How Do You Decorate An Indoor Water Fountain?

Choosing the right size, type, style, and design for an indoor fountain is really important. You’ll also need to pick where your indoor water fountain will be placed within your home. You won’t get the most out of an indoor water fountain until all of these aspects are in sync.

For example, you plan to place your indoor water fountain in your living room, but the type of water fountain you bought was a tabletop water fountain. If you put that mini tabletop water fountain in your enormous living room, its presence would not be felt, and you will be wasting a beautiful masterpiece because you did not plan it thoroughly.

Make a sensible choice for your indoor water fountain by researching it online first. You may find indoor water fountains in several sorts, styles, sizes, and designs on websites like

However, before deciding on the style of the indoor water fountain to purchase, it is crucial to know where their location is in your home. If you want to buy a huge indoor wall fountain, for example, you should know that both floor and wall fountains are aesthetically beautiful, and the soothing sound of running water provides a calming, serene ambiance that is ideal for your living room.

If you prefer a smaller tabletop version, keep in mind that it can provide a pleasant mood in an office or a peaceful spot where you read or meditate. If you’re still interested, I’ve put together a list of things to consider when deciding where to put an indoor water fountain in your home.

But, before we get into those ideas, there are three primary varieties of indoor water fountains: wall fountains, floor fountains, and tabletop fountains. You can refer to the list below if you have a specific indoor water fountain in mind and want to know where you can put it in your home.

3 Main types of indoor fountains

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1. Wall Fountains

Wall fountains are enormous, and they are perfect in front of the entrance of your home. Whatever area will be seen when you first enter the door, might it be your living room or your kitchen, a wall fountain would be perfect for that location. Imagine going inside your house, and the first thing that greets your eyes is a stunning indoor wall fountain. It would feel like heaven if you ask me!

2. Floor Fountains

If you opt to buy a floor fountain, the perfect area in your house to place them is in your living room. When you arrive at your home after a long and stressful day, the first place you will head to is your living room to relax and unwind for a minute.

The relaxing sound of the fountain’s water would definitely calm your mood and allow you to relax after the stress you experienced from the outside world.

3. Tabletop Fountains

Even if your space and money are restricted, a tabletop fountain could still help you create a relaxing atmosphere in your house. If you have a home office, you can place a tabletop indoor water fountain on the following table.

This will bring a relaxing and stress-relieving vibe into your office, allowing you to rest and unwind. The sound of running water might also help you forget about your worries. A water fountain in a working station is also beneficial.

Because of all the technology in your office, the area will most likely generate a lot of heat, which is harmful to your health. Dry air from a hot room will make your skin uncomfortable and chilly, leading to sore throats and chapped lips.

The absence of moisture in your office can harm the wood in your flooring, trim, and furniture, causing cracking and shrinkage. The dry air also affects your mucous membranes, making you more susceptible to catching a cold or having trouble breathing.

A tabletop water fountain will prevent this from happening by increasing the humidity in your room, eliminating the heat inside your office, creating a safer and healthy environment to work on inside your house.

If you don’t have a specific sort of indoor water fountain, in particular, it would be best if you know these Feng Shui suggestions for placing an indoor water fountain in your home to receive the fullest potential of your water fountain.

Where to place your indoor water fountain?

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1. In front of the main entrance of your house

A fountain can be placed inside or outside your front entrance. The chi flow is also encouraged and supported by the movement of the water in the fountain. The direction in which the water flows, on the other hand, is critical in promoting energy flow.

When placing the fountain outside your front door, make sure the water flows towards the door rather than away from it. The direction of the water flow dictates the direction of the energy, which you want to draw into your home rather than force out.

If you put a fountain inside your front entrance, make sure the water flows inwards, not outwards, or the energy will be pushed out the front door.

2. East of the house

Your indoor water fountain should be placed on the east side of your home, which is regulated by the wood element. Water feeds and strengthens wood, and having a fountain here can assist in nourishing family bonds.

3. North of the house

The placement of a fountain in the northern sector will aid your job and career. The element of water governs this part of your life and sector.

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4. Abundant space

The element of wood governs all of your abundance located in the southeast sector of your house. Since the element is wood, a water element such as an indoor water fountain would feed the element of the abundant sector. This indicates that your wealth, money, and everything else you regard to be abundant will grow. Adding a few coins to the fountain will assist in improving the ambiance.

Selecting where you put your indoor water fountain is totally in your control; listed above are merely just suggestions on where you can place your indoor fountain based on Feng Shui and other’s opinions. However, as I said, there is no need for you to follow the things listed above.

Decorating is subjective, and most of the time, it is based on your personal preference; there is no right or wrong in decorating. If you think your indoor water fountain looks perfect in that area, so be it. The decoration and placement of the indoor fountain are for your enjoyment, not for the pleasure of others.