6 Main Differences Between Nespresso and Espresso Coffee

Coffee is the modern-day ambrosia, and it’s responsible for that surge of energy we get in the morning after drinking it. Not everybody likes it, but those that do find it difficult to separate themselves from it after discovering something so healthy, tasty, and overall amazing. Thankfully, we have different types of coffee so even if you end up disliking your first cup, there are still many other sorts you can try.

One of the most famous types of coffee is Espresso, which also happens to be amongst the most powerful ones as well. Not everyone can drink it due to its strength, but if your body tolerates it, it can be a great addition to your life.

We’ll dedicate today’s article to point out the main differences between Nespresso and Espresso. If you are a novice in the world of coffee and looking to learn more, you’ll find all the answers in this article. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what you need to know.

What is Espresso Coffee?

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Many years ago in Italy, the espresso machine was invented and commercialized. This is when people discovered a completely different way of consuming coffee, and they called it The Espresso. This is a coffee beverage with a very strong concentration, some would even call it extreme, and it’s consumed for two reasons. The first reason is some people enjoying the taste and the way it’s made. The second reason is the extreme surge of energy a person gets after consuming an espresso.

What is Nespresso Coffee?

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If you are a fan of the sweeter things in life, you are probably already familiar with Nestle Group. Well, this brand decided to create their capsule-based coffee machines, and needless to say, the entire concept became popular – see Friedcoffee for the best options.

The brand is based in Switzerland which is why most Nespresso fans say that this is a Switzerland specialty. Some say the Nespresso is less intense and not as flavorful as a traditional espresso, but that’s a personal preference and different tastes. So, what are the differences when we compared these from an objective point of view?

  1. Differences between the two – Machines, Flavors and everything else
  2. Espresso is full-bodied while Nespresso shots have a medium body
  3. According to the coffee community, Nespresso is easier and more convenient to make
  4. Nespresso comes in hermetically closed caps that can only be used with a Nespresso machine
  5. For most beginners Nespresso is the more user-friendly option due to no room for human error
  6. Espresso is considered traditional and for the “pros”, while Nespresso is the “mild” variant

Nespresso machines cost less and they are a better entry point for coffee beginners

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Now when it comes to choosing the right machine, it depends on what you prefer, but still, take a look at these things and you’ll be able to form a better decision at the end and get the most bang for your buck.

Nespresso machines cost less and they offer a wide variety of prices that you can get them for. This makes them a great entry for someone who doesn’t drink coffee religiously but wants to get into it. And, due to the way Nespresso machines function, they remove the room for human error, which is even more attractive for beginners. You just place the capsule and in less than a minute you can already start enjoying your drink.

However, most “hardcore” coffee lovers don’t like the fact that they cannot customize things with a Nespresso machine, so they go with a regular Espresso machine instead, which is more expensive but offers you a wide variety of choices for your brew. Experts say that although the Nespresso machines we have nowadays are pretty amazing, they still cannot get the same purity and flavor out of the coffee beans that a regular lever-pull Espresso machine can deliver.

However, the upside of Nespresso machines is that you have consistency. Always. You won’t have to tweak things around to get the same taste you had a few mornings ago, because the capsules will always deliver the same consistent taste. For some users, for most beginners actually, this is a great thing.

So, which machine should I get?

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In short, if you are a beginner then you will probably benefit the most from a Nespresso machine. It won’t cost a lot of money to get it and you certainly won’t have any headaches trying to make the perfect brew, because Nestle has that covered for you already. If you are someone who enjoys drinking coffee in the morning, especially before work, then this option will save you time, and it will save you money as well.

If you are a long-term coffee drinker and you prefer to create your beverages, customizing things, and achieving the perfect flavor, then probably a traditional Espresso machine is better for you. But, be sure that you have experience with coffee brewing before purchasing this because it’s not going to be easy. Thankfully we have tons of guides available on the internet so you won’t have to look for a person to teach you, as you’ll be able to watch guides instead. That said, you can always check the Coffeehow.com website and check the best Nespresso machines reviews.


Even though these two words sound similar, when it comes to the actual product there are a lot of differences. Coffee enthusiasts know this very well already but if you are someone new and just entering the world of coffee, it can be confusing. That is why in today’s article we explained both terms and listed the main differences between Nespresso and Espresso, and mainly the differences between both coffee-making machines.

Remember that coffee can be a great quality of life enhancer if you consume it properly. But, don’t go too crazy with it because caffeine affects your heart. All things in moderation. Drink coffee and enjoy life. Thank you for reading.