These Hobbies Have the Biggest Online Communities

The internet has succeeded in bringing people closer together. As a hub for the exchange of information, it is one of the most important inventions in human history. Skills and knowledge can be leveraged from any part of the globe and shared online for everyone to access. In the modern age, hobbyists of all sorts congregate online where they can enjoy their pastime with other enthusiasts. These are some of the largest and most dedicated hobbyist communities you can find online today.

Fantasy Sports

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Sports fans are certainly obsessive about their favorite teams and players. They spend hours poring over stat sheets and scouring news sources for the latest rumors. Of course, many of these rabid sports fans also participate in fantasy sports, which is often considered the ultimate challenge for those who want to test their knowledge.

There are countless communities online where fans can flock to discuss their favorite teams and also look for an edge in their local fantasy sports tournaments. Rotoworld is a popular resource that has its own tools and resources.

This website has useful spreadsheets of players and their corresponding values and stats that help you quickly determine which athletes you want to start on your fantasy team. Of course, the most important feature is the dedicated forums where passionate members of the community can go to break down their theories and strategies for the week.

Traditional Card Games


Card players used to congregate in dark, smokey poker rooms and on bustling casino floors. Now, you can find most of the card playing legends and strongest players online. Games like poker and blackjack have just as much of a psychological aspect as they do a mathematical one. Professionals and enthusiasts of all levels enjoy discussing their mindset and strategy when it comes to playing the games they enjoy.

In addition to this, card players also love to share their knowledge of their local poker communities. Every city and country that has casinos will also have its own specific promotions and style of play, and forum users share what it takes to excel in each location. When the internet first launched, many poker and blackjack forums sprouted up. Now you will see just as much discussion happening on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

If you look around, you’ll certainly find many active websites that provide the full poker experience. While there are countless sites that cater to poker enthusiasts, Global Poker may be one of the best around. Other sites are centered towards one type of poker, but Global Poker has Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Caribbean poker, and several other variations so you can find all of your favorites in one place.

Video Games

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It’s been said that the first video game was created in 1958, and we have come a long way since then. Now, the industry has become a worldwide phenomenon. In 2024, video game enthusiasts are often cited as one of the most feverish communities online.

While this is certainly due in part to the sheer number of participants, you also have to look at the other factors involved. Simply put, almost everyone who enjoys video games also likely spends a good deal of their time online. Services like Discord originated as applications for friends to talk together as they played their favorite games. For other platforms like Twitch and YouTube, video game content creators have become some of their most successful entertainers.

All of this shows that video games are a popular hobby with a large percentage of the community based online. In 2024, it was estimated that a total of over 2.8 billion people played video games in some capacity and the ages ranged from the young to the elderly, showing that there is participation across the board. If we look at the popular website Reddit, we can see most video games have their own active subreddit. The Minecraft subreddit has 5.5 million users, League of Legends has 5.3 million, and World of Warcraft has 2.2 million. There are countless more communities scattered across the web that were created so gamers can share their passion.


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Computer programming is a fascinating industry that attracts people who truly love to challenge themselves. Solving problems and learning new skills is just part of the job for these professionals and dedicated online communities are the most crucial resources for them. If programmers want to learn how to implement certain features, build new applications, or learn from the best, they go online to programming forums and libraries.

Some of the biggest programming resources are websites like​​ Stack Overflow, GitHub, various subreddits, SAP Community Network and others. When you are in the middle of a project and run into a roadblock, these websites are invaluable. Here, fellow programmers will discuss the quirks and benefits of their chosen coding languages, as well as share their expertise when it comes to developing specific applications.

For one example of the vast number of users these sites can have, Stack Overflow has stated they have over 14 million registered users and regularly receive billions of pageviews every year. They are also considered to be one of the top 50 most popular websites in the world.


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Fitness trends may come and go but healthy-minded individuals make sure this community stays strong forever. Especially in our social media focused world, people love to show off their progress pictures and discuss their fitness goals.

Some may quest for the perfect physique; some just want to lead a healthier lifestyle; and others are trying to enhance their athletic abilities for sports. Regardless of their inspiration, the online fitness community is there for everyone. There are countless groups you may encounter for fitness tips but some of the most well-known are, WorldFitness Training Forum,, and several popular subreddits.


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Fashion is an art form and many people enjoy staying ahead of trends and expressing their creativity. Whether it is putting together unique outfits or hunting for the most exclusive sneakers, fashion fanatics love the process. Most head to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and numerous other websites to share their recent fashion hauls with the world. Fashion is an interesting hobby and one that almost everyone enjoys on some level; this sustained interest is likely to keep the online communities for this pastime strong for years to come.