What Makes Grand Theft Auto’s Diamond Casino & Resort So Popular?

News of the release of GTA Trilogy has millions of people asking a simple question – why didn’t the remaster include access to the Diamond Casino & Resort? It’s available on GTA Online and GTA 5, which is fine, but it would be amazing to play on Vice City and San Andreas too.

There were several glitches regarding the trilogy’s release, yet omitting the casino was a huge mistake due to its popularity. In 2019, the new casino broke the game as desperate fans flooded the servers and caused them to go down. If you’re wondering why the resort is the digital equivalent of the Bellagio, keep on reading.

Years of Suspense

Rockstar understands how to keep fans on the hook. After all, ‘Coming Soon’ signs were added to the infamous Vinewood Casino, as it was known then, in 2013, implying that an update would make the casino accessible imminently. It didn’t. Instead, it took another six years before the tape was cut and the doors opened.

During this time, numerous leaks only intensified the rumors, forcing the rumor mill to go into overdrive anytime code or audio appeared to confirm gamers’ suspicions. For example, voice snippets were released almost confirming that the Diamond Casino was on its way. This happened until 2017 when Rockstar denied all the stories. Gamers are nothing if not curious, meaning the denial didn’t sit well with them, especially as Red Dead Redemption, another Rockstar title, involved gambling. With the anticipation reaching boiling point, Rockstar finally welcomed punters to its casino after a six-year love affair, which may explain why its grand reveal resulted in downtime.

No other update has had this effect on the series before, so it’s not a common occurrence. However, entering a casino after six years of waiting isn’t something that gamers do regularly, either.

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Authentic Links to the Real Thing

Once you get hold of some chips, you can play everything from poker, blackjack and roulette to slots and Inside Track. And thanks to superior graphics and deep learning software, it feels as if you’re wagering money at a casino. Of course, the rise of the online casino industry means the activity is even closer to the real thing.

The synergy doesn’t end there, either. GTA resembles the online casino sector in other ways to ensure the gameplay is legitimate, like with bonuses. Promotions are integral to modern-day gambling as they provide added value customers can leverage to enhance the user experience, which is why real-life online casino bonuses can take many forms, from free spins on slots to no deposit cashback and 100% deposit bonuses up to a certain amount. More information you can find at https://www.casinosmash.com.

It won’t surprise you to learn that Rockstar implements a similar strategy, and it’s highlighted by bonus GTA$ and RP Rewards on offer, such as a free Bugstars Burrito from the Warstock Cash & Carry store or a “The Diamond” Red Classic Tee. The rewards are based on the storyline, too. For example, there’s a 2x modifier on Casino Work Missions and Casino Story Missions if you own the casino’s penthouse. Of course, the penthouse itself, as well as the rooftop parties and luxury cars only add to the perception of the wealth that goes hand in hand with the industry.

Cleverly, Rockstar has made the casino important to the gameplay, while combining strategies from the online casino sector to ensure users are connected to the establishment.

A Foundation of the Gameplay

The Diamond Casino & Resort may have been teased for years, but it isn’t an afterthought for Rockstar. The developer hasn’t half-heartedly thrown gamers a bone by opening the casino’s doors, only for it to look the part without adding anything to the game. As far as GTA Online and GTA 5 are concerned, the establishment is central to the gameplay since missions focus on the Diamond.

It started with GTA Online when a mad scramble of people was desperate to solve the riddle of hosting casino missions. Although the bonus attached at the time has expired – it was available to anybody who hosted all six – players continued to try and crack the code as it allowed them to set their preferred options, from the difficulty level for missions to deciding which members of your Motley Crew worked alongside you. The convoluted process only played into the allure of the achievement because it mirrored the complexity and mysteriousness of the franchise in true GTA style. Future updates for GTA Online took this further by adding two secret missions that players would trigger by completing ‘off the book’ jobs and partying hard. GTA 5 weaved more casino missions into the fabric of the storyline, meaning the Diamond is now synonymous with the success of the series.

Missions are linked to cult assets, too, like the armored Enus Paragon R on GTA Online. For whatever reason, this car, and its bulletproof exterior, captured the imagination of users more than any other vehicle in GTA history. Of course, you must complete six casino missions to get a shot at owning the Paragon R. These factors contributed to the record numbers that GTA editions received, specifically GTA Online, which saw the biggest single week in the game’s history in 2019. Funnily enough, the figure coincided with the launch of the Diamond Casino & Resort, showcasing what the establishment meant to gamers before it was live. Now that it’s been around for a couple of years and is intertwined with two popular titles, it’s more loved than ever.

After years of waiting, players received something special, something that emulates the real deal. It not only looks and feels the part, but it connects players with the environment more effectively than any other feature in Grand Theft Auto. When you think about it like that, it’s easy to see why the Diamond Casino & Resort is admired by the GTA community.