How to Decorate Your Gaming Room with Neon Lights

Video games have reached a high level of popularity over the last few decades. Industry video game production today is among the most lucrative in the world. With the advent of new technologies, the way video games are produced is constantly being improved. The video game industry, although short in history, has a significant impact on the economy and the media industry as a whole. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world to cross even the film and music industries. For many young people, games are the best way to relax after a hard day, whether they are played on a smartphone, computer, or console. In any case, it is important to create a pleasant atmosphere and environment for yourself, that is, to afford something that every gamer dream of – a perfect gaming room.

Furnishing this room requires a lot of attention, but certainly money. You will often hear that a gaming room is one of the most expensive in any home because it requires a lot of detail. One of the most popular and practical detail is neon lights.

Voodoo Neon specialise in consulting with customers to design and build the neon light artwork of their dream – the CEO, Chris says, “Signs, artwork and everything else – we work with businesses and individuals to make special pieces for them.

Neon lights offer a very practical solution for decorating many rooms, including gaming. There are three key factors to consider when planning room lighting – room size, bulb intensity, and room height. Just one light source in the whole room is not the best solution – wall, freestanding, and table lighting fixtures will contribute to creating an atmosphere in the interior. When we talk about equipping a gaming room, we prefer another type of lighting, and that is neon light that completes the gaming experience, gives enough light without bothering (no one likes to play games in an overly lit room).

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Neon lights can be placed along the edge of the ceiling, although this is more typical of LED lights. Another interesting option is to place a neon sign. In addition to providing just as much light as needed, it will also contribute to the aesthetics of the goods because there are personalized neon signs. It is important to emphasize here that the best option is to choose lighting in blue because the goal is to make the room moderately dark. It is for this reason that curtains play a big role. They should be long and completely remove the light source. See more at

Lighting is very important, but it is certainly not the only one when it comes to equipping a room like this. A chair is one of the most important things when it comes to furniture. Choose a quality, ergonomic chair that will provide the necessary support for your back, because you will definitely spend several hours a day in it. A chair is a perfect choice if you play on a computer, but if you have a huge TV and console in the room, you will be most comfortable if you sit in a good armchair or sofa. Today, there are armchairs on the market specially designed for gaming, so you can connect headphones with them or enjoy the sound from the built-in speakers. Which is optional, depending on whether you are playing on a computer or a console.

Of course, there is always room to insert details that will complete the gaming experience, but also contribute to feeling nice in the room and to sit comfortably and rest during the break. For rest the best recommendation is a lazy bag in a vivid color, which will defy dark walls and curtains.

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Games should be arranged in an accessible place so that you plan a place for some shelves that will fit into the interior, and also serve a purpose. Everything else is up to the player, that is, to his taste. Of course, so far, we have not mentioned something that is certainly taken for granted, and that is quality gaming equipment without which this room would not be called that. Headphones with a microphone, a good computer or console, a keyboard, and a mouse are something that no gamer can do.

Although they do not have a long history (they have existed since 1950), the development of video games has progressed very quickly. Although consoles began to be mass-produced in the 1970s, computer games it was not played by a large number of people. The reason is that computers were very expensive at the time. Do changes come in the early 1980s when the Altair 8800, Apple I and Apple II, and Commodoro appeared 64 that people buy for educational and business purposes, and thus encourage gaming computer games and the creation of new ones.

With the advent of the 2000s and the advent of smartphones, games have become available to almost everyone. Many saw in them more than fun – an opportunity to make money, so today there are many gamers who record themselves while playing and post these recordings on social networks. Also popular are gaming competitions in which, if you win, you can win a dizzying amount of money. Combining the pleasant with the useful, why not?

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The video game industry and its market have made great strides and successes over the last few years that are no longer impossible to ignore. The world of video games represents a new way of telling a story for a whole new audience.

The popularity of video games cannot be doubted. However, there are many doubts about their benefit. Namely, on several occasions, video games have been the target of severe accusations by world celebrities and various media, believing that many games encourage aggression among young people. However, there has never been a scientifically proven link between playing violent video games and real-life violence. Of course, we know that over-playing can lead to addiction, but we also know that games have a positive effect on people – it improves judgment, helps to notice details and make decisions, and it is known to encourage precision and no wonder doctors play them to practice precise contractions during surgery. In any case, let playing games be your hobby, not the meaning of life, sit comfortably in your newly equipped gaming room and enjoy!