Smoking Vs Edibles: Choosing The Right Ways To Consume Your Weed

The two most common uses of marijuana worldwide are eating and smoking. Because cannabis contains THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), to produce the desired “high,” it interacts with neurotransmitters in the brain.

It’s fascinating to see how different ingestion methods can alter how it interacts with the brain, resulting in entirely different effects. Choosing a technique is, therefore, one of the simplest ways to enjoy your cannabis experience. Read on, and let’s explore the best way to consume weed!

How Do Edibles Work?


The term “edibles” is most commonly associated with gummies. While weed gummies are fantastic, they only represent a small portion of the edibles market. Almost anything can become popular with so many infused products and recipes available.

Confections and even savoury snacks are available in addition to hot and cold beverages. But, regarding the experience they provide, how do edibles differ from smoking a cannabis flower?

To begin with, ingesting marijuana can offer the same high as smoking it, if not a stronger one. Given this, there is no reason to be concerned if brownies are chosen over marijuana. When cannabis is consumed as an edible, the method changes dramatically.

An Edible must go through the digestive process to be consumed. As a result, the way may proceed much more slowly because the THC takes longer to affect your brain. This could take 30 minutes to 3 hours to complete. When this happens, your high will be stronger than smoking. THC will be more durable as a result of its increased half-life!

How Does Weed Smoking Work?


Many people believe that smoking weed is more accessible and simple. It is direct and popular with pre-rolled products. It is also one of the usual ways to consume marijuana. However, smoking marijuana differs significantly from ingesting it.

Although some THC may remain in the lungs after inhaling cannabis smoke, approximately 50% of the cannabinoid enters the bloodstream immediately. As a result, THC can enter the brain much faster. As a result, neurotransmitter interaction is relatively quick. You can expect to feel this euphoric “high” in one to five minutes. This should gradually fade over the next one to three hours.

The Dosage You Need

As expected, each method will necessitate a different dosage. It is much easier to smoke now. You have much more control over your dosage and level of intoxication because cannabis produces a rapid high. As a result, if the dosage is insufficient, you can take another hit. If the high is too strong, stop and wait for it to pass. This is one of the reasons smoking marijuana is one of the more appealing options for first-timers.

It’s more challenging to make edibles. Because the effects of it take effect much more gradually, determining the exact dosage required is more complicated. This is partly because each person’s digestion and metabolism are unique. Some people’s digestive system is much quicker than others. If you’re high in a group, the THC will likely start affecting you much slower.

This may result in excessive consumption. If you are impatient, you may believe consuming more will hasten the process. This is simply incorrect and may result in an unpleasant experience due to the intensity of the resulting high. So, keep taking the effective dose and waiting for the desired effect.

Smoking vs Edibles


Before deciding on the best method, think about what you want to get out of your high. Do you want something quick or something slow? Strong or slightly weaker? Let’s look into it!

Weed Edibles Pros:

Many cannabis users are looking for new ways to consume cannabis, driving up demand for edibles. Compared to smoked cannabis, edibles offer a more significant effect, a longer-lasting high, and a more convenient method of consumption.

Edible marijuana is more potent than smoked cannabis because THC is absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the stomach and intestines. This means that a more significant proportion of the THC is ready for use by the body, resulting in a more potent high.

Furthermore, the effects of edible cannabis typically last for many hours, far longer than the effects of smoked cannabis. If you want a more intense and prolonged high, edible marijuana is an option. Start with a small dose and gradually increase it until you find the ideal dosage.

Smoking Weed Pros:

Consuming marijuana has numerous advantages. One advantage is that it relaxes the body and mind, improving mood and decreasing stress. It also aids in the improvement of concentration and focus.

It can also boost artistic productivity and inventiveness. Furthermore, it can help people with chronic pain conditions feel less pain. Finally, it can increase appetite and contribute to weight gain.

Find the Best Way to Consume Your Weed!


There are clear distinctions between ingesting cannabis orally and smoking it. Everyone has different preferences, and any selection you have is fine. After a long day, smoking marijuana is a great way to unwind and relax. Cannabis is known for its ability to lessen anxiety and improve mood. The effects are the same regardless of the joint, pipe, or vaporizer consumption method.

Edibles are far easier to obtain for avid bakers or those who aren’t used to smoking. You can begin your journey into the world of delicacies by purchasing ready-made candies and gummi bears. You could also browse the various strains in a cannabis store or online dispensary. It all comes down to personal taste.