Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses & How to use Them

Gambling is for many a way of relaxation. It is a time that both for themselves after a hard day at work. Of course, in addition to relaxation, there is another key thing why people around the world are fans of this fun, and that is the opportunity to make money. For some, this is a lifestyle and there are indeed those to whom this is the main source of income. Either way, to try your hand at one of the games in the hopes that it will bring you money in addition to pleasure, you have to invest. In the beginning, these are usually smaller stakes.

Although online casinos have been around for years, we can say that they have experienced a real expansion in the past year, all because of the root virus that has spread to almost all countries of the world and prevented people from gathering massively, socializing, and even visiting land casinos. Then a large number turned to online casinos and realized that online casinos have numerous advantages. In addition to being able to play wherever you want and at any time, you also have all the games you could play at the land casino. But best of all is the bigger payouts! Yes, you read that right. Online casinos often offer higher payouts because they do not have regular costs such as renting space, paying bills, and staff. This gives them enough space to delight their players. A win-win situation for you and CasinoWhizz.com. There is another thing that benefits players, and that is bonuses. Let’s go in order to see what types of bonuses there are.

Welcome bonus

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The welcome bonus is something that will welcome every new player. This is a certain amount of money that the casino offers you. Although the amount varies from casino to casino, it is usually equal to the amount of your first deposit. Since casinos have different rules, we encourage you to read the Terms and Conditions to find out how you can qualify for the bonus, or whether you are required to watch certain videos or play promotional games before you receive it. Sometimes the betting registration bonus is not given for all countries, so players from certain countries cannot participate in the bonus. Visit 24kCasino to learn more about it.

Free spins

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This type of bonus is typical for slot players. All you have to do is deposit a small amount of the money and you will get extra spins for free. For example, one spin is $1. But if you deposit $5, you will get 10 spins.

Recommendation bonus

The casino website will want to register new players. And one of the best ways to make that happen is to launch a referral bonus program so that existing players can recommend the site to their friends, relatives, and colleagues. Many casino sites provide promo codes in exchange for new players. For example, you might get promo codes if you recommend a particular platform to a friend. Only when your friend registers on the site will you receive a promotional code.


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You can find Cashback in a large number of online casinos. Basically, this means that if you deposit $ 50 and then lose it, the casino will gladly return part of the money, and in some cases the entire amount.

Bonus money without deposit

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At some online casinos, and especially at bookmakers, you will be offered a welcome bonus without the condition of a deposit, which is reflected in a certain amount of money that you acquire at the time of registration.

You will mostly find such bonuses in the online versions of bookmakers, which offer you a certain amount, and the only condition to get the bonus is to register on their platform.

It is possible to use the received bonus money without a deposit for betting on sports events under the rules and conditions determined by the bookmaker.

Weekly or monthly bonuses

Most casinos offer weekly or monthly bonuses to keep their players. Basically, the standard is 50% to 100% up to a certain figure. As here, we advise you to read the Terms and Conditions.

Basic bonus rules

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Let’s be clear right away, the casino bonus is in your favor but that doesn’t mean you can withdraw it from your account every time you get it. What would be the benefit of a casino? Most often, when you get a bonus, you need to “turn” it 15 times on slot machines or 10 times on poker machines. Before you get the bonus, everything is written to you and you are obliged to read it. In addition, the bonus is available once from the same IP address and you cannot abuse it that way.

Casino bonus for VIP players

Loyal and frequent players play regularly and turn over large sums of money, both payments, and withdrawals, can expect special treatment from casino staff, and even have direct contact with VIP managers. The VIP bonus can also be called the HighRoller bonus, the bonus for “big” players, or the loyalty bonus, and it can be much higher both in percentage and in the amount of bonus money you receive.

Time-limited bonuses

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For time limit bonuses, players get a large amount of money, sometimes $ 1,000 or more, and you can use it for as long as you want for an hour or two. This online casino no deposit bonus allows you to keep what you win after time runs out.

Final thoughts

It is obvious that casinos offer various bonuses to reward regulars and attract new players. However, it is very important to read the rules and conditions of each bonus and promotion, because that way you know what is expected of you as a player and that way you can make the best possible tactics, how to turn bonus money into real money in your account. pull. Our recommendation is that you carefully choose which online casino to access so that you can enjoy your favorite game in the end.