Comprehensive Guide on How to Select Suitable Transcription Company for Learners

You may be surprised, but people need help from transcription services not only in the subtitling industry. Learners, educators, and researchers can reach transcription companies as well. As you may guess, academic transcription is connected with the educational process.

We live in the century of modern technologies. Learners can simply record lectures of educators and then convert them into text with the help of academic transcription services. Educators, in their turn, can receive the written content of their lectures and improve explanations if needed.

If you are a student, you can concentrate on the ideas of your educator instead of taking notes. You will possess more time to ask questions. In general, if you use, you will have higher interactions with your educators.

Benefits of Academic Transcription

Academic transcription performed by professional transcriptionists is really helpful for learners. Besides getting the possibility of not being distracted by taking notes, you will get lots of benefits. You will be able to raise your productivity:

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  • You will possess more time on improving the quality of your academic projects;
  • There will be no need for a note-taker. Therefore all your team can take part in group gatherings;
  • It will be easier to find the needed information from notes, share these notes, and highlight them.

It has never been so easy to receive transcripts. You simply should put your device on the table and start recording. If your educator does not mind, you can likewise take a video. If you want to receive accurate transcripts, it is recommended to record material without loud background noises.

Moreover, many educational institutions transferred to remote learning. This means that you can record calls and videos directly from your laptop or PC.

Of course, the best transcribers can transcribe audio and videos even of low quality. But you should pay more for this. The reason is that transcribers will spend more time on this. You can place orders if you need help with transcription for the following academic purposes: discussions, lectures, theses, seminars, essays, conferences, academic interviews, dissertations, etc.

Make Correct Choice

You may need to send a request to a transcription company for many reasons. Maybe you need to transcribe videos for your Youtube channel. Maybe you are a market researcher who intends to receive transcripts of interviews for your further study. Or maybe you are a learner who wants to receive a written text from recorded lectures.

No matter the reason for your request, you should pick up a reliable transcription company in order to receive high-quality transcripts. Thus, let us consider what things you should take into account during your selection.

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Accuracy Rate

The first thing you should pay attention to is the level of accuracy offered by your selected options of transcription companies. But how it is possible to check the accuracy rate before placing orders. You can ask for recommendations from colleagues. Maybe some of them utilized transcription services previously. If you do not possess such a possibility, you can ask the transcription company for a free trial. This will assist in deciding if this provider meets your standards.

Turnaround Time

Satisfying deadlines is the most important requirement in many spheres of our lives. Thus, you should expect to receive transcripts before due time, no matter the length of your audio or video file. Select those companies that prioritize your deadlines. The most skilled transcribers can perform their job maintaining quality and meeting the set deadlines. Here again, it is complicated to check if the potential provider can satisfy your deadlines. You can choose companies that guarantee money back or other features in case of violation of the deadline.


Rates on transcription can vary depending on the professionalism level of companies. Some of them offer affordable transcripts of any volume, while others can charge you high prices and even hidden fees. In order not to get into an awkward situation, it is recommended to discuss pricing in detail for your transcripts with the manager or transcriber directly. You can easily find a suitable company within your budget.

If you find a company with extremely low rates for services, you should be attentive. Maybe it offers transcripts of poor quality. Moreover, it is advisable to investigate if companies utilize human or automated transcriptions.

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Expert providers will enable you to upload several recordings simultaneously. Moreover, the process of uploading materials should be understandable and simple. Websites or applications of providers should support large files. You should possess the possibility to receive completed transcripts in a convenient way. It can be your email so that you can then share these transcripts with your groupmates or colleagues.


Security of data is especially important for organizations that record calls and gatherings and then transfer these records to transcription companies. Such records can contain information about the income of organizations, products under development, film production, etc. Therefore, you should select a reliable and trustworthy transcription company that guarantees confidentiality to clients. It is recommended to look through the policy of confidentiality of potential providers. This ensures there will be no hacks and information leakage.

Level of Customer Service

If you pay for services, you expect to receive a high level of customer service. Professional companies pay a good amount of attention to the needs of clients. They understand your requests, are ready to start performing your orders immediately and perform their transcription job on a high level. You can familiarize yourself with testimonials of potential providers on independent platforms of reviews. This will assist you in making sure of the real level of customer service of selected providers.

We may conclude that it is not as easy to select a suitable transcription company as it may appear. You should remember about key things to check in potential providers. We provided such things previously, but there are not restricted with this enumeration. Everything depends on the purpose of your request to transcription companies. No matter what, you should make the correct decision and receive high-quality transcripts.