How to Promote Your Business on Social Media in 2024

One of the best ways you can promote your business is by using the social media platforms. 21st-century marketers must realise the effectiveness and importance of social media (as shown at in whatever marketing strategies that they choose to employ.

There are billions of people on social media, and the possibilities in promoting your products, services, and your business itself is very exceptional.

Today, almost every age group uses social media, meaning no matter what your business is, a respectable number of your customers use social media.

Whether your business is for kids, for teenagers, adults or for senior aged people, there is a specific community in social media for them.

Although their purpose of use and amount of time spent may differ, it cannot be overemphasised that you must find viable ways to promote your business on social media.

Majority of your customers use social media for personal, work or leisure. This means they will end up spending enough time for you to make use of the platform to reach them. To reach them all you need to do is to adopt the right tool like social media and posting apps or messenger chatbots like

However, like many other business promotion methods, the use of social media to promote your business must be done right to be more effective.

The purpose of business promotion is reaching to a specific target audience. Therefore, if you do not promote your business properly and correctly on social media, you are risking to be seen only by those people who do not consider your products and services relevant and important to them.

How then can you successfully promote your business on social media?

  1. Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

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There may be countless social media platforms in existence, but it does not mean that every one of them is right for your business.

Although it is ideal to create profiles on each social media platforms you know, however, you must ensure that the ones you choose are very relevant to your line of work.

You should also try to consider the users of the platform as well as what the social media platform is generally used for.

When considering the users of a platform, it means evaluating that the possibilities of finding your potential customers there because, quite frankly, there is no reason or no need to use a platform if the answer to this is rather vague.

Here’s a great tip on how to know where you could promote your business or which social media platform you should use: ‘conduct a survey’. Your customers can let you know their preferred sites, so you have an idea as to which one you need to expand to.

Another way to choose the right and effective platform you could use is by analysing your business. What it is about, what are your products and services offered, then being very keen in finding the correct social media platforms that suits your business.

For example, if you are using a lot of videos, clips or slideshows in promoting your business, then YouTube might be a great choice as well as some others.

  1. Build a Community

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Another way on how to promote your business on social media is by building a community.

Most people believe that promoting a business means getting as many new customers as possible, but how about focussing on the ones you already have?

Existing customers are more likely to be loyal, so you can just engage your posts by liking, retweeting, sharing, and many more. Try to focus on bettering their experience with your business.

Remember, once these customers are loyal, they will always refer you to people.

  1. Contests and Giveaways

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Contest and giveaways are considered one of the most trusted strategies that marketers employ to promote their business online and in social media. You can as well borrow a leaf from this book.

To make this even more effective, you should ensure that the contests are fairly easy to enter. By making it easier for your desired target audience, you are also increasing the chances of more people to subscribe and participate, which will increase traffic on your page.

People always like free things, giveaways or at least a discount on a product or service. Contests do not have to cost a fortune; you could also offer discounts and coupons on certain products.

  1. Use Visual content

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Visual content is a very important tool for marketers that want to promote their business on social media. People are more likely to engage with pictures rather than reading plain texts.

Video is one of the most shared contents on social media. Your customers are more likely to remember what they see in an image or video than any other form of content.

Not only will they remember, but they are also likely to engage with it. The traffic that is generated with these visual contents would help push your page to other customers.

If you want proof about how much video content is gaining more attention, YouTube is only bested by Facebook in terms of active users.

Why else do you think more social media giants like Instagram introduced IGTV? And Twitter has Fleets now then think about TikTok and there are many others.

It will not be far-fetched to say marketers or business owners who are not harnessing the power of visual content are not truly promoting their business on social media.

  1. Using Targeted Ads

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Using targeted ads is another great way to promote your products and services on social media. Bigwigs like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and the likes offer this feature.

Targeted ads ensure that your adverts are directed at a particular set of people or audience with certain traits and demographics that are similar to what concerns your business.

Although these ways of promoting your business are usually paid for, but it is proved that they are effective and could really bring enormous benefits to your business if you done it correctly.