are lean conservative. The public schools are also well-rated, and your children will have access to quality education.

5. Glendale

The rental prices in Glendale are favorable, which means this is an economical city to reside in. You’ll be surprised to hear that Glendale has some unique perks. Initially, Glendale was an agricultural hub. Currently, Glendale has attracted a considerable population in the past decade, and many people have relocated to the city. New businesses are sprouting daily, shopping centers, and elegant communities.

If you’re a sports fanatic, there are different stadiums in the city, and they host different sports. Some of the biggest traveling events and concerts also take place in Glendale.

6. Goodyear


This is a suburb based in Phoenix, and it is a part of Maricopa County. It is among the best places to reside in Arizona. The residents of Goodyear get to experience the suburban feel. The majority of the residents are also homeowners. There are many parks, which means Goodyear is suitable for people with families. In Goodyear, you’ll also find numerous young professionals. As a resident of Goodyear, you’ll also get to enjoy moderate political views. The public schools are well-rated, and your children will have access to quality education.

7. Avondale

Avondale is close to Phoenix. The West Valley suburb is suitable for families. There are also numerous shopping centers and parks. There is potential job growth, which means Avondale is set to grow fast. Additionally, the upcoming city usually attracts residents and visitors because of the ISM Raceway since people can witness motorsports such as NASCAR annually.

8. Litchfield Park


This suburb is based in Phoenix, and the population is growing steadily. The city in Maricopa County is among the best places to reside if you’re thinking of moving to Arizona. The main advantage of Litchfield Park is that you get to have a suburban experience, and the majority of the residents are homeowners. If you have a family, you’ll be happy to hear there are many parks. The residents are also lean-conservative. The public schools are also well rated.

9. Mesa

Mesa is an upcoming city, and you’ll be attracted to the diversity and the considerable growth. The property taxes are low, and numerous people who are currently renting are happy that they can save more since the rent prices are reasonable.

You should know that Mesa is not a suburban similar to other cities on this list. The destination is sought after, and the public school system is notable. Numerous exciting events are held regularly, and the nightlife is also exciting. Mesa is a major part of the metropolitan area, which means it is a convenient and central place to reside.

If you have a family, your kids will enjoy the sight of different water parks. The museums here also showcase dinosaur bones, and your kids will be intrigued by such. You can go rock climbing or hiking since unique landforms are present at Papago Park if you enjoy the outdoor feeling.

10. Buckeye


This is a suburb based in Phoenix, and the population is considerable. The residents of Buckeye get to enjoy a rural feel, and most are homeowners. There are numerous parks, and most people residing in this city are conservative. The public schools have also been rated as above average.

What Should You Consider When Moving?

Some of the main factors you need to consider if you’re moving include:

1. Cost of Living

The cost of living is among the major factors you need to consider as you move to another city. The cities we’ve listed above are upcoming, and the cost of living is favorable. When it comes to the cost of living, the main focus is on food, housing, healthcare, schools, and taxes. There are well-rated public schools in most of the upcoming cities we’ve listed. If you have kids, there is no need to worry about whether they’ll have access to quality education since these public schools are among the best. Some cities offer incentives in a bid to attract more residents. As you identify a suitable city to live in, you need to learn more about the cost of living to determine whether you can comfortably reside in the cities that you’ve shortlisted.

2. The City’s Size


We all have our preferences. Some people prefer large towns whereas others prefer big cities. In smaller towns, the traffic is less, whereas, in larger cities, you can enjoy the nightlife.

Final Thoughts

We have listed different upcoming cities in Arizona. Before moving to Arizona, you can go through the detailed descriptions and determine which city suits you best. In most of these cities, you can experience the suburban feel. We’ve also listed some factors you can consider before your next move. If you happen to need a real estate agent to find you a suitable home in the surrounding cities we suggest looking up The Kay-Grant Group.