6 Things to Know Before Using CBD Balms for the First Time

CBD products are gaining great popularity in many ares of life. We see them more and more as part of cosmetic products for skin and hair care. Many people consider the best thing that has happened to them when it comes to personal hygiene and care, but also their use as topical treatments, when necessary.

Given that this whole area is the target of in-depth research and knowledge, we are still not aware of all the possible benefits that cannabis has. All this is a result of his long-term treatment as a drug, but also because of his ignorance of how to use the positive aspects, as well as the fact that he was often abused for psychotropic purposes.

Approved products containing CBD are oils, candies, and other edible products, tea, tinctures, shampoos, and conditioners, as well as topical treatments for certain skin conditions or local pain. When you hear the word balm, you are probably thinking of a concentrated product that is applied in small quantities but has a fast and strong effect. It is good to know that there are CBD balms, which are used for different purposes.

The difference in which balm is obtained is the method of chemical extraction and preparation. The application of such a product is really wide and specific, and good products on such a basis can be found on Happy Garden. At the same time, you will learn how they are used and what they are good for and useful for.

But we are also here to start this journey together, in which you will educate yourself before you start experimenting. So, here is what do you need to know before you apply a CBD balm for the first time:

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  1. The difference between a balm and other topical treatments is the accompanying ingredients

You can see it for yourself by the look and consistency of the product. At first glance, balms seem to have higher concentrations of CBD and oils, but most often it is the same as regular creams and lotions. The difference is in the way it is made. Balms containing CBD extract are usually made from beeswax, with avocado, jojoba, coconut oils, as well as the addition of perfumed ingredients and essential oils.

Creams and lotions have a water or gel base, so they look more diluted than balms – but as we said, it’s not true at all.

  1. Topical treatments can still contain some THC

We all know about the soothing benefits of the CBD topical treatments, but in order for them to work nicely, they usually have some really tiny concentration of THC, which is far less than the allowed 0.3% in the whole product. That’s why the balm’s effects appear immediately after you rub them on your skin.

  1. CBD balms can improve your sleep schedule

Many people struggle with regular sleeping and going to bed at the same time every day. CBD products are known to help with these issues too. They will help you release stress and anxiety. The combination of calming scents, and pain relief, is really important for the person to sleep better at night. Just rub the product on your sore muscles or painful joints, and wait for the body temperature to melt the balm and release the relaxing aroma. You will create a habit every night, and you will associate it with your sleeping schedule.

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  1. It’s beneficial for nerve damage and constant pains

If you have some nerve damage, and you feel pain and numbness on specific body areas, many will recommend using some CBD topical treatment to ease the symptoms. These products are made strictly to resolve nerve issues. That means, your usual cosmetic balm can be too diluted to have some effect, but also that you shouldn’t use the topical nerve treatment for skincare routines. Usually, the doctor will prescribe this type of treatment for people in need.

  1. You can successfully treat acne and wrinkles

Acne is not just a problem for teenagers. Often, even adults have persistent acne and struggle with it and clogged pores. CBD oils have anti-inflammatory properties, which prevent your skin from producing excess sebum and inflaming acne. They can also stimulate the skin to produce more collagen, but also help cells regenerate faster. This means that you can successfully smooth out wrinkles.

However, keep in mind that certain skin conditions require medical attention and you must consult a dermatologist before deciding to use a CBD balm yourself.

  1. It can be a great moisturizer

Oily products help you moisturize the skin. They also keep the water ingredients inside the skin layers, and your tan will always be healthy and shiny. Balms can be great for people with dry skin, and you can perform the popular slugging method, when you apply a solid layer of oily product, to trap the moisture inside, and also treat the conditions thanks to the active ingredients. Once again, this works only on dry skin with no other additional issues. For every other condition, you will have to consult with your dermatologist, for recommendations.

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  1. You need to buy quality products

There is no doubt that the balms and other products will not be as affordable as you want, but cheap alternatives may lack the quality. So, determine which one is better for you, and consider it as an investment, not an expense or some luxurious purchase.


CBD products, and especially balms, offer great hope in their effectiveness in treating a variety of skin conditions. They are also an excellent treatment for local pain, which passes more easily if applied topically but also calms the nerves and muscles. Of course, you have to get certified products of proven quality from sellers you trust. There are many low-quality products that are falsely advertised and you need to be able to recognize them. Otherwise, you will not be able to feel any of the possible benefits that balms and other cosmetic and medicinal products have.