The Importance Of Concentration During The Writing

Inspiration is an unpredictable thing: sometimes it comes immediately, but another day it sidesteps. With implacable cutoff dates, the ability to focus is a valuable skill. Those who write essays know how uneasy it is to focus on writing. At times authors experience an unstoppable temptation to surf the Internet and watch funny videos, chat on social networks, or visit online stores. Meanwhile, the deadline is getting closer and closer. This article offers top tips that will teach how to focus and perform your best writing features within a limited amount of time.

Practical suggestions to concentrate that work

The theme of concentration is popular nowadays. Over the past few years, specialists have developed various techniques, promising impressive results. Some of them fit a specific group of people, but for others, they do not work.

Managing your thoughts is a time-consuming process that supposes self-discipline. Starting a paper, having a few spare hours is a bad idea if the deadline is near at hand.

Better leave the training for next time and order an urgent paper help from BidForWriting experts. Online essay service helps students and anyone who needs a custom assignment on any topic and has a few hours minimum. But if you have persistently decided to improve your time management, learn how to administer your inspiration instead of allowing it to dominate you.

Here is the list of practical suggestions from experienced writers who know how many beans make five:

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  1. Dedicate enough time to writing. The process of creating a well-thought text seems like moving to another planet or immersing in the ocean. An author needs some time to push off the reality and think about the content. Depending on the writing skills, it may take up to half an hour. Hence, start writing in the morning when your mind is fresh. Even night owls should try to compose papers in the morning. Besides, you have plenty of time ahead during the day if something goes wrong.
  2. Remove the distractions. When the thought «I can’t write my essay» gets control over you, take it, as a rule, to reject visiting the news sites, social networks, blogs, articles. You may check the Email box for urgent letters only, but never do it in the morning without a specific reason. Breaking this rule, you allow entertainment and unnecessary information at the moment to interfere and slow down the concentration process. Turn off your mobile and disable the notification sounds as well. If there is nothing you can do with your temptation and distraction anyway, install applications that will block the seducing websites. You can unblock the sites later when you finish the work.
  3. Start appreciating deadlines. It may sound strange, but deadlines can be highly beneficial. A paper without any specific term may rest on your desktop days, weeks, or longer because you feel no need to hurry. Setting too long deadlines is not as efficient as the shorter ones. To accomplish the tasks efficiently, train yourself to set a deadline for a few hours, let’s say to finish a piece of text before lunch. It helps to remain focused for a fixed amount of time and organize your writing.

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  4. Have a rest. Taking a break is not a display of laziness and loafing. Scientific studies have proven that during a break, your mind refreshes, improving focusing on the task. However, stay organized and do not allow yourself to fade into nothingness. For instance, the Italian technique of time management «Promodoro» suggests working for 25 minutes and have a break for five minutes. Due to individual capacity, some people may write maximally effective during 45 minutes but then need a 15-minutes break. Whichever term of work you choose, manage your time effectively, mixing work and pauses. The effect of the paper will not get better if you oblige yourself to write when ideas for essays do not come to your mind. That is the sign that you need a break.
  5. Find your ideal place to write. Everyone has a place that inspires. Luckily, with the transportability of modern digital devices finding the right one is not a problem. Either you love to write relaxed in a bean bag chair or outside, this place should encourage you to work. While some people need quietness, others write better in a cafe. Monitor the writing skills in a different environment and choose the one where you write the most productively.
  6. Exclude self-editing. Editing during the writing process, sticking to choosing the best possible word distracts from the distracts from concentration drastically. The first outline mustn’t be perfect. Devote time to editing when you finish the entire paper. Mixing the research and writing processes is inefficient too. Research consumes plenty of time. Make sure that you have enough facts to write an argumentative research paper.
  7. Take care of your brain’s health. A healthy and reach-in vitamins and minerals diet, sports, enough sleep will not make you a talented writer in a few days but will help maintain your body in a good state and prepare for the next writing battle. Scientists enumerate many nutrients which positively impact the brain’s work, e.g., fruit, vegetables, nuts, chocolate, cereals, olive oil, and many more. Healthy eating, training, and rest will maintain the balance and renew the spent energy quickly.
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The provided methods are statistically average. Implement your new habits gradually to check how each one works for you during three-four hours. And remember: the time spent on the writing session is not that important as the quality of your work.

Summing Up

Regardless of the most comfortable environment and absence of a dress code, writing is also a job. Accept it seriously and take the steps toward concentration and focusing on the final text. It will not only shorten the time spent on writing but increase the quality of the overall text. And the results will inspire you to create more and more each new day. This pyramid is the scheme of a successful writer. Try it and become a virtuosic author too.