10 Tips To Increase Winning Probabilities While Playing Blackjack Online – 2024 Guide

Blackjack is a game of cards based on probabilities. It involves a fixed set of rules. Playing blackjack online is quite different from playing in traditional casinos. The strategies which might help you win in a traditional casino may not work while playing online.

This article will teach you the best methods of winning at blackjack when all you know about is the cards you have and the dealers’ up card. These strategies will help you maximize your probability of winning and minimize the money you lose.

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Below mentioned are the ten ways to increase your winning chances while playing blackjack online.

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  1. Weigh All The Possible Chances

If you are a veteran player, you must know that throwing blind guesses doesn’t work. Some eminent mathematicians have studied the game of blackjack for more than 60 years now, and they have confirmed that the players always make optimal assumptions about winning the game. However, that should not be the case. Weigh the probabilities of both winning and losing equally before playing the game.

  1. Experiment With The New Rules

The methods which work for your friends may not work for you. Hence, it would help if you tried out the methods yourself instead of blindly believing your friends.

Before playing the game, it is of vital importance to understand the method first. After learning them, test them at your game. Practice these tricks by playing any free blackjack game. Know everything about the method in depth before investing real cash in the blackjack game.

  1. Find The Most Lucrative Table

By doing the necessary research about the casino you are playing in, you will understand at which table you will get the best stakes.

Some casinos even provide free games during non-rush hours. Do proper research and find the perfect table to double your winning amount.

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  1. Stick To Your Goals

Before you start to play, set a limit to the amount you will invest in the game. Do not spend even a penny more than that.

Say you are on a losing streak, then do not invest more and more money to win the game. Instead, your aim should be to win back the money you have lost, without concentrating on profits.

Even if you cannot win back the lost amount, do not invest any more money. Set limits and do not cross them.

  1. Don’t Buy Insurance

A lot of online casinos will lure you into buying insurance before playing a game. When a player buys insurance, the probability of earning profits reduces significantly.

Remember that you need to defeat the dealer and not employ methods to prevent the dealer from winning. Understand the difference to win the game.

  1. Splitting And Doubling Method Of Playing

The two most crucial rules of playing blackjack include splitting the cards and then doubling them down. Both these rules will help you win a significant amount of money when used adequately. However, the chances of losing after facing a double down are quite high.

The situation becomes a bit complex when the split comes into the picture. It would be best if you don’t split the pairs of 4s, 5s, and 10s. On the contrary, you can choose to split the pair of aces or even 8s.

As far as other cases are concerned, everything is in the hands of the dealer. If the dealer shows a card, anything between 3-7 is a correct split. However, the same does not hold for other cases. In those cases, your probability of winning will reduce considerably.

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  1. Choose The Correct Casino

The gambling industry is lucrative, and if you don’t choose a trusted casino, you may lose your money. The internet is flooded with online casinos and gambling sites. While looking to gamble or play casino games online with real cash, you cannot just choose any site to play. This is generally because of the risk involved in dealing with real cash. Pick the right online casino to play a good blackjack game and earn more money.

Also, look for a website that provides amazing offers and bonuses to newly registered members. They also offer incredible offers to their loyal customers. Compare a few available choices to decide the best one.

  1. The Correct Betting Strategy

Before you start playing, have the correct strategy in place. It will boost your chances of winning greatly. Systems like Paroli and Martingale are highly beneficial. They are based on mathematical systems of progressions. Even if you have had no luck at winning a hand, these strategies will help you make up for most of your lost amount.

They are highly beneficial to blackjack players who bet a big amount since these strategies are made, keeping in mind the high bankrolls. However, these strategies will not work in favor of small bankrolls, and those bettors will have to search for another strategy.

  1. Dealer present on Soft 17

Always choose a table in which the dealer is present on Soft 17. It will have a good impact on your bankroll. With the dealer standing on Soft 17, the house edge will be cut significantly. It will make it easier for you to win.

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  1. Card Counting

The method of card counting involves implementing the correct way of splitting, hitting, standing, and doubling down to cut off the house’s edge. This method reduces the house edge from 1.2% to 0.5%.

You can choose to stand when you have 12-16 in your hand, and the dealer has 2-6. It would also help if you hit when you have 12-16 in your hand, and the dealer has 7-A.

The Bottom Line

In blackjack, you need to beat the dealer to win. Though you will never find foolproof methods to win, the ones mentioned above will surely improve your winning chances. With the best tips in place, you will not lose your money.