5 Latest Wedding Videography Trends that Will Be Big in 2024

A wedding day is one of the most important moments in our lives. When people get old, they will often talk about that day with their friends. It is a lovely moment when your entire life changes. You will no longer have the chance to make many decisions alone.

However, the lovely day also brings many concerns. Organizing the wedding day is not an easy task at all. There are many things you will need to take care of. First of all, deciding on a location where you will organize an event is not going to be easy. Many adorable places will look attractive to you and your partner. Unfortunately, a lack of cash flow usually does not allow us to pick the most attractive ones. Despite that, you will need to create a guest list, think about music, food, etc.

Everything is going to be easier if you have a proper plan. Yet, something you mustn’t forget is to record the beautiful moments that you will have that day. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century where everything is possible. Making modern images and videos is available to everyone. Yet, many couples do not know the latest wedding videography trends. Because of that, hiring a wedding videography company would be the smartest choice you have. There are many professional companies like Lavan Photography that will offer you that type of service.

The professionals will always strive to give you some ideas. However, it is always better to find the latest trends before asking for a service. That is the reason why we want to talk about them. Some of them are going to be big in 2024, and we are sure that many couples would want to know them. Because of that, let’s find them together and make the wedding day organization easier.

Modern Flair and Retro Cinematography

img source: unsplash.com

We once again need to repeat that everything is possible in the 21st century. The technology is developing every day, and we often get some amazing inventions. The technology that videographers use went through a development process. As you know, the purpose of the wedding videography is to record a memorable moment. The videos you get will be there to remind you of every moment that happened that day. Telling the full story through a movie is the best option you have.

In other words, the videographer will try to catch all the emotional moments of your special day. However, the movie won’t cover only the most important moments. It will also cover the minor ones that no one of your guests has noticed during the wedding day. These “irrelevant” moments will become relevant when you get older.

Usage of Drones

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It may happen that some people will not like the idea of drone footage. However, if you have a creative soul, the usage of drones will seem like a good idea to you.

Recording your wedding day from the sky will allow you to grab certain moments in a better way. Let’s imagine that you and your partner line up around the side of the house. From the ground, you won’t manage to make a video of all the guests that are standing to attention. Fortunately, you will manage to do that with the drones without any doubt. That is one of the methods that many videography companies are using regularly.

Same-Day Editing

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We do not want to say that same-day editing is something new. However, it is one of the trends in 2024 that many couples decide on. We believe that name of the trend says the full story. The team of videographers will make videos before and during the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony ends, you and your guests will start to celebrate. In the meantime, the team of videographers is going to edit all the videos they made. They will edit the videos before the wedding day ends and bring them to you. It is recommendable that you show them to all the guests in the evening. Be sure that you will generate many “aww” moments.

Highlights of the Wedding

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The wedding day usually lasts for the entire day. In most cases, the videos that the videographers will make will last for hours. We are sure that most of your guests are not willing to watch the entire video. As you know, the attention of the people in today’s world is not at the highest level.

However, that doesn’t mean they would not want to see the most important details. Because of that, making highlights of the entire day is a much better choice. Watching a 5 or 10-minute highlight reel is not going to be a problem for them.

Despite that, there is another reason why highlight reels are a good choice. Keep in mind that not all your friends and family members live in the same place as you. Some of them may not have time to attend the wedding. Because of that, you will have to find a way to share wedding love with all of them. Social media is one place where all guests that couldn’t come can see videos. However, publishing a 2-hour long video there is not going to be the best solution. That is the reason why highlights that last less than 10 minutes are going to be a better choice.

3D Visual Effect 

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Couples should know that there are many visual effects that videographers can offer. It is going to be a tough challenge to pick those that will capture your wedding memories in the best way. That is the reason why the 3D visual effect is one of the most popular trends in 2024.

You will manage to find many examples of 3D montage on the Internet. It is recommendable that you check them out and see how it looks. We are sure you won’t hesitate to accept the suggestion we have for you.


All of these trends are good because of different reasons. However, do not follow the trends just because they are popular. The couples should strive to pick those that match their style and personality. In that way, your videos are going to be even more valuable for you.