Old School RuneScape Complete Guide – Best Tips and Tricks in 2024

Old School RuneScape is a multiplayer RPG much loved by its player base. And this game was launched at the request of the community, as they requested its developer Jagex to bring them back the 2008 version of RuneScape that had given them so much fun. In 2013 this wonderful game was launched with many improvements and to this day it continues to bring news and updates that keep its users glued to the keyboard and make the community continue to grow even more.

This guide will help you have a much more pleasant experience with which you can achieve your goals much faster. There are several things to learn about this game, there are many missions that bring with them different stories, so there is not just one way to play it. On the contrary, as we progress we are going to realize that we can do many different things to achieve the same goal. So in this sense the game leaves you free so that you can go as you see fit. Sometimes you can see yourself a little lost by the massiveness of this title, but do not worry because with this guide there will be no room for doubts.

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions for new users, so you won’t have any problems and can start your adventure in a better way. Maybe you want to know the most optimal configuration for your launcher or maybe you are more interested in knowing the different game modes. We hope that all this information will be very useful in your first steps through the world of Old School RuneScape.

Mission Guide and Achievement Diary

Once we are in the game, our first objective could be to carry out the missions if we want to. For users who do not have a membership there are only 21 missions, when you get the membership this number increases to 146. Later on we will show you how to get the membership with game money. The achievement diaries are rewards for different actions that we can do with our character in the different areas of the map, in total there are 12 diaries and each one has 4 categories that go from “Easy” to “Elite”.

In Old School RuneScape there are missions where you basically just have to walk from point “A” to point “B”, or get a particular item, but there are other more complicated missions that we will have to think about a bit more. There are also certain requirements that could be asked, such as a particular combat level or skill. There are 23 skills and the maximum level in each of them is 99. Players without membership can only use 15 skills.

Even so, non-membership players can make use of the most important type of skill, which is combat, combat skills are made up of Attack, Strength, Defense, Magic, Distance, Prayer and Life. After reaching level 99 in a skill, we can acquire a cape with the skill badge and it will grant us a bonus that will be different for each skill.

Earn money

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As we progress through the game we are going to realize that we are going to need money that can be used to get quality clothes, weapons or objects that we may require in some missions. Having a membership would provide us with many methods to get gold, but it is not fundamentally necessary to have it, in fact with these methods for non-membership players we can save to buy the membership and thus be able to carry out all our objectives in the most optimal way.

There are many ways to get money, some are better than others, but everything will depend on what you like. All methods require an investment of time and some require more concentration. You need to choose the one that suits you best, remember that if you do not have a membership your main motivation should be to get it, keeping it will be much easier. The fastest method to acquire gold is to buy RuneScape gold.

Game modes

RuneScape has different game modes, which normally affect the difficulty of the adventure, one of the most important modes at this time are leagues, these are an alternative game mode of Old School RuneScape, where you will have to follow different tasks and new rules such as area restrictions or trade restrictions, experience rates are enhanced to facilitate skill upgrading.

All players start from scratch without their account being affected in the original mode. The TrailBlazer League started on October 28 and will last until January 6, 2024.

Hopefully this article can give you a little idea about what you will face when playing Old School RuneScape.

The beginning

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Whenever you change the look of your logo, your next goal will be Tutorial Island. Definitely, it won’t be our best option for the holidays, but it would be nice to put a little energy into it.

Like various interface capabilities such as a list of peers, a classification of close mentors will drive you through the nuts and bolts of the ongoing conversation, including the battle framework and a few different abilities. Throughout all the teaching exercises you will develop basic warfare and endurance equipment in the same way. Whenever you pass Tutorial Island, you will be transferred to Lambridge.

Peaceful voice of new players. If you really have questions about combat and abilities, there are leaders around the area who can help you. In addition, you will have the opportunity to play using one of the Iron Man methods – we will not recommend them to new players, however, if you have the opportunity to find the Iron Man coach fearless.

One step you should take before setting up a bank PIN. If your record is never corrupted, it will ensure the things you keep. Head to the bank at the highest level of Lambridge Castle and select the ‘Pin Settings’ option when talking to a bank employee.