Top 5 eSports Betting Markets in 2024

Esports is still a sport that has emerged recently and has managed to reach hundreds of thousands of people globally and win more of their hearts. Moreover, online betting is not that different as it has also made its way in popularity among thousands of people.

Esports has become more famous among gamblers worldwide as they now have specialized bookmarks that gamblers can take advantage of. Check the latest ultimate Esports betting guide here.

In this article, you will get to know more about some of the top 5 esports betting markets in 2024. Be sure to check out some of the best esports betting sites on this site. Below is a review of some of the best 5 esports betting markets.

  1. King of glory

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It’s also known as Arena of Valor or Honor of Kings. It is presented as a multiplayer online battle arena. It has some similarities when compared to league of leagues. The match begins with both teams comprising of 5 players on the ends of the map. In the end, the team that manages to destroy the opponent wins. As a result of its gaming system, it has been able to be recognized among some of the best mobile games.

The striking factor about this game is the way they present the game system. Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games are usually exciting to many players and this has seen the popularity of King of Glory increase with time.

The game receives updates constantly and this attracts store improvements, new characters, among other things. Betting on this game is a great way of adding excitement to the tournaments. Being among some of the best esports in the world, the game offers various possibilities and markets that players can bet on.

Betting markets

When betting on the king of glory, there are various available markets such as;

  • First blood
  • Winner of the match
  • Advantages of the card
  • Exact score

Best tournaments in King of glory

Just like any other game, there are several tournaments to play in this game. Some of the tournaments are held annually, depending on the seasons. Some of the most popular tournaments include;

  • King pro league fall
  • King G-league fall
  • King pro league spring
  1. League of Legends

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League of legends was immediately a popular game the moment esports came out. The uniqueness of this game is that it has become a huge hit in esports betting. Some of the esports titles are unregulated. The league of legends has worked hard to ensure their clients have an awesome experience.

Betting on League of Legends is a unique experience as the chaos in the game are all compacted in an arena match.

League of Legends tournaments

League of legends has seen phenomenal growth and tournaments can happen globally at any time. Streaming channels have made it possible to enjoy the action and make a wise betting decision regardless of where the tournament is happening.

There are respected events such as the keSPA cup and the tournaments are constantly increasing for gamblers to try out betting on.

League of Nations bets

League of Nations betting provides players with basic bets which mirror standard football matches. There are betting odds where players can bet on the outright winner, betting on particular teams or players as well as individual match bets.

However, some bookmarks have introduced great betting markets that focus on each game’s individual aspects in the league of legends. There are also over/under bets. There are many kinds of betting markets that players can bet on.

  1. StarCraft 2

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This game offers live betting and this is advantageous as you can work together with the game’s flow. This is amazing, especially when you have great experience and enough knowledge of the game. Once you know where to bet on, you will have to be aware of the tournaments to bet on, the best players, overall professional teams and the specific statistics of the tournament.

StarCraft 2 betting odds

The only disadvantage players have while betting on this game is that there are fewer markets for players to choose from. The obvious choice is usually betting on the outright winners of main StarCraft events. There are usually few markets in the pregame and after the game starts. Betting on StarCraft is very limited because of the lack of in-game objectives to achieve. Moreover, players are not in a position to bet on the overall number of kills.

StarCraft 2 live betting

When it comes to live betting, StarCraft 2 has not been left behind. However, live betting is a challenge as things change fast as the game continues. Having experience in live betting can play a huge role as the slightest actions in the game can have a huge impact in the game.

  1. Dota 2

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Dota 2 has managed to gain popularity within a short time in the esports world. Playing this game is free and has become a successful esports. Many professional teams hold approximately 25 major tournaments annually. Betting on Dota 2 is among the best ways of adding excitement to these events.

Betting on Dota 2 is exciting as it’s a team sport. Players have sufficient time to figure out the legendary teams to wager on. Dota 2 tournaments such as the international offer some great prize pools.

Dota 2 bets

There are various gambling markets that players can bet on. Some bookmarks provide some bets on the first team to attain fifteen kills, the team to kill the first Roshan and the team to draw blood. Players can also bet on two-way bets and they have good returns. Some betting odds include; wagering on the match result, betting on map handicap, wagering on the tournament winner and the first team to achieve something.

  1. PUBG

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This is a battle royale type of game and it comes with seasons and prizes. The game has become one to look forward to in esports gaming as many people are attracted to the gameplay of this game. PUBG has a lot of similarities to BR games as it involves 100 players moving around the map while killing each other. It has the popular ‘last man standing’ match

PUBG tournaments

Some of the tournaments to bet on this game are;

  • PUBG pro league
  • PUBG mobile club open
  • PUBG campus championship
  • PUBG mobile world league

Final thoughts

Esports covers many games of different genres and it can account for many of the titles in esports. For those interested in esports betting, there is a wide variety of esports markets to choose from.