The Best Places to Visit if you are in Birmingham

If you ever thought about visiting the UK, you know that all the craze centers around London. While this is understandable, as London has many exciting attractions, we suggest looking into other places too, like Birmingham! Trust us. It has just as fun and fantastic locations to visit. If you need proof, worry not. We got it for you. Make sure to give these places a go if you ever plan your vacation here!

Besides, Birmingham is the second-largest city in the UK, and its location in the West Midlands is a great place to explore the many tourist attractions. For example, you can start in the Cotswolds and Malvern Hills areas, especially by the canal, because Birmingham’s canals were a byproduct of the Industrial Revolution. During those times, the city was booming, and today this extensive canal network is used for pleasure boating.

Also, Birmingham has so many canals that it even surpasses Venice. The city is one of the top three fun things to do, exploring the preserved canals and historic buildings on the iconic Gas Street Basin. Today, the town is best known for its jewelry, food and festivals, and numerous cultural events. For example, Europe’s second-largest festival is called St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

If you want to visit places that are beyond the city, you can start with Coventry. The neighboring town is just 20 miles away from Birmingham. You can have a delightful one-day trip here because Coventry is a place of history where you can see the restored buildings that were destroyed back in World War II when the town was bombed.

To ensure that you can cram as much as possible into your Birmingham travel ideas, be sure to check the below top list of our favourite Birmingham spots, which you will never regret seeing.

Moseley Boga

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You might not have heard about this before, but sure enough, you heard about ”The Lord of the Rings”. How are these two connected, you ask? It looks like JRR Tolkien, the author, grew up in this area during the 1890s. It is a nature reserve that turns into a magic land every spring. It is full of plants, animals, gnarled old trees, and infinite carpets of bluebells. This place is also an archeological interest, as it hosts two burnt mounds that seem to resemble an old mill dam and foundations of Victorian greenhouses. With this fantastic scenery, it is no wonder that Moseley Boga acts like an inspiration for the famous creation. More specifically, the hobbit-hangout The Shire. Also, going down the road in Edgbaston, you will notice a Victorian waterwork that is said to be the place after the evil Sauron’s towering lair was created.

The Admiral Casino

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Further seeking adventure, if you have been looking for the ultimate experience in terms of luxurious gaming, your search stops here. The Admiral Casino in Birmingham will make you feel both at home and in dreamland at the same time. With free machine-side provided catering and top-of-the-range games, you will more than enjoy your time here. Amongst the best titles, you will also find the latest releases, and most importantly, your favorite classics. It will undoubtedly be an unforgettable time and one of a kind experience, so make sure not to miss it out!

The Jewellery Quarter

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If you are a fan of the nightlife, make sure you tick the Jewellery Quarter on your list. It is a pack of fun both during the night and day, that holds everything from exhibitions to nightclubs. Also, the name is no mistake, as this place also has the title for Europe’s largest cluster of jewelry businesses. With over 200 listed buildings and more than 250 years of history, it brings together many charms that are sure to entertain you. If you are a nerd for museums, you will be excited to learn that you can visit the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, the Pen Museum, and the Newman Brothers Coffin Works.

The Refurbished Grand Hotel

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A Grade II listed Victorian hotel has undergone a modern transformation for the last 18 years and finally re-opened in the summer of 2024. In its glory times, it hosted many historical figures, like Winston Churchill and Malcolm X, that only heightened its value. Today, you can explore its unique interiors, which are decorated in Victorian and Art Deco styles. Amongst the most striking, we mention the Grosvenor Ballroom and the new rooftop garden terrace. You will leave wishing to have been born a prince or princess.

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

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For an even better understanding and look into the history of the United Kingdom, this vast space filled with treasures will awaken your interest in the past. Located in one of the city’s finest buildings, you will find everything from the most extensive collection of pre-Raphaelite paintings in the world to also the most comprehensive collection of Anglo-Saxon gold ever seen. Therefore, you will have the chance to experience hands-on the history of Birmingham and its people. Even more exciting, the domed Round Room is famous for regularly hosting free musical performances, while the Edwardian Tea Room will welcome you with the most delicate slice of cake.

Cadbury World

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Speaking of sweets, we got just the right one for you. This chocolate-focused attraction features many exciting sections, all dedicated to our sweet tooth. You will see that this is true as soon as you get close to the location- you will be inevitably hit with the smell of chocolate. During the tour, you will learn exciting facts about the history of cocoa, experience a 4D cinema, and even ride in the self-styled ”Beanmobile”. This will be your Willy Wonka dream come true, so make sure you get the chance to visit!

So, what do you think? Is Birmingham worth forgetting about London for a second? Our answer is yes, of course, but we are curious to learn your opinion too. If you do visit at least one of these places on this list, let us know! We are already mentally there.