6 Reasons to Take Your Time When Playing Online Slots in 2024

Okay, so far everyone knows that gambling is a part of our lives. It is somehow in our genetic code to test our destiny and faith in every way possible, and gambling is one of them. Everyone likes to gamble in one way or another – some for competitive reasons, some for relaxation and fun others to try and win huge amounts of cash.

There are different types of gambling and there are different types of games you can opt for. From card games, board games, dice to slot machines. There is something for everyone’s taste and we believe that you as well have a favourite of yours. There is a statistic that says that slots are very popular amongst gamblers where 24.33% of players are those with high incomes, 24.7% are players with mid incomes and 22.48% are those that have low incomes.

Believe it or not, there are books written on slot machines, how to play them correctly and how to beat them. There is an entire culture revolving around this game and today we will also share a few pointers on how to maximize your playing time on the slot game. If you want some more info on the best online slots, click here and find out!

So, here are the reasons why, and how, you should take your time while playing online slot games, for more info visit https://www.senatordinniman.com.

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Betting strategy

A strategy is an important thing in every aspect of your life. You have to know where you are heading and the strategy will show you how to get there. When gambling is the key in the story than a good strategy can be a line between a full pocket or sandwiches for the rest of the month.

Betting strategy in online slots means that you are trying to maximize your chances of winning. There are some that state that betting big right on the beginning maximizes your win success but that just isn’t true. In online slots, everything has its own pace and your bankroll should be dictating the bets. Your winnings are calculated for the long run so try and pace yourself because 9 times out of 10 you will end up losing everything if you go quickly and with the max coin. Longevity and patients are key here.


When it comes to online slots pay lines are an integral part of those and selecting the right pay lines might be very important. Some state that there are just some of the pay lines that should be selected since they have the most chance of winning but that is just plain dumb, and unsupported by any evidence.

What you need to know that all pay lines have an equal chance of hitting and selecting one or all of them will not change the outcome of the game. Since it is important to spend as much time on the machine as possible, and if you have a tight budget keep the number of lines in check or they will drain your coins fast.

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Chase for high RTP slots

What does RTP mean? Well the high RTP slot is the one that will have the biggest Return to Player rate and those slots are probably the best ones to play if you want to play for longer on a tighter budget.

Every slot has an RTP below 100% and that is normal, but when searching you should try and find one that is as closest possible to the 100% mark. When playing on these slots it is important to know when to stop. If you manage to get ahead and win big amounts it is probably time to stop and move on since it will most definitely end up returning those winnings.

Go for the slots with bonus and free rounds

If you are trying to play longer and have more fun, go for the games with bonus rounds or free rounds. This is the way to utilize your investment to the fullest and potentially hit big because those bonus rounds sometimes hide huge jackpots.

One more thing to note is that on the slots with these bonus and free rounds the RTP is substantially lower so you will have trouble making a return during a normal game. Learn the rules of the slot and read the instructions to inform yourself on how to win easily.

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Start small and build-up

Now, this might be a betting tip that doesn’t necessarily prolong your game but it might for sure increase your chances of winning some serious cash. This kind of betting allows you to get to know the game and to see if the slot will make a payout. Take some time and bet the least amount possible to get the hang of things and then if nothing significantly happens push the bet amount higher but do it slowly.

Don’t bet more coin after every spin, go for a few spins, see what happens and raise, paly another few spins and rinse and repeat. It is important here to keep track of your bet amount and your investment because it is easy to lose yourself in the game and forget that your last bet wasn’t a $1 bet but a $10 one and you might blow everything in a few spins.

Limited max bet

Now, this is something that might happen and we advise this only if you agree and have some cash that you can afford to lose. Now let’s say you have been playing slots for a while and you were betting mid to minimum coin. After some time, you start winning but since it is a minimum coin the winnings aren’t much. What you could do if you see that the slot game is making a return is raise to the max bet and play for a few spins. It just might happen that it will allow for an additional winning streak and you will end up with a substantial amount in your pocket. Once again this is OK to try if you can afford it and if you decided that the best cash is something you are OK to part with.

So after all of this what will your strategy be? Or will you try them all and see what gives you the best results. Just remember these are the strategies for those who just want to have fun and kill some time in the process. So we are aiming here for longer playtime at low bets, but if you want to make your winnings bigger you can slightly adjust our pieces of advice to whatever you seem fit at any given moments. The last two suggestions are aimed a little more toward big wins so see what you can utilize and combined with the rest. As every other time – have fun, good luck and stay cool!