4 Inspirational Electric Fireplace Design Ideas For Your Living Room in 2024

In terms of design, having a fireplace in your living room can leave a huge effect on the whole ambient. Nothing can provide the idyllic and traditional appearance of your home like a retro model of a fireplace. However, the issue with the real fireplace is that most people are using electricity for heating since it is cleaner, more affordable, and better for the environment. In that matter, you can choose some electric fireplace to provide you with a similar experience in your living room, improve the design of your home, and proper heating.

There are various types of these fireplaces available in the market, and the most popular option is the one that you can mount on the wall because it is the most affordable version that can be easily combined with different styles.

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Getting an electric fireplace is a great way to improve the appearance of your bedroom, basements, lounge, or a living room. The process of installation is very simple, and this device can provide you with excellent and affordable heating. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the best design ideas for installing a fireplace in your home.

1. Wall Mounted Fireplace in the Lounge Area

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The Lounge area of your living room is the best place where you can set this device. Imagine placing a nice sofa or some retro chairs with a small table in between. This spot will instantly become a place where you can have a proper rest after work. Also, you can enjoy reading some books or with a glass of wine. Moreover, you can spend a romantic evening with your partner, and this place to provide you with an amazing experience. When it comes to models, some of the best fireplaces that you can choose for a lounge are Ignis Royal, Modern Flames, Classic Flame Felicity, and more.

There are several versions of Ignis Royal available, and the most popular ones are with a diameter of 60 inches, 72 inches, and 95 inches. The 60″ model costs around $500, and it provides you with a modern design, great power of 1500W, four levels of brightness, and easy installation. The other two models share the same specification, but their price is higher. The Modern Flames is bigger with 80 inches, and it has some advanced features like energy saving, color-changing, and the ability to work without heating. The unique feature of Classic Flame Felicity is the most realistic appearance.

2. Electric Fireplace Above the Couch

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Another popular spot for installing this device in your living room is above the couch. You can choose some wider version that will look like a picture frame when not working, and give you a unique look for the whole room when you turn it on. There are all kinds of models available on the market, which means that you can easily choose the right one that will fit in your decoration. Also, there is a variety of prices that can go from $500 to over $2000. The main benefit of this device is that it can give your room a warm look that resembles the traditional homes.

3. Installation In the Place for TV

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While many people are still enjoying in front of the TV, there are more and more people who started removing TVs from their living rooms. The benefit of that is that you can have a quality conversation with your family and friends, while you can carry over your TV into a bedroom or some other room, in case that you love some TV shows, sports events, and more. The main advantage of setting a fireplace in a spot for TV is that it can provide you with a sort of relaxation. Besides the traditional models that appear as a real fire, there are some modern versions where you can change colors by your mood.

4. Small Size Electric Fireplace

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If there is not enough room in your walls, or you don’t like how it would look to have some wide fireplace, you can choose some smaller version, and install it in some corner or other place where it can fit properly. For example, if you have a bearing pillar, it can appear as a chimney when you place a mini-fireplace on it. The benefit of choosing to install a fireplace is that there are numerous solutions to finding a perfect spot.

Best Models of Electric Fireplace

There is a great selection of these products on the market, and we selected some of the best and most popular with perfect value-for-money features.

  • Touchstone Onyx; The main features of this product are the realistic appearance, variety of settings related to brightness, timer, and two heat settings. Also, the process of installation that you can easily install by yourself.
  • Touchstone Sideline; If you are looking for a more advanced version, Touchstone Sideline will provide your home with a perfect combination of traditional look and modern design. You can install it in the wall to resemble a real fireplace. The price of this product is $500.
  • R.W. Flame; The main feature of this model is that you have additional remote control and a touch screen to change the design, colors, and brightness of the LED screen. You can also switch off the flame and only have a black frame on the wall. The price is around $170.

Last Words

Redesigning your home is always a great idea because it can become a better and more relaxing place to spend with your friends and family. Installing an electric fireplace is an original idea that can provide a whole new look to your living room. With the most recent innovations, this system is also capable of heating properly, which means that it is not only for decoration.