Tips for Promoting Your Token on Social Media

During the last decade or so, cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm both as the biggest new investment opportunity and as the next step in not one but two industries. The finance industry and economy, as well as the tech industry, are areas where these new virtual currencies have caused the most stir. Everyone knows about the most popular among all in Bitcoin, but there are actually thousands of other tokens out there that are available for investment these days. If you are looking for a potential new token to back up, or if you want to develop your own, there is no time like the present.

Promoting Your Own

The world is becoming filled with cryptocurrency enthusiasts too, not just new tokens. There is more cryptocurrency being discovered daily for different purposes as developers aim to explore this still-new technology further. As a cryptocurrency creator, how do you stand out among the crowd? There are various methods to create buzz or awareness around your cryptocurrency. One of the easiest and most straightforward means giving it exposure on the popular social media platforms. Millions of people log in to their social media accounts daily. Now imagine those millions having a chance to learn a thing or two about your token. Below are the tips on using social media as a tool for promoting your cryptocurrency tokens. If you want to spread the word, this is how you do it.

  1. Create an official social media page linked to your blog or website

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The social media blog or website is intended to give your cryptocurrency a face people can trust, an online presence. Not only that, but it should be the main part of your whole internet operation and the central piece of your web presence. Despite their dominance and fame, there is only so little you can share on social media. You ought to direct the traffic from social media to somewhere more specific and to the point, hence your blog or website. You have to capture your audience and tell them more about your token while lecturing them. If you worried about the extra cost of creating a website since you are just starting, you can try out free website pages like the free hosted WordPress. There is also the possibility to make your blog or landing page with a FAQs part, anything to put your cryptocurrency forward.

  1. Create a hashtag for uniqueness

Your brand needs a unique feature that users and followers can identify with, so what better way to do this than to start your own hashtag? It can be a short phrase, a word, or anything that paints a meaningful image of your brand to people. Also, make sure that it is easy to remember. Hashtags give people something to use to categorize your brand and tell it apart from the competition. As you think of ways to use it and what it could even be, ensure your hashtag is related to your cryptocurrency and that it makes sense. For example, if your token is about security, your hashtag should scream security, not utility or something else. Helping people identify a keyword with your token is the thing you want to achieve here.

  1. Create Airdrops and contests for your followers

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Remember this: everyone likes free stuff no matter how small they may be. This is particularly true on the internet because people are used to participating in giveaways, getting bonuses, and using discounts. One easy way to get people talking about you and telling their friends about your token is if there is something beneficial to them and the people they advise. A free token? Yes, bring it on. Is it worth it? Absolutely yes! Although you might record a slight loss initially, think about the audience, about the users you can gain. This number supersedes the loss if you make use of the situation well. As a token creator, you can decide to invest in other trading platforms to cover whatever loss you might incur during your airdrop/contest period. You can check out for more information on how much profit you can make on investments.

  1. Interaction with influencers and users in your niche

One of the golden rules of business is that you can hardly do everything alone. When it comes to developing and marketing your own cryptocurrency, this is even more obvious. It will help if you partner up with people who have established influence to do the craft of advertising on the web. If your social media is strictly used for marketing yourself, it will get to a point where people would be tired and take their leave. At this point, your messages have become spam, and therefore nothing of value. You can ensure your post is valuable and tag influencers in your niche. That way, you are reaching out to many more people via your single post. You might also make educational and brilliant comments on their posts or stories. Anything reasonable that will make people visit your page. Remember, if you do anything based on clout or trolling, it will affect your image, and it will not be a good one. Getting the influencers to actually advertise and support your token is harder, but it can be done.

  1. Create impactful content

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When people read inspiring and uplifting posts, that tends to stick in their minds much longer than regular content that only advertises and promotes something. Moreover, it also captures their attention and helps you share a bigger story surrounding the thing you promote, in this case your own crypto token. It will give them more reasons to follow you and make them come back to your posts for something other than reading about your token, which they will already know a lot about. Your posts must radiate positivity to your audience and allow them to learn something new. They should always a reason to stay and better yet, share the content when they come across your post. Most times, your audience might not be interested in buying at that moment, but it does not mean that they cannot become a user with the right influence sometime down the line. They have interest and that is why they followed you. You have to feed their interest with the right things for them to become something more than yet another passive fan. And it takes work and good ideas to make a supporter/investor out of a fan and enthusiast.