Tips For Playing Diablo 2 Resurrected For the First Time

With the first installment of the gaming series being released over two decades ago, Diablo 2 is here with a sequel, ‘Diablo 2: Resurrected‘. This remake of the game is now available for PCs and all other major gaming platforms. All players, including new beginners and the old pros, are getting geared up, super excited, and ready to experience it.

While the remaster isn’t very different from the original, the primary differences are the visual overhaul and some other quality-of-life improvements. It’s a majorly faithful remake of a twenty-year-old game. However, there are some mechanics about the game that are worth discussing for the new players.

Given the history of the game, there aren’t many games that are as hard as Diablo 2, and the players usually spend all the valuable credit points even before reaching halfway. To overcome this issue, many game boosting services, such as Lfcarry, are present in the market to help players ace the game, that too, without the need for any advanced leveling techniques.

For beginners and professionals out there, here are 6 tips that can help you complete and ace the game.

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Using the Horadric Cube

In Act 2, players will acquire the Horadric Cube. By placing specific items inside it, the Cube can change them into something else. By using the Horadric Cube and Runewords, players can make some of the best gears in the game.

While there are many ways to do the conversion, the most important one is where three runes of the same type can be combined together to obtain a different specific rune or an equipable item, which can be upgraded to the next rarity level. It can be tempting to utilize these resources in the early stages of the game, but players must remember that gear scales are based on character level. So try to save them for the higher levels.

Be Mindful of your Expenditures

Instead of spending the hard-earned gold on stuff, players should opt for gambling. By gambling, players have the chance to win the best types of equipment in the game, including the legendary sets and unique items which might never appear under normal purchase options. Yes, it is often a bunch of bad gear, but it is a gamble, and sometimes players have to trust their gut feeling to win a lottery.

Use Your Skill Points Carefully

It is important for players to spend their skill and stat points wisely as they can only fix this mistake once. It’s worth following a build guide to ensure that players are not wasting any of their precious points. Diablo 2: Resurrected allows players to take their character to a higher difficulty level, but they won’t survive if the players’ points have made them too weak to fight against the monsters.

There is an alternative method that allows players to respect at will, but it requires them to reach the endgame content with too much difficulty. This includes defeating each boss in each of the five acts. And if the players have made it this far, their class build is probably not too bad.

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Choose Playstyle

Most of the players prefer picking a particular set of classes instead of the play style of the character. The best build for every class is not always what is expected of them. Aside from a brief description, players are left to make their choice largely based on the look of each class like the Sorceress, Paladins, Necromancers, etc.

Some of the deficiencies of the different classes can be leveled up with the best late-game Runewords, but it is probably better to decide on an ideal playstyle and then pick a class rather than trying to make a class fit. They are all good classes, but they are good for different players.

Hire Some Help

One trick that is very easy to miss out on or just forget about is the option to hire a mercenary to fight alongside the main player. Each act of the game has different mercenaries that players can pay for to join them on their missions. They are by no means as strong or useful as another human player, but they do a fine job of at least distracting if they are playing by themselves.

Now, this Mercier is going to die, there is no getting around it, but players can at least equip some potions and spare gear to make themselves last a bit longer. For example, if they are of a Sorceress class, then having something to tank for the player is way better than nothing.

Maximize The Vitality Attribute

The game provides characters with four different stat pools, known as attributes. Those attributes are strength, dexterity, vitality, and energy. Players receive five attribute points each time they level up (as well as some from quests), so they are relatively rare. While all attributes are important, vitality is one of the attributes which players generally want to maximize.

A huge life pool is the mainstay goal of most Diablo 2 builds, with some exceptions, like for Sorceresses going with an Energy Shield build. The equipment and weapons used by players require strength and dexterity to equip. So be sure they have enough of both for their best gear. Dexterity also plays into the block stat. If players would like to maximize their block chance, they should save enough points. Otherwise, all attribute points would go into vitality.

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Whether you ace the game or not, it is still going to be a fun experience altogether, and that is what most games are primarily created for, to have fun and a good time. As stated, above are a few tips and tricks. However, players need to beware of scams and false traders available online.

Diablo 2: Resurrected was released on September 23rd, 2024, and is now available on all major gaming platforms, like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.