Casino Markets are Continuing to Flourish – Even in Unexpected Places

When the average person thinks of casino gaming, they’re likely to think of some of the world’s gambling hotspots. Some of those, such as Las Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City, are right here in the US. Others, like Monte Carlo and Macao, are located across Europe and further afield in Asia. And it makes sense to think of these places first: they are, after all, high profile and the most famous, and they’re also those that top the lists when it comes to the raking in of gross gambling revenue year after year, thanks to their global marketing reach.

But what many people forget in this regard is that flourishing casino markets are close to everywhere – even where you’d least expect them. Casino executives are constantly thinking about new places in which to expand their services, and some of these are far from the places you might imagine. This article will delve into some of the lesser-known casino markets and encourage you to think more broadly about what the world’s top casino markets look like.

Sub-Saharan Africa

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Laws around casino markets in sub-Saharan Africa can vary significantly. In South Africa, for example, casinos are allowed to operate in some cases, thanks to the National Gambling Act. In other places, such as Mali, there’s technically an outright ban in place.

But the truth is that there is huge demand for casinos in sub-Saharan Africa – especially online. The presence of prohibitive laws does not stop people in African nations from taking to their phones to find online casinos and gambling sites that allow them to indulge their passions. One study found that mobile gaming is responsible for nearly 50% of the income that the gaming industry enjoys. And, of course, a trip to one of the in-person casino resorts that exist in major countries such as South Africa will demonstrate that casinos are often more than just a pastime in Africa: for many, they’re often a holiday venue.



Australia is another location that is not frequently associated with casino gambling. While those who want to gamble in Australia would probably think first of big cities such as Melbourne or Sydney, there’s actually a wide variety of choice – with casino locations flourishing in the most unexpected parts of the vast Oceania nation.

One of these locations is in the outback. Known to most people as a rugged, hot destination with long drives and little life, it’s hardly likely to be top of the casino destination list. But the Desert Cave Hotel in South Australia has taken the concept of strangely-sited casinos to the next level

The hotel, which is located in the remote town of Coober Pedy, contains a wide range of services, including a casino that is located entirely underground. It contains over 10 poker machines, and it’s also miles away from the nearest option, in the state capital of Adelaide, which is some 600 miles distant!

This not only gives the casino an added touch of excitement in a place where alternative casino options are few and far between, it also allows for gamblers to remain cool when playing, as the underground location reduces the sweltering heat prevalent in the outback. It’s also a top destination for other entertainment pursuits, thanks to its on-site bar, games room and shopping mall for those who fancy a bit of retail therapy with any winnings they happen to secure. In short, it’s a win-win situation with loads of choice.

Central Asia

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Another place that may not be an expected site for a flourishing casino sector is Central Asia. This is not an area that is regularly on the radar of those who monitor the gambling sector – it is, after all, not a tourist destination, nor is it one of the world’s most densely populated areas.

But as per the information found when you click here, about the best online casinos in Kazakhstan, governments in the area have made a concerted effort to meet gambling demand in the country. Casino regulation in countries such as Kazakhstan might be relatively tight, but the government there has followed the lead of neighboring Russia and created what are known as ‘gambling zones’ for in-person playing – including at locations such as the lakeside resort of Kapchagay. As in parts of Africa, online casino bans do also exist but the existence of so-called ‘mirror sites’ allow a gambler to get around this restriction.

Weird and wonderful

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Finally, it’s also worth exploring the presence of unexpected casinos in jurisdictions where both in-person and online gambling is legal. The UK, for example, has a thriving gambling sector and is known for being one of the world’s most open jurisdictions when it comes to wagering. Players can enjoy games at one of the many casinos in city centers, on fruit machines in pubs or even on their mobile phones.

But even here, there is a demand for unusual and off-the-wall casino services. One wedding venue in the English county of Somerset took this to an extreme by deciding to kit out the basement of the building with an underground casino. Those who are renting North Cadbury Court in the county can now host around 30 players in the casino, to play everything from poker to blackjack. The service even provides employment for people in the local area by offering work to croupiers who are based close by.

In short, there’s a demand for casino gambling pretty much everywhere – and save for some of the world’s most authoritarian nations, that demand is met either through legal or clandestine means. As the example from the UK shows, demand for casinos even exists in the most weird and wonderful of locations – not just in big cities. With operators in regulated jurisdictions looking to provide legitimate services to the best of their abilities, it’s more than likely that demand for casino markets will continue to accelerate as the years go by.