Is There a Winning Betting Strategy When Playing Roulette?

While there are many modern games and machines where people can enjoy advanced interface and graphics, Roullete remains one of the most popular options in both traditional and online casinos. One of the main reasons for such high popularity is that you can use various strategies and bet on lower and higher odds. The most popular model is European, with one Zero and additional 36 numbers. When it comes to the rules of the game, they are pretty simple.

You can bet colors, odds, and events, or different sections. You can have the highest chance to win by playing on even or odd numbers, where the wager is 2. The same is when you are betting on colors. However, you can win a lot more if you bet on numbers, where the odd is 36. That is the most popular choice of most players. The wheel is divided into three main sections, Big Series, Small Series, and Orphanelle.

When it comes to the selection between online and table models of the game, we can notice that many people prefer playing in land casinos. When it comes to online platforms, there are some misconceptions related to the popular belief that this game can be rigged. Even though that is not true, the online casinos came up with a solution where they introduced a model where you can play online while watching reel at a live table. According to the expert at, they are trying to attract more players with bonuses and various features.

Furthermore, the most important thing related to Roulette is to choose a proper plan that will help you to be more successful. You can choose different methods, and most of them are related to proper money management. Here are some of the best betting schemes that you can choose.

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Increasing Wagers Over Time

You can implement this strategy in any model of betting. It can help you to prevent excessive losses and have a balanced performance. For example, if you want to place a bet on red, you can start with one amount, and then increase it after losing a hand. Also, you should get back on the starting value each time when you win. For instance, you can start with $10, and double the bet after you lose.

Another popular strategy is where you increase the bet by the same amount each time. For instance, you can start with 1 credit on the number of some other form of betting, and then increase continually to 2, 3, 4, and more. Depending on your balance, you can choose to start over after winning or continue with raising on each hand over time no matter whether you are winning or not. There are also many other systems with numbers where you can have higher chances to win more over time.

Focus on One Section

As we already mentioned, there are three most popular sections on the wheel. However, you can choose your unique selection of numbers. Professionals often choose no more than five numbers in the same section and one of them a favorite. For example, if you are playing on numbers around Zero, you can add chips on the numbers around it, such as 32, 26, 3, and 15. You can place the most chip on Zero, slightly less at 32 and 26, and returning amount on 15 and 3.

If you are interested in playing with more money, or you want higher chances, you can expand the numbers to a full Big Series, and keep the numbers around Zero as favorites. Moreover, we have noticed that many people have a habit of either repeat the same selection or choose an opposite direction for the next turn. Continual repeating might be the best option. However, you will need proper money management for that choice.

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Determine Your Budget

No matter what strategy you choose for betting on numbers, it is crucial to have proper money management. Therefore, determine how much money you can invest before you start playing. It is a common issue that people start without any strategy, which can lead to issues related to losing too much money. In that matter, choose the amount that you can afford, and avoid buying in after that.

Also, you can implement a strategy related to the amount of betting, and when to increase or lower your bets. Be sure to start with an amount that won’t cause you to lose credit too soon. For example, if you begin with $50, your first hand should not be over $5 if you are interested in playing longer. If you choose that method and the same selection of numbers, the chances of hitting your numbers are very high over ten rounds.

Play For Fun

Since it is impossible to include a method that will guarantee you to win in every hand, you should never rely on this game as a way to make a profit. There are some models like evens and odds, or colors, where your chances are higher. Still, this game is based on pure luck. On the other hand, it is very attractive and can be quite addictive as well. In that matter, it can be a great way to spend your free time while playing it on your mobile device, PC, or in some land casino.

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Last Words

As you can see, some betting strategies could help you to win more over time. However, there is no guarantee that you won’t have a losing series. In that matter, the best way is to rely on your credit and be sure to make smart moves when it comes to increasing or lowering wagers. The most important is to have a good start. After that, you can choose riskier bets that could provide you with great prizes. Moreover, we have to mention the jackpot feature in this game, which became very popular in recent years. You can win it by placing a bet and winning after the ball gets on the same number three times in a row.