Why And How To Declutter Your Room Before Going To College

A cluttered bedroom can signify that you’re not ready to leave the nest. You might think your parents are overprotective, but there are dangers to having a messy room. For instance, your maid might accidentally throw out something important when you’re away, which causes headaches once you revisit your home after spending some time at the university.

To avoid this stressful incident, you must declutter your room and keep it tidy so you don’t waste time searching for things when needed. Doing so will help you see what you need and which ones will take up space as you pack your stuff.

This article provides six practical tips for decluttering your room before college.

1. Remove Everything Out Of Your Closet

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Decluttering your closet can be a great way to eliminate extra stuff and create more space in your room. This process is an excellent way to ensure you’re wearing the right clothes for the season and can help you decide what clothes to buy next. Aside from that, you’ll be able to simplify your decision-making process by having fewer choices available.

When getting rid of the things in your closet, there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, you shouldn’t keep clothes just because they’re expensive or have sentimental value. If your clothing pieces don’t fit anymore, then you should consider donating or selling them online. If you have worn-out items, toss them away and call your local rubbish remover, like https://www.dirtcheaprubbishremoval.com.au.

2. Choose A Designated Storage Area

Another thing you must consider when decluttering your room is designating a storage area for your belongings. Doing so helps you quickly find an item when needed, and you won’t also have extra stuff around it. This strategy gives you a clear idea of what you’re keeping, donating, giving away, or trashing.

When selecting a designated storage area, you should avoid choosing a location that’s too small or too large for the items you plan to store there. For example, if you have a lot of winter coats that need to be stored, you might want to choose an area near the front door, so they can be easily accessed when needed. If your closet is small and doesn’t have enough space for all of your shoes, consider clearing out some space in another room to use as an overflow shoe storage area.

3. Plan What You Intend To Do With Your Belongings

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When decluttering your room, you may find deciding what to keep and what to throw out a little daunting. If you’ve got a plan for what to do with each item, you can decide whether or not it belongs in your room. If something needs repairing or replacing before it can be used again, that’s another reason why it should go.

When planning, you must make a list of all the items you want to keep. For each item, write down why it’s essential to keep it and what benefit it brings to your life. For example, if you have a favorite pair of jeans, write that they fit well and make you feel good about yourself when you wear them.

After compiling your list of belongings, put them into categories based on their types, like clothes or furniture. Then, go through each category individually and assign them either a “keep” or “donate” status based on your personal preferences. After that, you’ll be able to redecorate your bedroom before leaving for college.

4. Eliminate Expired Products

You might want to keep expired products in your room for many different reasons. Maybe they’re from a gift, or you don’t want to throw them away. However, keeping them for a long time might be dangerous for your health and might cause allergic reactions. Aside from that, expired over-the-counter drugs or medicine might worsen their illnesses when swallowed.

To avoid these incidents, you must declutter expired products like vitamins and medicines. Next, you must empty your beauty supply cabinet and throw away old nail polish, makeup, and hair products. Then, you must gather all of your old lotions, body washes, creams, and deodorants that are way past their expiry dates. These items contain aluminum chloride, which can cause health problems if left on the skin for too long.

5. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Paper Files

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Like most students, you may have already stored necessary academic-related documents like books, research papers, and articles. Unfortunately, keeping a clutter of these papers might accumulate allergens or dust particles that might affect your health and cause anxiety. Similarly, you might lose important documents like a driver’s license or passport if you continue to keep them scattered in your bedroom.

When cleaning out all the paper clutter, you must list all necessary documents and store them inside a paper container. Alternatively, you collect all your files, capture them using your mobile device, keep them in cloud storage, and burn them. When you go paperless, you don’t need to spend time filing away documents and searching for them later. You can access them anytime from anywhere without going through piles of papers first.

6. Downsize Excess Items

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If you have an overstuffed closet, chances are there are some things you don’t wear anymore. Or maybe you have an overflowing bookshelf with titles you never crack open. It’s tempting to keep these items around for sentimental reasons, but if you don’t use them, they need to go, mainly because you’re leaving for college.

As you declutter your room, you must take inventory of everything in your room. This method includes all the items on top of furniture, like pillows and blankets, and under the bed. If you notice that you have three or more additional products on your list, you must store them in a container and put them in a separate room.

Key Takeaway

As a college student, you have to take the necessary steps to show your parents that you’re ready to take the responsibility of living alone. Therefore, you should declutter your room before going to college by following these six tips. Once you do so, you can find your stuff easily once you start packing, and you might fit your belongings in one vehicle.