Why Do People Play Dota 2?

Dota 2 is one of the world’s most popular games, loved by many, and enjoyed as a streaming experience by many more. The global Dota 2 audience has been growing rapidly, and despite the fact you have many similar games, Dota has not lost any of its originality.

In fact, dota-bet.com estimates that the game has been able to cultivate a solid following and a community that is constantly growing for five very specific reasons. This is down to the constant support that Valve, the company behind the game, has showered it with.

You have original content annually and many big competitive events to look forward to. Even if you are pretty casual about the title, there are sufficient reasons why you would want to play it. Let’s take a look at what this little video game gem has to offer.

Img source: dota2.com

1. Excellent Way to Socialize

Socializing over a video game? It sounds a little counter-intuitive on the face of it, but video games are a great way to meet people. Because of its nature, Dota 2 brings many people together and it’s always fun to play.

While some players can be a little rowdy (not exactly the social type) there are many players who come together and make sure that they keep playing together, use VOIP to stay in touch and generally have a blast.

The game’s native program, Steam, is also another great way to keep track of your friends and to feel like you belong to a community, which is actually very true when you play Dota!

2. Original Content All the Time

While some games can get a little stale, there is nothing old about Dota. Constant patches are evolving and changing the gameplay around the clock, and you can see for yourself that there are many new things to experience. If you stop playing for a year, you will come back to a host of changes, some of them brought in through a special Battle Pass content.

If you stop playing for two or more years, chances are you will have a lot of catching up to do. The fact that the game has become so flexible is one of the key reasons it’s so popular as well. After all, players want the same thing – to be able to experience original work that will allow them to constantly explore new opportunities. With this in mind, it’s time to talk about the next feature that makes Dota 2 so popular.

3. Growth Potential and Limitless Possibilities

It’s very easy to get a little tired of a game, but Dota is on a completely different level. There is hardly anything that would feel boring about the game and part of that is the fact that it offers limitless growth potential.

You may think you are good at the game, but some people will be able to play this title so well that they would become millionaires out of it. Can you say the exact same thing? While the answer is probably no, you always have a chance to try and grow your own skills and understanding about the game so well that you are able to take on some of the best players out there.

While there is no obligation to do so, there are many people out there who join Dota and ask themselves the question – what if. That is why the game presents “limitless” opportunities, because you can always play a little better.

Sure, DeepMind AI has been able to defeat all human players, but this has not stayed people’s desire to compete and prove themselves. There are many new players who are also trying their best to get ahead in the game and they do so with great interest and are constantly keen to follow up on the competitive scene and the ever-changing meta.

4. Clear Competitive Format to Enjoy

The thing about Dota is not just that it has limitless potential when it comes to gameplay. It’s also very clear-cut when it comes to a competitive format. There are some games where you have to join a league, but to be able to get there, you have to buy the rights. The rights alone can cost anything from $10 to $50 million. Thanks, but no thanks.

Dota, on the other hand, makes no such demands from people who wish to compete. If you can prove that you have the mettle to succeed, and the raw skills to back it up, you will find yourself in a great situation. You can win a Dota Pro Circuit Minor event, which will buy you a free ticket to throw down with the big teams.

Of course, logistics can be a little daunting, especially when you have to fly from one place of the world to another, and that takes money. But at least in principle, if someone is capable enough to do it, they will definitely be able to get the financial backing they need. Often, it’s said that Dota 2 is one of the most accessible competitive games out there, and that is for a good reason, too.

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5. Helps Develop Interesting Personal Skills

A video game that helps you grow as a person? This is Dota 2 for you. The title will allow you to train a distinct set of skills. You will be challenged on a cognitive level, trying to remember all there is to know about the game.

The good news is that the more you play, the more you will adapt to the rapid pace of play and be able to leverage enormous amount of information and retrieve it without any issue. For example, the game has 121 hero count with some 600 abilities that you can use.

Additionally, you have 208 items that you can buy in any order. So, you have all of this information to work around with in an attempt to give it your best shot. You will constantly learn something new playing Dota, that’s a fact.