3 Effective Methods for Advertising and Promoting Your Business in 2024

Effective business promotion is a challenge for both small and large companies, whether you are just starting or have been in business for years. It starts with a detailed strategy of what you wish to achieve, what is your target audience, and a combination of methods you will use for advertising and promotion. You need to be aware that classic methods are attracting consumers less and less, so your approach must be both convincing and unique at the same time.

Sometimes you need to be resourceful and creative to come up with the right advertisement for your company, and nowadays you need to use all available means to be noticed and recognizable to everyone. One of the options is to hire an agency, someone to take care of the elbow grease for you and our recommendation for this has always been the agency https://aiad.com.au/.

To help you steer your promotion strategy in the right direction, we give you five advertising ideas that will not overburden your budget, and at the same time will provide you with a reputation in a market full of companies engaged in the same business as you.

1. SEO and content marketing

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These are the “free” Google visits that in reality are not free because it costs you to create quality content and you have to place that content after you create it (paid advertising via Facebook, mostly).

Every keyword typed on Google has its economic value. It’s worth the same as you would normally pay for Google ads (AdWords), but if you’re ranked first on Google for a particular keyword, then you get those “free” visits and that’s only a part of the value of that position. The total value of a position is how well will you convert those visitors into customers. If you manage to bring 10 people to see the building, out of 1000 people who typed “new building Manchester”, e.g. real estate agency, and convince 1 person to buy a 70-square-meter apartment for 150,000 euros, then you as an agency have 2% or 3,000 euros. This means that this position is worth 3 euros per (free) click. If you have 100 such clicks a day, it means that the daily value of the first Google position for the keyword “new building Manchester” is 300 euros (for you, but for the competition it may be ZERO, because they do not know how to turn visitors into customers).

So, calculate for yourself how much it can be worth to be the first result for your main keywords. Value varies from market to market and from keyword to keyword. For example, the keywords “new building Manchester” and “selling new building new Manchester” have completely different economic values. It is common for more specific keywords that are “long-tail” (longer versions) to have fewer searches than general ones but are much “stronger” in results… because whoever types “sells” and “new Manchester” is a much more serious potential buyer (knows where he wants and knows that he wants to buy and not rent, for example) from someone who may just look at the approximate real estate prices.

A lot of money, time, and energy must be invested in good content, but in the long run, it almost always pays off. If you require professional assistance in the area of SEO and content marketing click here.

2. Website

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Having a website goes together with SEO. It also the ABC of owning a business, no doubt about that.

An online presence will allow your business to be noticed by a large number of people. Your site can be well used to realize many advertising strategies, and also to help you keep your business constantly growing and developing. Potential clients will get to know the business you are in, review your offer by category, and finally decide to buy.

The biggest advantage of the website is that your offer is available to all visitors non-stop. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Imagine that you want to go to the store and you need something urgent from it. You put in all the effort needed to get there, but when you arrive, the store is closed. Everyone will be nervous and angry in that situation. Internet sales do not have specific opening hours as a physical store, which allows customers to order goods or book a service even at 2 hours after midnight. Besides, more and more people don’t have time to go shopping but turn to shop for services and goods online.

3. Facebook

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Facebook paid ads are a science themselves. 2.7 billion people have a Facebook profile. Everyone is there, and who is not, their mother, father, grandmother, sister, aunt, the neighbor is there. So, you can reach every person in the world through Facebook, much better than through any billboard or banner. Briefly about Facebook ads: the goal is a profitable channel so you don’t have a budget. Do not advertise on Partner networks and do not advertise on Instagram and in the Sidebar on Desktop (computers). In most cases, it doesn’t pay off. When you run an ad, you only play one placement, that is, only the Mobile newsfeed and nothing else. Because lower placements drag down the overall ad score. The main parameter you need to look at is the Relevance Score. If Facebook users like your ad then it will be cheap. If they don’t like it at all, then Facebook will skin you from the back to show your ad to its users. That’s the point. There is no smarter platform than Facebook because they have artificial intelligence. You just need to know how to use it. A quick tip: be sure to install Facebook Pixel on your site to “remember” visitors and be able to send them offers after they have shown interest in your offer.

Business owners tend to go too far when it comes to advertising, using as many channels for promotion as possible. In reality, you only lose money that way. Quality is better than quantity. You can use only these three that are logically connected and have a successful business.